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How To Tell Which Hens Are Laying Eggs

How To Tell Which Hens Are Laying Eggs

You have chickens, but minimal eggs – why is that? What’s happening? It could be the environmental, nutritional, seasonal or just a particular breed of bird. Sometimes you aren’t even sure which hens are laying – or not. Today we are going to look at how you can check to see which of your hens are laying and not laying eggs. I mean you could just sit all day and watch your hens but we’ve got some quicker ways to check instead. The two main ways to check which hens are laying is: physical examination and nest trapping. Let’s start with physical examinations… How to Tell If Pullets Are Laying Pullets younger than sixteen weeks are not yet ready to lay. The point of lay (POL) can vary greatly from breed to breed. A sex link pullet is likely to start laying around sixteen weeks while Orpingtons, Marans and several... [Read More]