Why Using Chicken Tractors Makes My Chickens Lay More Eggs

Why Using Chicken Tractors Makes My Chickens Lay More Eggs Blog Cover

In an ideal world we would let our chickens free-range all year round, and we’re sure they would appreciate us for this. However what do you do during the winter, when predators such as foxes are desperate and will risk an attack during the daytime? You could just keep your chickens in a coop and pen during winter but we found this affects their egg laying… massively. This is why we decided to use a chicken tractor and the girls rewarded us by increasingly their egg laying! Note: If you are looking at making your own pen and need to work out how big it needs to be, read How Much Room Do Chickens Need. Not heard of a chicken tractor before or wondering how to use one? Let’s get straight into this week’s article. What Is a Chicken Tractor? First of all for those of you who haven’t heard of… [Read More]

5 Reasons to Keep Chickens

5 Reasons to Keep Chickens Blog Cover

When we have friends over to our house for the first time, and they notice we have chickens in our backyard, one of the first questions most of them ask is: “why do you keep chickens in your backyard?”. To people who already keep chickens, no explanation is needed, however this got us thinking what are our top 5 reasons for why we keep chickens? 1. Living a Healthy Lifestyle The first reason we keep chickens is that we want to try and become more self-sufficient. There’s something unexplainably rewarding when you walk down to your chicken coop and scope up freshly laid eggs- maybe it’s the fact that we are a small part of this process or maybe it’s caring for these incredible animals… we’re unsure but what we do know is it’s a great feeling! Although we consume a lot more in our household than just eggs, it’s… [Read More]

20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Chickens

20 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Chickens Blog Cover

For those of us who have kept chickens for any length of time, we like to think we know one or two things about them. Like what time they rise for breakfast all the way through to their favourite things to eat (for ours it’s worms)! However, we’d bet that below we have compiled 20 surprising things even the most seasoned chicken-keeper wouldn’t know before reading this… 1. Chicken See Better Than Humans It’s widely believed that chickens are colour blind and have poor vision- this is not the case. They actually have better vision than humans. Humans have three different cone types in their eyes which mean we can perceive red, green and blue colours. Whereas chickens have an additional two cone types which allows them to also distinguish violet and ultraviolet light. This means roosters can see the sunrise and crow well before humans can even see the… [Read More]