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How to Raise Chickens with No Land

How to Raise Chickens with No Land

Lots of people want to keep chickens but they live in the city or suburban areas with small backyards. They think they can’t raise chickens because they don’t have enough space! Keeping chickens when you have a small or no yard is a bit tricky, but can be done with a good deal of planning and forethought. Whilst typically the more room chickens have the better- there are always ways to get around having a small yard. Let’s get straight into the article and look at how you can raise chickens in a small space. Chicken Roaming Space and Basic Needs The first thing you need to do is decide which type of chickens you would like- large fowl or bantams. The amount of space you have available to use will help to clarify this for you. Large birds such as Rhode Island Reds need 4 square feet of space/bird in... [Read More]