Urban Gardening

urban gardening

If you live in the city, you might be wondering whether urban gardening is an option for you. The short answer? It is! However, you’ll have to do a bit more planning and prep work than if you were to create a garden in the traditional rural setting. Urban gardening presents its own unique set […]

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Blue Orpington Chicken Breed: Everything You Need to Know

Blue Orpington Chicken Breed

Are you in search of a gorgeous Blue Orpington chicken breed? With its pulchritudinous blue feathers, docile disposition, and excellent maternal instincts, the Blue Orpington can easily top the list of hatchery favorites. If you’re planning to add this breed to your flock, have you ever wondered if it’s right for you? In this article, […]

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Khaki Campbell Duck: Everything You Need To Know

Khaki Campbell Duck- Everything You Need To Know

Khaki Campbell ducks are one the most popular domesticated breeds kept in the United States. This attractive breed was created by crossing Runner, Fawn, and Rouen ducks. Some historical accounts also indicate they crossed khaki Campbell ducks with wild Mallard ducks, but others do not. They are a superb multi-purpose duck breed for both large […]

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Bringing Chickens Home For The First Time


So you’ve worked out how much room your chickens need, designed your chicken coop and your chickens, chicks, or pullets are on the way. We can still remember the excitement of waiting for the delivery of our new chickens- our first question was: I wonder how long it will be until they lay their first […]

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Chicken Vent Disorders And Pasty Butt Treatment

chicken vent

Most chicken owners will encounter medical issues among their flock at some point. There are many signs and symptoms to watch for when it comes to a chicken’s health and wellness. An important part of a chicken’s anatomy, that often becomes an area to watch for illness, is the vent (a.k.a cloaca). It is common, […]

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How to Tell a Raven From a Crow: A Definitive Guide

Raven vs crow- how to tell them apart

When you hear a croak from a black bird perching on a nearby tree, can you tell whether it’s from a raven or a crow? Can you recognize a crow and a raven when they’re cruising and dancing in the wind? These birds are closely related since they both belong to the Genus Corvus species. […]

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Black Silkie Chicken Breed – Everything You Need to Know

They have gorgeous black plumage, a friendly disposition, and excellent maternal instincts, but the Black Silkie Chicken breed has so much to offer other than those characteristics.  This chicken variety possesses several unique features, no wonder it’s highly-prized by poultry fanciers.  But behind the glitz and glory of Black Silkies, do you ever wonder about: […]

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How to Grow Your Own Food

grow your own food

If you grow your food, you know there’s nothing better than walking out your front door and plucking a juicy tomato right off the vine. But growing food requires an element of patience and a little bit of research. Otherwise, you could end up overwhelmed, and your lovely garden could fail. (Say goodbye to dreams […]

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Goat Bloating – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Goat bloating

Does your goat struggle to burp, look distressed, salivate and walk awkwardly? These could be signs of goat bloating.  It’s a severe condition that can even take your goat’s life within hours if left untreated.  But what is goat bloating, and why does it happen? Those questions were probably lingering in your head and brought […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Chickens

Many people get chickens thinking they are cute, easy to look after, and do not require a great deal of maintenance. After all, how much upkeep can a chicken require? Unfortunately, this rosy outlook puts a lot of chickens into shelters, on the streets, or killed because they did not meet the owners’ expectations. If […]

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