Complete Guide to Raising Quail as Pets

Complete Guide to Raising Quail as Pets

If you’re wondering if quail make good pets, the truth is, people have kept birds as pets for thousands of years, and quail are no exception. Quail are charming little game birds that can provide hours of entertainment with their comical antics and social chirps. And if raised from a chick, a pet quail can provide companionship to their human caretakers! So if you’ve been considering keeping quail as pets, this guide is for you!

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Duck Housing And Duck Coops

Duck Housing And Duck Coops

Duck housing, coops, and runs often resemble chicken coops or rabbit hutches without the stilt style legs. While ducks can often live harmoniously with chickens in the same coop and run (in my personal experience) some keeps prefer to create a duck house – coop and run designed specifically to house only the water loving poultry birds.

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The Educational Value of Raising Chickens

The Educational Value of Raising Chickens

Chickens can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. And if you’re homeschooling your children during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking for a fun project that has many layers of educational value.

Of course, chickens can provide just that.

If you choose to utilize chickens and animal husbandry to educate yourself and your children you can find ways to touch on (at minimum) the following topics:

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What Raising Chickens with Your Children Teaches Them

Whether you’re homeschooling your children or looking for an educational project for them to do at home, raising chickens is one of the most multi-faceted projects for your kids.

Aside from the ability to learn about animal husbandry and farming, there are a few key areas of education that are baked into a chicken-raising project.

Let’s take a look at what your children can learn from raising chickens.

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How To Incubate Duck Eggs

Incubating duck eggs in an incubator is a bit more complicated than hatching chicken eggs the same way. Most incubators are designed to be used for both types of eggs. But, although it is fairly commonplace on homesteads, attempting to hatch both chicken and duck eggs at the same time is often problematic. 

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