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How to Get Rid of a Bee’s Nest?

How to get rid of a bees nest

Have you ever walked through your door and seen gazillions of bees buzzing and hopping in their nest?

That is such a horrifying sight, especially if one of your family members is allergic to bee stings.

So, the thought of removing them might instantly pop into your mind, which leaves you wondering how to get rid of a bees’ nest.

We do recognize the vital role these hardworking pollinators play in our ecosystem.

But having them in our homes or near our gardens is very risky since allergic reactions to bee stings can cause anaphylactic shock and, in worse cases, death.

But can you remove a bee nest? In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • how to remove bees’ nests both instantly and naturally without killing them
  • when to get rid of a bees nest
  • and why should you remove them

So, if you’re having the same problem, join us as we uncover the effective solutions you can try at home.

How to Get Rid of a Bees Nest?

There are many ways to get rid of bees’ nests in your house, garden, or trees.

However, before purchasing a spray or doing a treatment, you need to determine the kind of bees you want to get rid of.

Is it a carpenter, bumble bee, or honey bee?

Bumblebees and honey bees are beneficial insects, so we recommend transferring them to a new location instead of exterminating them.

But if the infestation is caused by bees like Carpenter and it destroys your home, you may need to treat them right away.

Here are different ways you can get rid of a bee’s nest instantly.

Bees nests removal

Use a Bee Removal Spray

Bee nest spray is a long-term solution to bee infestations because it completely exterminates them.

The spray attacks these pollinators’ nervous systems, which could lead to paralysis and, eventually, death.

When is the best time to spray bees’ nests?

Sprays are most effective during the night when it’s dark, and the bees are dormant.

But you need to use a flashlight, specifically a red one, because bees cannot see the red color.

How should you use it? Not all sprays work the same way, so read the instructions first.

Note: If you’re not sure about the type of bee you’re dealing with, do not spray it and consult professionals first.

Then buy a spray that effectively exterminates the bees, like Fipro Foaming Aerosol. It contains an active ingredient that can kill Carpenter bees and reaches deep into the nooks and crane.

But here’s the thing, they kill the bees which are important in our ecosystem.

If you don’t want that to happen, you should choose a bee removal spray that eliminates but doesn’t exterminate them.

But if you do want to exterminate them, here’s how to do it:

  1. Fix the straw applicator tip into the spray can, then wear your protective clothing to avoid bee stings during the removal.
  2. Then spray it into the holes, eaves, railing, and posts through a drilled hole
  3. Check for any bee left and respray if necessary.

When using sprays for bee nest removal, avoid skin contact at all costs and make sure the area has enough ventilation or it’s located outdoors.

This kind of treatment emits chemicals that are dangerous for humans as well as bees, so take extra precautions during the removal.

Get an Anti-Bee Powder

If you can’t find sprays that eliminate bees, try using a powder that works like the spray.

It also attacks the bees’ nervous system and causes paralysis and death.

But before applying the powder, wear gloves, a helmet, and long socks to cover and protect your body.

You also need to determine the types of bees you are dealing with and buy the powder accordingly.

Then, start the treatment right away.

  1. Place the powder bottle into the hive or nest and squeeze it.
  2. Then, put powder around all the entryways, such as doors, cracks, and window sills, to prevent these insects from entering your home.
  3. Make sure that you have applied it thoroughly and keep it away from your skin and your family members after treatment.

Make Use of Your Vinegar

If you prefer homemade solutions and want to avoid toxic chemicals and insecticides, this is for you.

Vinegar is easy to find because it’s a staple in every kitchen, and it’s also easy to use.

It’s not clear how vinegar kills bees, but it could be due to suffocation when bees inhale the sour and foul vinegar scent.

But the question is how to get rid of bee nests using vinegar. There are two ways you can use this natural home remedy.

1. Spraying the Nest

  • Start by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Wear protective clothing and spray the entire nest with your homemade vinegar spray.
  • If necessary, wait for a week and respray the bees nest.
  • And finally, if all the bees are lifeless, vacuum up the dead insects.

2. Driving Them Away With the Scent

Another way you can get rid of bees is by filling some water cans and putting several drops of vinegar into each of them. Then, put them near the bee nest.

The foul smell of the vinegar can drive them to move away from your home or any part of your garden.

But if those solutions are too cruel for you and you want to get rid of bees without killing them, don’t worry—we got you.

We will reveal some homemade solutions that can repel bees naturally and convince them to leave their nest to move to another location.

Removing bee nest

How to Get Rid of Bees Nest Without Killing Them?

You actually don’t need to kill the bees using harsh chemicals just to get rid of them.

