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9 Creative Goat Business Ideas

goat business idea

Goat businesses have gained traction in recent years, offering ag-based entrepreneurs a unique and versatile range of opportunities.

These goat business ideas extend beyond traditional farming, encompassing dairy production, meat processing, fiber crafting, and even innovative concepts like goat yoga, hiking, cuddling, and full goat farm tours.

Whether you’re seeking a profitable agribusiness, an eco-conscious venture, or a niche in animal therapy, goat business ideas offer a rich and rewarding path for those eager to explore this thriving industry.

Here are some of our favorite creative goat businesses, plus examples of successful farms already implementing these ideas.

9 Creative Goat Business Ideas

1. Fuel Reduction or Land Clearing Goat Business

Last month, we talked about how Californians use goats to prevent wildfires and briefly mentioned Fire Grazers and Brea and Bob McGrew’s rental herd.

This business practice benefits all sides involved, and it’s fantastic for the environment, which is why we’re talking about it again.

How Does Renting Goats for Brush and Fuel Clearing Work?

This approach leverages the natural foraging instincts of goats to clear overgrown vegetation, reduce fire hazards, and restore ecosystems. Here’s how it works:

Property Assessment and Planning

The process typically begins with an assessment of the client’s property.

This evaluation helps determine the extent of the overgrowth, the type of vegetation, and the specific goals for the clearing project.

Goats are particularly effective at removing invasive plants, shrubs, and even small trees.

Creating a Customized Grazing Plan

Based on the assessment, a customized grazing plan is developed.

This plan includes factors such as the number of goats needed, the duration of grazing, and any specific dietary considerations.

It’s imperative for the homeowner to make it clear what he does and does not want to be eaten.

Since goats will eat just about any brush or browse-like foliage, they have to be fenced away from plants that the homeowner wants to protect.

The goats should have access to fresh water at all times, too, so water may need to be trucked in if the homeowner cannot provide it.

Property Set Up

Goats must be contained to this property so they don’t wreak havoc on the rest of an unsuspecting neighborhood.

This typically entails setting up an electric fence, watering stations, salt and mineral blocks, and perhaps the guardianship of a protection dog or herd-keepers.

Once this is finished, it’s time to bring in the goats!

Goat Deployment

Once the plan is in place, the goats are brought to the site.

They are typically contained within portable electric fences, like this Premier 1 Poultry Netting, that allow them to graze in designated areas.

Goatherds or caretakers monitor the goats to ensure they are safe, well-fed, and on track with the grazing plan.

Environmental Benefits

Goats are highly effective at clearing brush and vegetation, which reduces the risk of wildfires and helps with weed control.

Additionally, their waste acts as a natural fertilizer, enhancing soil quality and promoting the growth of native plants.

Minimal to No Environmental Harm

Unlike traditional land-clearing methods that involve heavy machinery and chemicals, goat grazing has minimal environmental impact.

It prevents soil erosion, conserves water, and avoids the use of harmful herbicides.

Completion and Monitoring

Once the goats have completed their grazing cycle, the property is reevaluated to ensure that the desired results have been achieved.

Any remaining vegetation or specific areas that may need additional clearing are addressed.

Client Satisfaction

The business model relies on client satisfaction and referrals.

Clients benefit from a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to land management, while goats get to enjoy a natural and diverse diet.

Clients have also repeatedly mentioned that they enjoy watching the goats graze, and they appreciate the quiet.

While goats are not perfectly silent, they are much quieter than the heavy machinery that would be required to complete the same job.

Renting goats for brush and fuel clearing aligns with the growing trend toward sustainable and environmentally conscious land management practices.

This business model not only benefits the environment but also provides a unique and effective service to property owners seeking safe and efficient vegetation control solutions.

goat manure

2. Selling Manure as Fertilizer Goat Business

If you’ve kept goats for long, you know just how much manure they produce and the magic that it can work on your lawn and garden.

If you have more magic than you need, sell some of it!

It’s a great way to recuperate some of your feed costs, and it can work seamlessly with one or more other goat business models.

Sagebrush Valley Ranch from Snowflake, Arizona, sells Organic Navajo-Churro sheep manure that has already been dried and sifted.

At the time of this writing, they offer manure in 6 ounces, 1 pound, 3 pounds, and 5 pounds, ranging from $11.99 to $42.99.

This ranch sells online, and you can, too!

Local sales are also a viable option, thanks to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and print newspapers.

