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Mealworms… For People?

Mealworm flour with mealworms and beetles

The European Union (EU) has given the green light to include more insects in foods. A new regulation called Implementing Regulation 2023/58 is all set to come into effect. This regulation allows certain types of insect larvae, specifically Alphitobius diaperinus, to be sold as food. These little larvae, or the lesser mealworm, can be sold […]

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Flocks Need a Daily Snack Too!

Flocks Need a Daily Snack Too!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are important – but do your flocks need a daily snack, too? Chickens have a lot of energy and need plenty of calories to keep them going. At the same time, you can provide most of your chickens’ nutritional requirements via their feed – which is specially formulated to meet their […]

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