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Happy New Year. Happy New Chicks?

Happy New Year. Happy New Chicks?

It’s 2017; Happy New Year! If you are a gardener, you have been poring over seed catalogs, feverishly planning the layout of your garden. If you are a chicken addict you have been studying the catalogs trying to decide which breed you want to add to your flock this year. Perhaps a certain breed didn’t work out for you last year or you simply need new chickens! If you are new to chickens and have been reading the poultry catalogs- you are maybe a bit confused by the array of chickens. Who knew there were so many to choose from! How do you pick which are going to be the best fit for you? This article will help you focus on what you need to know before buying some of those cute, fluffy little peeps. Basic Chicken Questions to Ask Yourself The first and most important question is: Are you... [Read More]