The Goat Breed Guide

goat breed guide

There are more than 300 different goat breeds roaming in pastures around the globe. There are dairy goats, meat goats, fiber goats, and miniature goat breeds that are all heralded for their various benefits and offerings. 

There is no right or wrong goat breed to keep. But, discovering the best goat breed to suit your needs and space requires due diligence … and sometimes a little trial and error. 

Goats are especially independent animals and… [Read More]

How To Properly Care For Your Goat

Proper goat care will directly impact the health of your herd. A hardy herd begins with the purchase of quality and healthy goats but it is the daily maintenance of the livestock that will create happy farm pets, brush clearers, milk producers, and a source of protein. Learning the basics of goat husbandry might feel a bit overwhelming at first. But, once you garner a little knowledge you will easily get into the routine of conducting… [Read More]

Raising Goats – The Complete How To Guide

how to raise goats

Goats are a superb multiple purpose homesteading livestock. They provide meat, milk, and property maintenance. Even if you live on a small homestead, there is enough space to keep Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf goat breeds to help achieve your sustainability goals. In this guide we will go over many broad topics on goats, how to purchase goats, start up costs, bringing your goat home, feed, care, and much more. 

To begin, the first thing that… [Read More]