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Best Books on Raising Quails (For Beginners and Businesses)

best books on raising quails

Quails are quickly becoming a barnyard favorite among farmers and urban homesteaders! Not often do we find a cross-over animal that can thrive on a large acreage or a back patio.

Their small compact frame, rapid egg production, delicious meat, and sing-song quality have many farmers erecting quail cages and runs worldwide.

As with anything farming-related, there is a plethora of information available on raising quail, some conflicting.

So, to help you weed through the forums, articles, and abundance of information, listed below are books for beginner quail keepers and seasoned keepers looking to turn their hobby into a profitable business venture.

5 Best Books on Raising Quail For Beginners

If you’re just beginning your quail-raising quest, there are plenty of factors you need to consider, such as:

  • proper nutrition
  • coop requirements
  • enrichment activities
  • egg hatching
  • chick care

To guarantee your quail’s success and overall health, the books below cover several topics and provide helpful beginner information.

best book on quail farming - quail farming for beginners

Quail Farming For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know (Revised And Updated) by Francis Okumu (2016)

This book covers, as the title suggests, everything you need to know. This includes:

  • choosing the right quail breed
  • construction and placement of coops
  • nutrition
  • egg production
  • common issues
  • marketing strategies
  • ways to save your profits

The revised edition of this book is complete with color photos that the original did not possess.

Okumu, as you’ll see throughout this list, has written extensively on quail farming, marketing, and business success in the burgeoning quail industry.

best book on raising quails - quails 101

Quail 101: The Most Asked Questions And Answers On Raising Quail by Francis Okumu (2015)

The perfect grab-and-go quail care guide is an accumulation of information from author Francis Okumu’s three published books on quail farming in an easy-to-read question-and-answer style format.

This book would best suit those who like succinct, easy-to-access answers on various topics. The highlights include quail sexing, egg incubation, chick housing, common diseases, and vices.

best book on quail farming - urban quail keeping

Urban Quail Keeping by Karen J Puddephatt (2014)

As the name suggests, author Karen Puddephatt dives into keeping quail for the busy backyard or balcony quail keeper.

The book discusses everything from quail pens, runs and cages, feed, breeding, and how to cull or harvest the animal humanely.

As a bonus, Puddephatt includes several quail egg and meat recipes to enjoy the final product.

best book on raising quails - a closer look at button quail

A Closer Look At Button Quail by Jodi McDonald (2010)

For those who like to know about the quail you’re raising, this book by McDonald is the choice for you.

This book is packed with in-depth information alongside color photos, which include:

  • quail anatomy and physiology
  • nutrition
  • housing
  • indoor lighting requirements
  • genetics
  • breeding tips
  • egg formation
  • identifying disease and injury
  • parasite information
  • tips for understanding color mutations

This book reads more like a novel and is described as “wordy” in many online reviews. Written in an in-depth style rather than a “How-to,” this publishing will answer all your quail-related queries.

best books on quail farming

Practical Quail Keeping by Sarah Barratt and Martin Barratt (2013)

This comprehensive guide is directed at those considering keeping quail or those who may have started and are looking to troubleshoot and problem-solve common issues.

The book covers:

  • responsible quail husbandry
  • set up of houses and pens
  • proper care
  • breeding and raising healthy chicks
  • legal aspects of quail keeping
  • feeding and predator control

As an added bonus, tasty quail recipes are included in the book.

2 Best Books On Rearing, Raising, and Profiting From Quails

As nearly every article on the internet suggests, these flighty sing-songy creatures are a joy to raise and can prove quite profitable as production birds.

If you started your quail rearing journey with two to three birds and are now considering shifting your focus to a larger scale, such as meat production, egg sales, or selling breeding stock, these books below will help you navigate the world of quail farming and marketing.

best books on raising quails - quitting my job to raise quails

Quitting My Fulltime Job To Raise Quails: How I Made A Fortune And What You Can Learn From My Mistakes by Francis Okumu (2016)

This book is written using first-hand knowledge and personal experience on how to turn your quail-rearing hobby into a profitable business venture.

By covering the beginning steps, such as which breeds are best suited and how to raise these particular birds best, Okumu insists you remain profitable in this venture.

This short book is laid out in an easy-to-read format and packs valuable information into a fast read that can be easily referenced in the future.

best books on quail farming and marketing

Quail Farming Markets and Marketing Strategies by Francis Okumu (2015)

If you’ve started your quail farming business but can’t seem to have it take off, this book guarantees rare quail marketing secrets to implement that’ll generate profit.

Another short read by Okumu, her collection of books and information make for a combined business plan to profit and perfect care for your quail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raising Quails

Is raising quails easy for beginners?

Quails are generally easy to raise. They require minimal maintenance, less space, and less feeding compared to chickens.

You can readily harvest quail eggs in just a few weeks. For others, they’d make excellent pets and are also a good source of meat.

What is the best quail breed to raise?

If you’re a beginner, you can start with a Coturnix quail. They are easy to raise and are prolific egg-layers.

They can start laying eggs at six weeks old. Some owners would raise them as meat birds and often as hunting birds.

How many quails should you start with?

Quails are social creatures, so you should keep at least two quails together. If you plan to breed quails, you can follow a ratio of 1 male for every 2-5 females.

However, keep in mind not to put only two male quails together since they tend to fight or get aggressive.

Best Books on Raising Quails: Final Thoughts

Each book listed above provides different information depending on your setup, goals, and vision in quail keeping.

By accessing a structured book on quails, you’ll gain a complete overview of how to best care for your new addition and what opportunities they could hold for your farm and family!

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