Below are some natural home remedies you can use to get the bees out of your home or property.

Garlic Spray

One of the most effective tools to use for bee nest removal is garlic spray because bees dislike its pungent, spicy smell.

Garlic is a staple in every kitchen so it’s very easy to use and find.

Here’s how to prepare your DIY garlic spray:

  • You’ll need a half cup of boiled water, get two heads of garlic, then mince or crush it into tiny pieces.
  • Then, get a half cup of boiled water.
  • Pour your minced garlic into the hot water and leave it overnight for the mixture to seep.
  • Then filter the mixture using a strainer while transferring it into a spray bottle with a funnel.
  • Get the garlic pieces and throw them away, and there you go! Your garlic spray is now ready and you can use spray it directly into the hive to get rid of bees. But don’t forget to wear protective clothing to avoid bee stings.


In case you didn’t know, the citrusy smell of lime, lemon, and grapefruit can ward the bees off too! So if you have one in your kitchen, why not try a citrus spray to get rid of bees’ nest?

Just follow the tips below to create the solution:

  • Boil water in a pot and add the sliced citrus fruit of your choice. It could be lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit.
  • When the water’s volume decreases or boils down to 1/3 of the original volume, remove it from the heat and let it cool down.
  • And finally, transfer the solution into a spray bottle, and you can now use it to pray around the hive or any area where the bee comes from.


Using cucumber is another clever way to get rid of bees nest, and it’s easy to find and use.

Just slice the cucumbers into circular shapes and put them on an aluminum surface. Then place them near the bees nest.

The cucumbers will react with the aluminum and produce a nasty smell that bees abhor.

You can also peel the cucumbers and put the peels on your window and let the cucumber drive them away.

Cinnamon Sprinkles

Did you know that this traditional spice also works as a natural bee-repelling tool without hurting them?

Bees cannot withstand the cinnamon smell, so sprinkling enough amount of cinnamon into the bees’ nest for weeks can force them to relocate.

Some bees may attack you while you sprinkle cinnamon, so be sure to wear protective clothing.

Citronella Candles

Just like other spices, citronella scent can also ward off bees.

So if there’s a beehive inside your home, light up your citronella candle and wait for a few days until the bees can’t take the smell anymore and leave.

It might not work well if it’s windy or raining though, so do this at a convenient time and weather.

Essential Oils

Bees love sweet perfume scents, but they dislike the smell of peppermint, eucalyptus, mint, and citronella.

So, spraying these oils around your house can help keep bees away.

Another effective way of using peppermint oil is to dip cotton wool into the oil and then place them at the bee nest and other strategic locations around your home.

Moth Balls

While mothballs are primarily designed to deter moths, it’s also effective in getting rid of bees because their smell puts the bees off.

But how can you use it to get rid of bees?

You just need to hang them around your property or trees where the bee resides and let the moth smell do the job.

Bee-Repelling Plants

You can also utilize plants that emit strong, pungent scents by planting around your garden and home to repel bees and urge them to leave their nest. The bee-repelling plants include:

  • Cucumbers
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Pennyroyal
  • Eucalyptus
  • Citronella
  • Cloves

You may also plant flowers that don’t attract bees at strategic locations around your home or garden to prevent bees from building their nest near you.

However, this remedy takes a long time because you’d have to wait for the plants to grow before having a visible effect.


When bees smell smoke, they automatically think there’s a forest fire nearby so they move to a safer location.

And according to an entomologist named Nicolas Martin, there’s a very low chance they would go back.

So if you don’t want to kill the bees and want to just scare them away, this is a better solution than using fire.

You can use dead firewood to start a smoky fire, but scared bees can become aggressive.

So make sure to wear your protective clothing even if you carry out this plan at night.

Don’t stand near the bees, and always check if there are remaining bees. Once the pollinators are all gone, you can now remove their nest or hive.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Another handy solution for dealing with bees is by using an ultrasonic pest repellant.

It can keep pests like bees at bay by emitting high-frequency sounds that repel household pests.

Just plug it into a wall outlet and let it do its job. What’s good about this is it only repels bees without killing them.

DIY Bee Trap

If you don’t want to kill the bees and avoid direct contact with them and their nest, try setting up a bee trap instead.

You can find commercial bee traps online, but you can replicate their designs or create one by yourself using easy-to-find items at home, like soda bottles.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Get a 2 or 1-liter soda bottle, then cut the top somewhere between 5 and 7 inches (from its top). It should resemble a funnel if you’d remove the cap.
  2. Flip the top and put it into the bottle’s opening.
  3. Using tape or glue, fix and secure the two pieces together.
  4. Fill the bottle with any sweet solution like natural sugar, artificial nectar, or maple syrup mixed with water to attract the bees inside the trap.

