Polish Chickens: Temperament, Color and Egg Laying

Polish Chickens Temperament, Color and Egg Laying Blog Cover

Are you ready to meet with a fun, friendly, quirky chicken with personality and good looks? Well, wait no more here they are! The Polish chicken has a long history with much of it lost in the mists of time, but it has become beloved by ‘chickenistas’ all over the world. There really isn’t another bird that comes close to being as outrageously blessed with head feathers – they are unique in that respect. They sport 1970s’ hairdo’….need I say more? In this guide on polish chickens we discuss their temperament, egg laying capabilities, recognized varieties and also how to establish if it’s the right breed for you. Here’s our guide to this unusual and striking bird. History of the Polish Breed Truly, the origins of this bird are unclear. There are several anecdotal stories of how it came into Europe. My favorite is that in 1736, the King of Poland… [Read More]