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  Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to The Happy Chicken Coop. The Happy Chicken Coop is an online publication devoted to helping ALL backyard chicken keepers. Whether you’ve been raising chickens all your life or you’ve just started thinking about raising them, this website is for you. We’re a group of chicken enthusiasts from around the world who have been raising chickens in their backyards for decades. Because of our passion and knowledge of chickens, we feel we can really help you and other chicken lovers! We typically publish an article each week on a wide variety of chicken topics, including:
  • How to raise baby chicks
  • Chicken coop design, construction, and security
  • Maximizing your hens’ health and egg laying
  • Chicken health checks
  • Broodiness, and much, much more!
If you want to get started, you can head straight to our articles here, see our resources section here, or you can see websites that have discussed us here. Welcome again to The Happy Chicken Coop, and I hope you find your visit useful and entertaining. Finally, if you have any questions not answered in our articles, be sure to contact us.  



Connor Knight

Connor Knight is the President and Editor-in-Chief at The Happy Chicken Coop. He oversees all of the day-to-day content planning and website maintenance. He is also the head of our PR ventures and all other business opportunities. He makes all introductions with other professionals and businesses and looks to grow our brand here at The Happy Chicken Coop.  

Research and Writing Team

Chin Iris Loremas THCC

Chin Iris Loremas

Chin started her career as a writer last 2010 and has been working as a writer and editor with the Happy Chicken Coop team since 2021. Recently, Chin and her husband ventured into quail farming, which gave her the know-how and insights on how to get started with quails. As she continuously learns the ropes of quail farming, she shares her knowledge and experience through blogging while connecting with other poultry owners across the globe.    

Cherlynlee Cayao

Cherlynlee Cayao THCCCherlynlee was a digital marketer and is now a writer living a simple and peaceful life with her chickens, ducks, dogs, and cats. She joined the Happy Chicken Coop team in 2021 and enjoyed sharing what she learned about bird keeping from experts over the years. Growing up in a family of farmers, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of nature and loves feeding chickens and ducks and collecting eggs. Cherlynlee desires to be self-sufficient and sustainable and strives to learn many old-fashioned skills. She deeply appreciates the natural world and tries to live harmoniously with it, and she shares this beautiful journey here at Happy Chicken Coop.  

Sarah Hamelman

Sarah lives 4,200 feet up in the Salish Mountains of northwestern Montana with her husband and two small children; she’s been writing professionally since early 2015. Her homestead consists of a garden, a native wildflower meadow, a food forest, more than two dozen chickens and guinea fowl, five Nigerian Dwarf goats, and a dozen American Chinchilla rabbits. When she isn’t writing or working on the homestead, Sarah loves to read, hike, kayak, fish, hunt, forage, ski, camp, and trail ride in the Kootenai National Forest surrounding her cabin.

Rebekah Pierce

Rebekah is a freelance writer specializing in various topics, including food and beverage, gardening, farming, business, education, and much more. She lives in upstate New York on her farm with her family.  

Jossana Zosimo

Jossana has been writing professionally since 2017. She started as a TV writer for live talk shows and documentary films. She has been with The Happy Chicken Coop team since 2022 as a publishing editor, along with 2 other websites under 3 Dog Knights LLC.