Help, My Neighbor Hates My Chickens!

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In an ideal world, everyone would love chickens but the truth is some people hate chickens. They look upon the living creature as ‘noisy nuggets’, so what happens when your neighbor hates your chickens and starts causing a commotion? This is certainly an unpleasant situation but normally one which can be amicably resolved. Today, we are going to take a look at some strategies that might defuse the neighbor and avoid all sorts of unpleasantness in the backyard. When your neighbor first complains about your birds, listen to the complaint carefully. Is it the noise, smell or rodents? If there is no specific complaint, ask what they would like you to do. If the response is ‘get rid of the birds’, politely but firmly assure them that this is not going to happen and again try to get them to state why they object to your birds. Chicken Zoning If… [Read More]

How to Raise Chickens with No Land

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Lots of people want to keep chickens but they live in the city or suburban areas with small backyards. They think they can’t raise chickens because they don’t have enough space! Keeping chickens when you have a small or no yard is a bit tricky, but can be done with a good deal of planning and forethought. Whilst typically the more room chickens have the better- there are always ways to get around having a small yard. Let’s get straight into the article and look at how you can raise chickens in a small space. Chicken Roaming Space and Basic Needs The first thing you need to do is decide which type of chickens you would like- large fowl or bantams. The amount of space you have available to use will help to clarify this for you. Large birds such as Rhode Island Reds need 4 square feet of space/bird in… [Read More]

Should I Free Range My Chickens? Learn What’s Best for Your Hens

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Many people ask if it’s safe to free range their flock. As with most questions, there is no simple yes or no. To really answer this question you need to understand the pros and cons of free ranging your hens. First, let’s define ‘free range’. For most of us, we have an idyllic picture in our mind of hens wandering over the yard on a beautiful sunny day, free to go wherever they want, right? The USDA definition is that the hen “must be allowed access to the outside”. Outside could be a small concrete yard with not a blade of grass in sight, barely accessible to the hundreds of chickens contained in the factory barn. Fortunately, changes are happening within the ‘chicken factory’. Many fast food franchises are now refusing to buy caged chicken eggs- even they want free range! This will improve the birds’ quality of life- marginally,… [Read More]

The Pecking Order: What Is It and How to Avoid Problems in Your Flock

The Pecking Order What Is It and How to Avoid Problems in Your Flock

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the pecking order’. In our minds eye, we likely see colleagues and co-workers neatly arranged in order of ‘merit’. From the CEO down to the janitor, everyone has a place in the ‘pecking order’. The term ‘pecking order’ was first coined in 1921 by Thorleif Schjelderup-Ebbe to describe the hierarchy of flock dynamics and it came into popular usage in the 1930s. At times the pecking order can make life extremely difficult for both chickens and chicken keepers! Keep reading to understand exactly what the pecking order is and how you can stop common problems caused because of the pecking order. What Is The Pecking Order? So, exactly what is it and how does it relate to you and your flock? It’s a system by which birds arrange their social standing in the flock. The higher ranked birds will get the best food, water and… [Read More]

How Do I Make My Chicken Lay An Egg?

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Most backyard chicken owners will agree that the single best part of keeping chickens is the walk down to the coop each morning to collect eggs. I normally have anywhere from 8-10 fresh warm eggs waiting for me every morning and the family love eating them for breakfast! But what do you do if your chickens aren’t laying eggs? How can you get your chickens to start laying eggs? Unfortunately there is no way to ‘force’ your chickens to lay eggs, however there are lots of things you can do to encourage your chickens to start laying eggs. Whether your chickens haven’t even start laying yet, or, have gone off lay, follow the steps below to get them laying eggs sooner rather than later! The Importance of Nutrition If your chicken’s dietary requirements aren’t being met, then they won’t be laying any eggs for you. Your chicken needs around 20… [Read More]