The Backyard Chicken Keepers Handbook to Maximizing Egg Laying

“HELP! My hens have stopped laying eggsThey are healthy and active, eating and drinking well, but no eggs. I’ve tried increasing their feed but still not a single egg anywhere”. Unfortunately I hear this far too often from backyard chicken keepers. You are frustrated and worrying about your hens and end up waiting, hoping they will ‘fix’ themselves.

In my egg laying handbook, you’ll learn the information that hundreds of backyard chicken keepers have already used to eliminate egg laying problems and maximize their egg production, including:

  • Why hens suddenly stop laying – and how you can identify the problem quickly to get them laying eggs again.
  • Which herbs, greens and flowers increase egg laying and quality.
  • The 5 key things your hens need to lay fresh eggs every day (without these 5 things, your hen will never lay).
  • How to feed your chickens nutritious food that will make the best eggs you have ever tasted.
  • 7 key reasons for stress that will cause your egg production to drop.

Get started now and learn how to solve egg laying problems and raise happy, healthy chickens that lay lots of eggs.

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What our customers say:

Catherine S. Review“My chickens laid eggs when I got them. But they have stopped for nearly a year but with your help they have being laying 9 eggs in 2 days. Thank You!” CATHERINE S.

Cody B Review“Thanks for the tips! We are finally getting around 6 or so eggs a day.” CODY B.

Lauren R. Review“I love the book and it told me everything I needed to take care of my chickens. They have been laying eggs every day for over a month now.” LAUREN R.

Karen B. Review“So I started gathering information on what to feed them, how to shelter them, etc. The hens started laying eggs right after that. What a thrill”

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