Let it do its job for around three days and watch how many bees were trapped and if there are more bees left.

Since the goal is to avoid killing the bees, you should set the trapped bees free at another location away from your home.

But what if the bees nestle at your walls or roof? How should you deal with them?

We’ll help you deal with them below.

How to get rid of bee nest in wall

How to Get Rid of Bee Nest in Wall?

Dealing with bee nests in walls or any part of your home is more difficult than gardens and trees because bees can dig and damage your walls, especially those made of wood.

So how to remove honey bee nests from home?

Well, you need to determine their entry point first and seal it off to prevent them from re-entering through that area.

Then choose among the natural home remedies or killer options above and apply the steps at night.

To discourage them from nesting again, we recommend painting or varnishing the wall’s exterior because bees don’t like nesting on smooth surfaces.

You also need to check it from time to time, and if the infestation keeps reoccurring, it may be best to as for professional beekeepers or pest control experts.

Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Bees Nest?

Bees are hardworking pollinators that play an important part in growing our food and favorite flowers.

While having pollinators in some farmers’ vicinity is beneficial, there are times they can pose a risk or trouble you.

What are some of the reasons why you may need to remove bee nests?

Higher Risk of Bee Stings

Having bees around your home puts you and your family at a higher risk of getting bee stings. It can cause several injuries and sometimes death.

Furthermore, bees’ presence may also scare your child.

Allergy to Bee Stings

As a parent, the last thing you’d want is your child getting stung by a bee because it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

Sometimes, it may trigger an allergic reaction in people with bee sting allergies and lead to life-threatening conditions.

If you have a family member allergic to bees, it’s best to remove a bee nest to prevent complications.

Bee Aggression

Bees may become aggressive when they don’t get enough flowers to pollinate during hot weather.

Therefore, it’s only reasonable to get rid of bees’ nests to protect yourself and your family.

When to Get Rid of a Bees Nest?

According to Dan Bailey, the President of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care, it’s best to remove bees’ nests at night when the bees are least active or asleep.

If you want to remove and transfer a beehive, do it at night or early in the morning while all the bees are still inside.

This way, you won’t lose any bees that are foraging for food.

Who Do You Call to Get Rid of a Bees Nest?

If the bees are nestling in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas or none of the tips above work, it’s time to call for professional help.

There are lots of companies that offer bee control services.

But make sure to check the American Beekeeping Federation or Apiary Inspectors of America first to see if there are beekeepers in your area.

With years of experience and vast knowledge in handling bees, they know how to safely remove bees’ nests without killing them and offer long-lasting solutions.

Beekeepers can also help get rid of beehives or relocate them into a new and safer dwelling place.

How do they do that?

They first remove the honeycomb inside the beehive without hurting the queen, then transfer it into another hive away from your home.

Other bees will follow their queen, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Nests Removal

Should I remove honey bee nest?

If the nest is too close to your home or situated on your home’s wall or roof and you have children who can’t avoid it, it’s best to remove the honey bee nest.

How do you make bees abandon their hive?

One of the simplest ways to convince bees to abandon their hives is by placing a vinegar mixture in a strategic place near the nest.

Bees dislike vinegar’s smell, so it’s an effective bee repellant.

How to get rid of a bee’s nest in the loft?

You must determine where the bees are coming from in your loft and locate their nest.

Then spray or use powder to get rid of it while wearing a protective suit and clean up your attic a few days later.

How to get rid of bees nest under the deck?

You can get rid of bees nest under the deck by sprinkling cinnamon or placing mothballs.

If they don’t work, try using bee-repellant spray or powder.

How to get rid of bees nest in a tree?

One of the safest and fastest ways to ward off bees without killing them in trees is by using smoke.

But you can also choose from other accessible homemade options above.

How to get rid of bee nest in the garden?

If you want to remove a bee nest in a garden, you need to decide whether to kill the bees or force them to relocate.

Sprays and powders are the faster and more long-term solution. But if you want a less cruel option, homemade solutions are the way to go.

How to get rid of bees nest in tree, gardens and homes

How To Get Rid of a Bees Nest: Final Recap

It’s easy to get rid of bees using sprays and powder primarily designed to ward off these pollinators.

But if you want to preserve these pollinators’ lives, you need to know how to make use of acids and homemade solutions.

To sum it up, you may need to use a bees nest spray, shower some powder, or spray a vinegar mixture to get rid of bees nest and force them to move away.

You can also use spices like cinnamon, cucumber, and garlic to remove a bee nest.

They take a long time to produce any effect, but they’re safer for your health and family.

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