Baby Chicks: The Definitive Care Guide

Baby Chicks The Definitive Care Guide Blog Cover

Raising chicks is fun, educational and is one of the most rewarding things you will do!

Chicks are cute and endearing, but they do have some special needs and we hope to guide you through the process of raising a baby chick to a hen.

In our complete guide to raising chicks we will cover everything you need to know from brooder requirements, care to health problems and much more…

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Chicken Coops for Sale: What to Know Before Buying

Chicken Coops for Sale What to Know Before Buying Blog Cover

Whilst some folks prefer to build their own chicken coop, many folks shy away from DIY projects, preferring to buy a ready-made coop for their chickens.

Buying a readymade chicken coop can be a quick and easy solution.

We have recently been asked what to look for in a pre-manufactured coop, so we have put some ideas together for you as to what exactly should you look for in a chicken coop.

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How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen (Is it a Boy or a Girl?)

How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen Blog Cover

So, just how do you determine the sex of those just-hatched fluff balls in your incubator? And how do you tell the adults apart too?

Sexing a chick can be easy (sex link chicks), or it can be a mysterious art form that takes years to perfect (vent sexing).

In this article we are going to give you some background behaviors and techniques to help you identify your chickens’ sex.

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Help, My Neighbor Hates My Chickens!

Help My Neighbor Hates My Chickens Blog Cover

In an ideal world, everyone would love chickens but the truth is some people hate chickens.

They look upon the living creature as ‘noisy nuggets’, so what happens when your neighbor hates your chickens and starts causing a commotion?

This is certainly an unpleasant situation but normally one which can be amicably resolved.

Today, we are going to take a look at some strategies that might defuse the neighbor and avoid all sorts of unpleasantness… [Read More]

How to Raise Chickens with No Land

Raising Chickens with No Land Blog Cover

Lots of people want to keep chickens but they live in the city or suburban areas with small backyards. They think they can’t raise chickens because they don’t have enough space!

Keeping chickens when you have a small or no yard is a bit tricky, but can be done with a good deal of planning and forethought.

Whilst typically the more room chickens have the better- there are always ways to get around having a small… [Read More]