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Chicken Heat Stroke and 7 Shade Ideas for Your Flock

Chicken Heat Stroke and 7 Shade Ideas for Your Flock

The temperature here has reached a blazing ninety one Fahrenheit in the Northeast, with oppressive humidity to match. It’s almost impossible to go outside without wilting. Chickens cannot sweat like us, so hot weather can be seriously problematic for them. Whilst they can acclimate to hot climates pretty well, they do not do well in sudden heatwaves- these are the dangerous for your birds. We have previously mentioned ways to keep your hens cool during the summer. Today we are going to look at chicken heat stroke and how you can keep your hens safe during these sudden heatwaves. Chicken Heat Stress Symptoms and Effects When the heat gets up above seventy five Fahrenheit, your birds begin to suffer. Large breed birds and older hens will suffer the worst. They will hold their wings away from their body and they will start to pant with open beaks in order to... [Read More]