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25 Long-Haired Goat Breeds

long haired goat breeds

Goats are varied and versatile animals, with many different breeds serving different purposes. Some goats are used for their meat, some for their milk, and others for their fiber. There are also breeds that are kept as pets. Some homesteaders prefer long-haired goats for better resources. No matter what your purpose is for raising a […]

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Guideline for Goat Illnesses: Causes, Cures & Prevention

goat illnesses

Are you wondering how to cure goat illnesses? Unfortunately, there are several types of illnesses to which goats are vulnerable. Many people believe that goats are resilient animals, but this isn’t always the case. Even though they have a natural ability to fight off illness and disease, sometimes there is nothing we can do but […]

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Goat Meat and Raising Goats for Meat

meat goats

Many people think of goats as cute little animals that live in the barnyard and eat hay. In reality, goats are versatile creatures that you can use for various purposes on a small farm. This includes raising goats for meat. If you’re thinking about adding goat meat to your farmstead diet or just curious about […]

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15 Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets 

Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets

There are over 300 distinct goat types in the world, but what are the best small goat breeds for pets? If you’re planning to raise a goat as a pet, you have come to the right place! In this article, you’ll discover: Small goat breed for pets with the highest butterfat content among goat breeds […]

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How To Cure Goat Dandruff

dandruff in goats

Walking into your barn to see shedding, itchy goats with patchy dry skin and white flakes of dandruff can be shocking and upsetting to see.  But don’t panic just yet! Dandruff is a relatively common issue that may be nothing at all, or it could be the precursor or symptom of a larger underlying issue. […]

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Diarrhea in Baby Goats

diarrhea in baby goats

Have you experienced seeing your baby goat with a wet bottom and filthy diarrhea-splattered ground? Diarrhea in baby goats is a symptom of another issue, so it’s important to rule out potential issues and find the root of the problem. That way, it can be mitigated quickly. Time is of the essence especially when it […]

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When To “Worm” Baby Goats

when to worm baby goats

When new baby goats finally make their grand arrival into the world, they are so unbelievably cute that it’s hard to think straight. But once you finally realize the new responsibility, you’ll understand that there are so many things to worry about. You’d be worried about the baby goats’ health first, of course. And it’s […]

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Owning Goats: The Definitive Guide

Owning Goats The Definitive Guide

Are you planning to embark on the journey of owning goats on your farm or homesteading? These goats are one of the staple animals in homesteading, and they’re among the most profitable livestock. But owning goats also requires time, money, and commitment. They’re not gardeners, so buying goats because you have an overgrown garden is […]

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How To Help a Goat With A Snotty Nose

How To Help a Goat With A Snotty Nose

A runny or snotty nose foreshadows almost every oncoming ailment in goats.  Knowing that sickness or respiratory infections are taking hold allows you to take action quickly to stop them from progressing or becoming deadly.  Here are signs to look for, what may be causing the snotty nose, and how to treat runny noses in […]

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