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How to Keep Hens Cool on a Hot Summers Day

How to Keep Hens Cool on a Hot Summers Day

Here in the Northeast, we have been blessed with seemingly unending hot, humid days with little to no rain. For us humans, we simply retreat to the air-conditioned house, but what about your flock? Chickens can’t sweat like us, nor can they remove their feather jackets, so what can we do to help them keep cool? A hens’ normal body temperature is between 104-107F which helps them to be more resistant to cold- the heat is another matter. High temperatures will lead your flock to become cranky, they won’t eat as much, will drink more, lay fewer eggs, have thin, watery diarrhea and lowered fertility rates in both roosters and hens’. We have come up with a few ideas to help the ladies stay cool in this killer heat. We must mention here that the heat we are referring to are the sudden heat waves that we experience from time... [Read More]