20 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Chickens


For those of us who have kept chickens for any length of time, we like to think we know one or two things about them. Like what time they rise for breakfast all the way through to their favourite things to eat (for ours it’s worms)!

However, we’d bet that below we have compiled 20 surprising things even the most seasoned chicken-keeper wouldn’t know before reading this…

1. Chicken See Better Than Humans

It’s widely… [Read More]

5 Reasons to Keep Chickens


When we have friends over to our house for the first time, and they notice we have chickens in our backyard, one of the first questions most of them ask is: “why do you keep chickens in your backyard?”.

To people who already keep chickens, no explanation is needed, however this got us thinking what are our top 5 reasons for why we keep chickens?

1. Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The first reason we keep… [Read More]

Why Using Chicken Tractors Makes My Chickens Lay More Eggs

Why Using Chicken Tractors Makes My Chickens Lay More Eggs Blog Cover

In an ideal world we would let our chickens free-range all year round, and we’re sure they would appreciate us for this. However what do you do during the winter, when predators such as foxes are desperate and will risk an attack during the daytime?

You could just keep your chickens in a coop and pen during winter but we found this affects their egg laying… massively. This is why we decided to use… [Read More]

7 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Cool During Summer

7 Ways To Keep Your Chickens Cool During Summer Blog Cover

Spring has now past and we are slowly creeping forward into the summer. Whilst this is great for most of us as it means holidays and great weather, spare a thought for our two legged friends who often struggle in the heat.

Here in the US, we can expect to see temperatures soar over 100Fahrenheit in some places and believe us when we say, your chickens won’t be impressed…

Let’s take a look at how… [Read More]

Should You Be Feeding Your Chickens This Superfood?

Should You Be Feeding Your Chickens This Superfood

Making sure your chickens’ diet is right, is the difference between having happy hens laying lots of eggs and grumpy hens who will peck your finger off if you go near them!

We changed our chickens’ diet last year and were amazed when within a couple of days their egg laying had plummeted- so we’ve been researching about chickens’ diets ever since.

This internet is packed with lists of do’s… [Read More]