Smallest Goat Breed

pygora goats

The smallest goat breed honors actually belong to two different varieties of goat – the Kinder and the Pygora. Both of these miniature goat breeds were developed from cross-breeding specific established breeds to create a small stature goat that also excelled in producing meat, dairy, or fiber. 

The Pygora goat is a cross between a Pygmy goat and an Angora goat. A Kinder goat is a cross between a Nubian goat[Read More]

Ultimate Goat Feeding Guide

Ultimate Goat Feeding Guide

Goats are ruminant animals and must eat the proper ratio of roughage each day to avoid bloat – which can be a death sentence if not treated both properly and promptly. A healthy goat feeding plan must include a solid hay base with limited grain feed rations and only safe treats given in small amounts.

A ruminant animal has four stomach chambers, the first being the rumen. Goats, sheep, cattle, elk,… [Read More]

All You Need to Know About Boer Goats

All You Need to Know About Boer Goats

oer goats are the prominent meat goat being raised in the United States. This goat breed is hardy and extremely adaptive to a host of different climates and terrain environments.

The market for the lean red meat produced by goats has steadily been on the rise in America. The need for meat currently surpasses the amount that goat farmers in the United States take to market. American goat meat sold on an annual basis now… [Read More]

All About Goat Fencing

Goat Fencing

Your goat herd will last only as long as your fencing. Some goat breeds are more determined escape artists than others, but ALL goats will push their boundaries. If they can see out and get out, then freedom will be theirs.

When we first got goats I thought back to what my Popaw used to say about goat fencing and laughed while shaking my head in agreement. When he was asked by a young farmer… [Read More]

Learn More About Fainting Goats

Learn More About Fainting Goats

Tennessee Fainting goats, or myotonic goats, are often kept as merely entertaining farm pets but are actually bred to be a high quality meat goat. This American goat breed does not actually faint but merely stiffens up and falls over sideways when startled due to a hereditary condition known as myotonia congenita. 

Fainting goats are also commonly referred to as the Tennessee Wooden Leg goat, Nervous goats, Falling goats, and Stiff-Legged… [Read More]