Why are people willing to pay to have sheep or goat manure shipped to their houses?

Here are some glowing reviews that tell all:

  • “I needed manure with low odor as many dog walkers pass by this tree… cow manure would have encouraged digging. So far… this is working well while also adding nutrients to the soil. So pleased!” – Nancy
  • “This stuff is the BEST! It’s natural, clean, and can be used with water as a “ Tea” and won’t burn the plants. Awesome !! How can you beat All Natural AND it doesn’t smell!” – Cassie

How Does Selling Goat Manure Work?


Marketing efforts should target both individual gardeners and commercial farms.

If you have a large herd, consider wholesaling to commercial garden centers or distributors.

Wholesaling commands a lower price but with the benefit of consistent sales.

Highlight the benefits of using goat manure as a natural and organic fertilizer, such as improved soil structure, increased nutrient availability, lack of smell, and reduced environmental impact compared to chemical fertilizers.

Manure Collection and Processing

The hands-on process begins with collecting goat manure from your barn or pasture.

It’s crucial to handle the manure properly to avoid contamination and ensure its quality.

Once collected, the manure can be sifted (so no hay or wood shaving is mixed in) and dried (to avoid mold) or composted to stabilize it and eliminate pathogens and weed seeds.

Packaging and Presentation

Goat manure is typically packaged in bags or containers suitable for retail or wholesale distribution.

The packaging should be clearly labeled with information about the product’s nutrient content, application guidelines, and any organic certifications it may have.

If you sell goat manure as a side hustle or online, you likely won’t need to fuss with pretty packaging.

So long as the packaging is strong enough to not tear during transport, your customers will be happy.

Most manure buyers are practical gardeners who will appreciate your goats’ ready-to-use fertilizer.


Determine the distribution channels for your goat manure products.

This can include selling directly to consumers through farmers’ markets, garden centers, or online platforms.

Additionally, consider partnering with local nurseries, landscaping companies, or organic farming cooperatives.

Education and Customer Support

Offer educational resources and customer support to help users get the most out of your goat manure fertilizer.

This may include workshops, guides, or consultations to assist customers in optimizing their soil health and crop yields.

Consider Sustainability and Organic Certification

If possible, pursue organic certification for your goat manure products.

This can significantly enhance your market appeal, as many consumers and farmers prioritize organic inputs to maintain healthy and environmentally responsible practices.

goat yoga

3. Goat Yoga Classes

In recent years, Goat Yoga has taken the fitness and wellness world by storm, blending traditional yoga with the joyful presence of playful and friendly goats.

This innovative and entertaining approach to exercise and relaxation has become a popular trend and a lucrative business opportunity.

Goat Yoga is a fitness class that combines yoga with the presence of goats.

Participants practice yoga poses in an outdoor or indoor setting while these curious and sociable animals roam freely, interacting with attendees.

Young goats (kids) are known for hopping on attendees while they stretch and work out.

The presence of goats adds an element of unpredictability, humor, and joy to the yoga experience.

This lets new yoga-goers feel less pressured or watched, making it both therapeutic and entertaining.

Original Goat Yoga in Albany, Oregon, has a 1,200-person waiting list for Lainey Morse’s classes!

Her farm, called “No Regrets,” is home to eight lively goats who love interacting with participants.

How Goat Yoga Works as a Business

Starting a Goat Yoga business involves several key elements.

Here are the most basic steps for you to consider for your potential business.

Choosing a Location

Select an appropriate location with ample space for yoga sessions and goat interaction.

Outdoor settings, such as farms or open fields, provide a more natural and calming environment.

Building a Goat Yoga Herd

Acquire friendly and well-trained goats that are comfortable around people.

Different breeds can be used, but smaller (more lightweight) and more agile breeds are often preferred.

Hire Yoga Instructors

Hire certified yoga instructors who are experienced in leading classes suitable for all levels of practitioners.

They should also be comfortable working with goats and able to adapt the practice to accommodate interruptions caused by the goats’ antics.

Liability Insurance

You should strongly consider obtaining liability insurance to cover any unexpected incidents during sessions, such as participants getting accidentally bumped by goats.

Please teach your participants the importance of goat safety basics, like never trying to “headbutt” the goats, as it can lead to dangerous, potentially deadly habits.

Marketing and Promotion

Develop a strong online presence through a website and social media platforms.

Engage in marketing efforts to attract participants, such as offering special introductory classes, hosting events, and collaborating with local fitness and wellness businesses.

