Announcing Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

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I’m sure if you’ve been following us for a while then you will know that today is a very exciting day for everyone here at The Happy Chicken Coop. Over the last few months we’re been working around the clock and the day is finally here.

We’re so proud to announce to you that Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide and Building a Chicken Coop: The Complete Step by Step Beginner’s Guide have finally been released.

We’ve been writing the books for the last several months, researching and experimenting to provide you with the very best books on raising chickens- from bringing your hens home for the first time to putting eggs on the table, we’ve got it all covered.

Before I go on any further I’d like to thank all of you, the readers. Not only have you encouraged us to write the books but you also encourage us with every blog comment you write or email you send to us. Even if you don’t comment or get in touch, thank you for visiting the website and helping to make The Happy Chicken Coop the community it is! I know that the books are something a lot of you have been waiting for us to do, so I hope we’ve done them justice.

If you want a sneak preview of the books then please feel free to email us and we will send you over two free chapters to sample.

The Books

Initially we were only planning on writing one book but somewhere along the way it made sense to break this book into two. So what’s included within the books?

Well in our first book, Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide, we detail everything you need to know to raise your own backyard chickens; this is the only book you will need to read to prepare yourself for raising backyard chickens. It would also make a perfect handbook for experienced chicken keepers to refer back to when issues arise with your ladies.

In our second book, Building a Chicken Coop: The Complete Step by Step Beginner’s Guide, we talk you through how I built my chicken coop. It goes in depth and details the step-by-step process leaving no stone unturned! It was written assuming that you have no previous DIY experience so anyone can pick the book up and build a coop. In addition to the guide you also get 10 chicken coop plans- each include cost, floor plans, elevations, simple step-by-step instructions and build time.

So are you ready to get your hands on both of the books? Head over to:

If you’re still uncertain or have any questions then keep on reading. I’ve included below some of the questions which we’ve already received via email.

Q: What’s included within the Books?

Within both books we really cover everything you need to know about raising backyard chickens including:

  • Planning your flock (size and breed)
  • How to care for them
  • First time chicken keepers
  • Managing your flock
  • Egg management
  • Sickness and disease
  • How to build a chicken coop with no previous building experience

Q: Do I need any DIY experience to follow the coop book?

No. We’ve written the ‘Building a Chicken Coop’ book assuming you have very little previous DIY experience. Clearly the more experience you have the better. However, we’re extremely confident that someone with no previous coop building experience could use our guide to build a coop on their own.

Q: Can I buy the books if I’m outside of the US?

Yes, Absolutely. We’ve released the books as eBooks (PDFs) which means once you’ve purchased the books they are sent to your email address. It also means you don’t have to wait for a physical copy to be shipped to you. However, we realize that some people prefer to read a physical copy which is why we also allow you to print the books.

Q: I have no experience raising chickens- is this book for me?

Yes. We’ve written the book for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers. You will find chapters within the book written for beginners for instance what to do when you bring your chickens home for the first time. Then you will also find chapters written for experienced chicken keepers discussing complex health issues and how to treat them.

I hope your questions have now been answered! So with much pride please allow me to introduce to you Raising Backyard Chickens: The Complete Beginner’s Guide and Building a Chicken Coop: The Complete Step by Step Beginner’s Guide.

Raising Backyard Chickens The Complete Beginners Guide

I’d love to hear from you and hear what you have to say about our books! Either leave a comment in the section below or drop us a quick email.

The Happy Chicken Coop


  1. Nancy Stopper says

    I’m looking forward to having a small flock of chickens, ( the first since I was little), and want to know if it’s okay to start now or to wait till spring and get babies. Appreciate any advice.

    • The Happy Chicken Coop says

      Hi Nancy,

      Absolutely you can start now.

      If you started now you would need to get either pullets or hens (chicks can’t be raised outside in the cold during winter on their own).

      Or you can wait till next spring and start with chicks!

      Good luck on your adventure and be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions,


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