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Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble? How to Create a Backup Plan

Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble? How to Create a Backup Plan

Today we are going to look at a few of the problems and issues that can come with caring for chickens. Of course, these issues don’t arise solely for chickens, but for any livestock you are caring for- even pets. Your animals and birds rely on you to feed, water and house them so it’s impossible to just ‘drop the ball’ and ignore their welfare. However sometimes emergencies arise and you need to make sure you can deal with them. Today’s article will share with you how to deal with a variety of problems from small to large and how to create a backup plan for your chickens. It may also help you with disaster planning and preparation for you and your family. Emergency Leave Have you ever considered what happens to your birds in the event of an emergency? We should all think about this at some point, preferably before... [Read More]