Your classes will spread by word of mouth, too, but that will take some time.

Creating the Goat Yoga Experience

During Goat Yoga sessions, participants can expect a blend of yoga and animal therapy.

The goats roam freely, often interacting with attendees by nuzzling, hopping on their backs, or simply lounging nearby.

This unscripted and delightful interaction creates a stress-relieving atmosphere and adds a unique twist to the traditional yoga experience.

4. Goat Cuddles and Petting Zoos

A goat petting zoo can be a delightful and lucrative venture for animal lovers and entrepreneurs seeking a unique and family-friendly business or side hustle.

These attractions allow visitors to interact with friendly and sociable goats, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Charming Hill Farm in Brandy Station, Virginia, offers “Goat Cuddling” experiences.

It allows visitors an hour to hang out with the goats and get the chance to pet the goats or even have one nap in their lap.

They also offer private farm tours, unicorn rides, a mobile farm petting zoo, and goat yoga.

How Does Goat Cuddles as a Business Model Work?

In a goat cuddling business, visitors pay for the opportunity to cuddle, pet, and spend quality time with friendly and well-trained goats.

This concept capitalizes on the growing interest in animal-assisted therapy and the recognition of animals as sources of comfort and relaxation.

Most goat cuddle farms allow visitors to come onto their farms during set business hours or by appointment only.

Getting Your Farm Set Up for Goat Cuddles or Petting Zoo Experiences

Selecting the right location and creating a serene, safe, and clean environment for both goats and visitors is crucial.

Ensure spacious enclosures, comfortable seating areas, and proper sanitation facilities.

Compliance with local regulations and zoning laws is also essential.

Make sure you fully understand biosecurity and have some plans to protect your herd from outside diseases or viruses.

Marketing Your Goat Business

Promote your goat-cuddling business through social media, local events, and partnerships with wellness and relaxation centers.

Highlight the mental health benefits, stress reduction, and the sheer joy that cuddling goats can bring.

Like most other businesses that interact with the public, yours will spread through word of mouth as more and more people visit and enjoy your experiences.

Good Animal Welfare

Prioritize the well-being of your goats. Regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, and a suitable (extra clean!) shelter are fundamental.

Goats chosen for cuddling should have calm and sociable personalities to ensure a positive experience for visitors.

Create Variable or Flexible Pricing and Packages

Offer various pricing packages to cater to different visitor preferences, such as individual sessions, group bookings, or seasonal promotions.

Pricing should reflect the value of the therapeutic and heartwarming experience you provide.

Starting a petting zoo or goat cuddling business allows you to create a haven of tranquility and happiness while sharing the therapeutic benefits of human-animal interaction.

It’s a business venture that nurtures not only your entrepreneurial spirit but also the well-being of your customers and, of course, your farm friends.

5. Agritourism Experiences and/or Overnight Stays

Agritourism, the fusion of agriculture and tourism, has gained immense popularity in recent years as urban dwellers seek to reconnect with the countryside and experience the joys of rural life.

Among the myriad of agritourism opportunities, goat-related experiences hold a special place.

These encounters offer city folks, families, and nature enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in the world of goats and farm life.

Many people are thrilled to get away from suburbia or the city and do what you consider mundane normalcy, like your typical morning and evening farm chores.

Goat-centric agritourism experiences often involve guided farm tours, where visitors can meet and interact with goats of various breeds.

These encounters provide valuable insights into goat husbandry practices, including feeding, milking, and even goat yoga sessions.

Many farms also offer hands-on activities like goat grooming, which can be a delightful and educational experience for children and adults alike.

ABC Acres from my home state of Montana offers knowledgeable tours, experiences, and overnight farm stays.

They allow visitors to tour their permaculture preserve, check out their impressive year-round greenhouse (they grow bananas!), hike their preserve, interact with chickens and goats, and stay in one of their four guest cabins.

Overnight Stays and Workshops

For those seeking a deeper connection with goats and farm life, overnight stays on goat farms offer a unique and immersive experience.

These stays typically involve rustic accommodations like cabins, cottages, or camping sites, allowing guests to wake up to the sounds of goats and the beauty of rural landscapes.

During an overnight stay, visitors often have the opportunity to participate in farm chores, such as feeding and milking goats, collecting eggs, and even helping with seasonal tasks like shearing or harvesting.

I know it may seem strange, but people will happily pay you to feed your animals!

