Do I Need a Rooster for Hens to Lay Eggs?

Do I Need a Rooster for Hens to Lay Eggs Blog Cover

I am always surprised when I’m asked this question. I suppose it’s a logical question for those not too familiar with poultry. Do I need a Rooster for hens to lay eggs? A rooster does serve a couple of useful purposes to the flock which can be a good thing for the hens and keeper alike. However, egg laying is not one of them! He can be a magnificent site with his full plumage glistening in the sun! Of course, he knows how stunning he is and just has to convince the ladies that he is the ‘best in the coop’! So let’s take a look at what uses a rooster does in fact supply! Eggs Laying and Fertility First in answer to the original question – no, you don’t need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs. Your hens’ will lay an egg roughly every twenty five hours… [Read More]

How To Tell Which Hens Are Laying Eggs

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You have chickens, but minimal eggs – why is that? What’s happening? It could be the environmental, nutritional, seasonal or just a particular breed of bird. Sometimes you aren’t even sure which hens are laying – or not. Today we are going to look at how you can check to see which of your hens are laying and not laying eggs. I mean you could just sit all day and watch your hens but we’ve got some quicker ways to check instead. The two main ways to check which hens are laying is: physical examination and nest trapping. Let’s start with physical examinations… How to Tell If Pullets Are Laying Pullets younger than sixteen weeks are not yet ready to lay. The point of lay (POL) can vary greatly from breed to breed. A sex link pullet is likely to start laying around sixteen weeks while Orpingtons, Marans and several… [Read More]

How To Keep Hens Laying Eggs Through The Winter

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When Fall arrives, molting is not far behind. In fact, broody hens have probably already molted. Those that have finished molting are now sporting bright, tight new feathers, red combs and wattles, but… no eggs. The amount of eggs that chickens lay is hugely affected by the season and the amount of daylight hours. In today’s article we are going to look in depth at why hens don’t lay year round and what you can do to change that. When Do Hens Stop Laying Eggs For Winter? Chickens’ egg laying cycles are heavily impacted by the amount of daylight and time of year. Once the amount of daylight starts to reduce, it signals the chicken that it’s time to molt, shedding old feathers for new, a time for repair and restoration. When the days start to get shorter, special signals are sent to the brain by the eyes and the… [Read More]

How Long Are Eggs Good For?

How Long Are Eggs Good For?

As chicken keepers, we all enjoy the luxury of freshly laid eggs. It is something you take for granted when you have your own supply. Have you ever wondered how long eggs will stay fresh for? Or how long those store bought ‘fresh eggs’ have been there? Today we are going to look at exactly how long eggs stay fresh for and also how to test how fresh an egg is. Along the way we will give you some other fresh egg trivia and compare them to store bought eggs! How Fresh is ‘Fresh’? Egg suppliers have a thirty day period to get their nicely packaged eggs from farm to store. Eggs can be sold as ‘fresh’ for up to sixty days! When you buy a carton of eggs from the store it will have a packaging date, a plant number and possibly a sell by date (some states do not… [Read More]

Tips to Keep Your Hens Laying Eggs

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Eggs come in many shapes and sizes from the tiny quail eggs to the huge ostrich egg. Although the shape is generally oval, sometimes things go awry and you end up with an odd looking egg. While you can’t fix everything, here are some ways in which your hens’ eggs will be better made and look more attractive. When pullets start to lay, it can be erratic with some strange misshapen eggs at times. This is perfectly normal. It takes some time to get the machinery well oiled and running smoothly. Today we are going to talk you through how to give your hens the best chance of regularly laying beautiful eggs. Starting with Nutrition The secret to egg laying starts with good nutrition. Chicken feed has been studied and improved for years and livestock feed manufacturers have come up with the best possible feed for your chicken. While you may… [Read More]