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How To Prepare For Chicks

How To Prepare For Chicks

If it’s your first time or umpteenth time with baby chicks, it’s always an exciting time! While you are waiting for them to hatch or come by mail, the anticipation builds up to the day of arrival. However, there are several things you need to prepare before your chicks arrive. We are going to spend a little time here helping you prepare with our tips and tricks for those new hatchlings! First, here’s your checklist of items you will need: Brooder, Heat Source, Drinker, Feeder, Feed, Bedding and Vitamins. So now, we will go through each item in detail and get you up to scratch. For more advice see, Bringing Chickens Home For The First Time. Brooder The first thing you need to prepare is a brooder. What is a brooder? The simplest form of a brooder would be a cardboard box. It needs to keep chicks in and predators out. Ideally... [Read More]