Goat-themed workshops, such as cheese making or soap crafting using goat milk, can add an educational element to the visit.

The evening on a goat farm is equally enchanting, with guests often gathering around campfires for storytelling, stargazing, and, occasionally, goat milk tastings or cheese samplings.

This immersive experience fosters a deeper appreciation for sustainable farming practices, animal welfare, and the joys of a simpler, more connected way of life.

goat hiking

6. Goat Packing and Hiking Tours

Move over mules and horses; the goats are here to hike and pack with you!

Pack goats make hunting, hiking, and camping more fun and accessible by carrying some of the load for you.

They’re also good companions to have out on the trail. This is probably my favorite goat business idea!

GOATreks, based in Utah, offers full and half-day hikes in Bears Ears National Monument, Manti La Sal National Forest, Monticello, Blanding, and Moab.

They also offer niche hikes, like a 90-minute Cave Towers Archeology Hike or a 2-3 hour Red Rock Formation Hike to visit Texas Arch, Turtle Rock, and Old Spanish Trail.

What You Need to Start a Goat Packing and Hiking Business

This business model blends adventure, education, and eco-consciousness, attracting a diverse range of clientele seeking memorable outdoor experiences.

Building and Training Your Herd

The heart of this business model lies in selecting and training suitable goats for packing.

Goats are chosen for their strength, temperament, and adaptability to rugged terrain.

They undergo specialized training to carry gear and navigate trails safely.

Heavier goats tend to be preferred for this business so that they can carry more weight with comfort.

Preselect Trails, Tours, and Packages

Businesses offering goat packing and hiking tours typically provide a variety of tour packages to cater to different skill levels and interests.

This might include day hikes, multi-day treks, or custom experiences.

Find good trails near you that are goat-friendly, and get familiar with them.

Knowledgeable guides lead participants on the hiking trails, providing insights into the local flora, fauna, and natural history.

They also educate guests about goat behavior, care, and the principles of Leave No Trace to ensure responsible outdoor recreation.

Safety is paramount for this business. Participants must be briefed on hiking safety protocols, and the goats should be well-trained and tethered to prevent them from straying or getting too close to steep edges.

You’ll likely encounter dogs on the trail, some of which may not be friendly to your goats. Train yourself and your goats to handle these situations with grace and safety.

Buying and Prepping Your Trail Gear

Guests are always provided with the appropriate gear for the adventure, including backpacks, camping equipment, and food.

The goats carry a portion of the load, easing the hikers’ burden.

You’ll have to prepare all of these supplies and ensure they are an appropriate weight and size for your goats (and hikers).

Goat packing and hiking tours are a thriving niche within the outdoor adventure industry, offering both adventure and educational elements while promoting responsible and sustainable outdoor recreation.

Entrepreneurs who prioritize safety, animal welfare, and exceptional guest experiences can establish a successful business that resonates with nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

shearing fiber goats

7. Goat Fiber

Selling goat fiber as a business or side hustle can be a rewarding endeavor that combines creativity, craftsmanship, and a connection to nature.

Goat fiber, particularly from breeds like Angora, Pygora, and other Cashmere goat breeds, is highly prized for its softness and warmth, making it a sought-after material for artisanal textiles and clothing.

To embark on this venture, you’ll need a few key components:

  • A small herd of fiber-producing goats
  • The knowledge and skills to care for and groom them properly, and
  • Tools for shearing and processing the fiber

Regularly shearing the goats ensures a steady supply of raw fiber, which can then be cleaned, carded, and spun into yarn.

The beauty of selling goat fiber as a side hustle lies in its versatility.

You can market your fiber to local crafters and weavers, sell it at farmers’ markets, or establish an online presence through platforms like Etsy.

Little Hawk Farm from Baldwin City, Kansas, has been successful on Etsy selling Pygora Roving.

They currently sell this for $16.25 an ounce and have over 1,500 sales from their shop.

Cannon River Fiber Farm from Northfield, Minnesota, is a star seller that offers alpaca and angora goat yarns, roving, and batts. They also have beautiful raw mohair locks.

Typically yarn is worth more than raw fiber, and finished products (like scarves, sweaters, mittens, dryer balls, or blankets) are worth even more.

How To Milk A Goat

8. Dairy Goats and Herdsharing

Dairy goats and herd sharing offer a unique and cooperative approach to dairy farming that can be a lucrative business idea.

