How Much Do Chickens Cost?

Sounds like a simple question right?

However, there are many costs to ‘having a chicken’, so today we are going to meander through the cost of the birds and their associated needs.

Roughly speaking your costs can be divided up into the chickens, feed, housing and maintenance or fixed costs. Without a doubt the most costly for most people is the coop.

Ideally, you will have carefully planned exactly what your goals are with your… [Read More]

Happy New Year. Happy New Chicks?

It’s 2017; Happy New Year!

If you are a gardener, you have been poring over seed catalogs, feverishly planning the layout of your garden.

If you are a chicken addict you have been studying the catalogs trying to decide which breed you want to add to your flock this year. Perhaps a certain breed didn’t work out for you last year or you simply need new chickens!

If you are new to chickens and have… [Read More]

Announcing Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Raising Backyard Chickens The Complete Beginners Guide Blog Cover

I’m sure if you’ve been following us for a while then you will know that today is a very exciting day for everyone here at The Happy Chicken Coop. Over the last few months we’re been working around the clock and the day is finally here.

We’re so proud to announce to you that Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide and Building a Chicken Coop: The Complete Step by Step Beginner’s Guide have… [Read More]

How to Keep Hens Cool on a Hot Summers Day

How to Keep Hens Cool on a Hot Summers Day Blog Cover

Here in the Northeast, we have been blessed with seemingly unending hot, humid days with little to no rain. For us humans, we simply retreat to the air-conditioned house, but what about your flock?

Chickens can’t sweat like us, nor can they remove their feather jackets, so what can we do to help them keep cool?

A hens’ normal body temperature is between 104-107F which helps them to be more resistant to cold- the heat… [Read More]

Seven of the Biggest Chicken Myths

Seven of the Biggest Chicken Myths Blog Cover

Sometimes old wives tales linger on long enough to become folk legends that people still believe in to this day.

As people become more and more disconnected from their food source, the ‘legends’  continue and can even expand.

Over the years I’ve heard many myths about chickens, some entertaining, but others just outright lies!

We are going to straighten out some of those for you in this lighthearted, but critical look at chicken myths.

Chickens… [Read More]