This model involves individuals or families collectively owning a herd of dairy goats and sharing the responsibilities and rewards of milk production.

Herd sharing is a partnership where individuals invest in dairy goats, sharing the costs of purchasing, feeding, and caring for the animals.

Participants, often referred to as “members,” then have access to the goats’ milk production, typically on a rotational basis.

This arrangement allows people to enjoy fresh, high-quality goat milk while bypassing the challenges and upfront expenses of sole ownership.

The Benefits of Herd-Sharing Dairy Goats

Cost Sharing

Herd sharing distributes the financial burden of goat ownership among multiple parties, making it more affordable for each member.

Access to Fresh Milk

Participants can enjoy a regular supply of fresh and nutritious goat milk, which can be used for various dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and soap.

Shared Responsibilities

Most members cover the financial aspect of goat keeping, while the farmer manages everything else, but this can vary from program to program.

Some members may collaborate on goat care, from feeding and milking to health management, allowing individuals with varying levels of expertise to contribute in helpful ways.

Community Building

Herd sharing fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals who value sustainability, self-sufficiency, and wholesome dairy products.

Farming can feel lonely at times, but this is a great way to socialize with fellow farm lovers.

How to Start a Herd-Sharing Business

To start a herd-sharing business, you’ll need:

  • A well-managed herd of dairy goats
  • Legal documentation outlining the terms of the herd-sharing agreement
  • A thorough understanding of local regulations and health standards.

Marketing your herd-sharing services to potential members is essential to ensure a steady stream of participants.

Facebook has several thriving goat milk groups that are just for this purpose.

After this, you’ve got some work ahead of you!

You’ll be responsible for caring for and milking the goats, then processing and distributing the dairy products.

We have a comprehensive guide to goat milking and everything you need to know about milking goats.

goat meat

9. Meat Production Goat Business

Raising and selling meat goats can be a lucrative and sustainable business idea, catering to the ever-growing demand for lean, healthy, and ethically sourced meat.

Goat meat, commonly known as “chevon,” is enjoyed by various cultures worldwide, making it a promising market opportunity.

Billydoe Meats from Chicagoland started more than 25 years ago and is still going strong.

This business offers high-quality goat, lamb, and beef.

Then in 2018, it expanded into delivering these meats right to consumers’ doorsteps nationwide.

At the time of this writing, they offer individual cuts, like goat leg steaks, goat shank, boneless goat sirloins, kabobs, filets, and more.

They also have whole processed animals, with goats ranging from $299 to $489 each.

Start a Herd

To start a meat goat business, it’s essential to select the right breed for meat production, such as Boer goats or Kiko goats.

Create suitable living conditions with ample space for grazing, shelters for protection, and proper nutrition for optimal growth. We have a guide to meat goats and raising them here.

Find Market Demand

Goat meat has gained popularity for its lean profile, mild flavor, and suitability for diverse culinary traditions.

Health-conscious consumers and ethnic communities seek after it.

Understanding your target market, whether it’s local consumers, restaurants, or specialty markets, is key to success.

Processing and Distribution

Processing and packaging goat meat requires compliance with food safety regulations and may involve partnering with local processing facilities.

Most areas do not allow you to process the animal yourself; you have to use a locker or slaughterhouse that is approved.

Developing distribution channels, such as farmer’s markets, online sales, or direct-to-consumer arrangements, will help reach your customer base effectively.

You can sell individual cuts of meat or as whole or half shares of the goat in bulk.

Each option has its own set of pros and cons.

Value-Added Products

Consider diversifying your product line by offering value-added goat meat products like sausages, jerky, or marinated cuts.

This can attract a broader range of customers and increase profitability.

Emphasize Sustainability and Ethics

Raising goats in humane conditions and practicing responsible land and resource management can be a strong selling point, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Creative Goat Business Ideas: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of goat-based businesses is as diverse and promising as the goats themselves.

From traditional goat farming and dairy ventures to creative and innovative concepts like goat yoga, goat cuddling, and goat packing tours, these businesses offer a rich tapestry of opportunities for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Goats, with their charm, versatility, and sustainable potential, continue to carve a niche in various markets, satisfying the growing demand for goat-related products and experiences.

Whether it’s providing nourishing milk, luxurious fiber, or high-quality meat or simply bringing joy and therapeutic moments to people’s lives, goats have proven their worth in the business world.

Interested in other business ideas for your homestead? You might want to check the articles below!


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