Shamo Chicken Breed Profile: Everything You Need To Know

Shamo Chicken Breed Profile- Everything You Need To Know

As chickens become more and more popular it’s not surprising that some of the more obscure varieties have been popping up on social media. The Shamo chicken is one of these unique, eye-catching breeds that is still pretty rare in the United States.

Shamo Chicken Breed History

The Shamo chickens are from Japan and are actually a group of gamebirds and not a single breed. They are thought to be descended from cock fighting… [Read More]

Top 7 Duck Predators: How to Know Which and Prevention

Top 7 Duck Predators: How to Know Which and Prevention

Ducks are far more vulnerable to predators than their barnyard poultry peers, chickens. There is a very good reason the phrase “sitting duck” was coined. These meat and egg birds have no natural means of self defense against common duck predators. Their beaks are rounded, their toenails are not sharp enough to cause harm, and nearly all domesticated breeds do not possess the ability to even attempt to flee by flying away.

The only true… [Read More]

5 Best Small Duck Breeds To Own

5 Best Small Duck Breeds To Own

Small duck breeds are most commonly referred to as “bantam” breeds. Typically, ducks in this category weigh only between four and a half to five and a half pounds once mature. A tiny or bantam duck breed is ideal for homesteaders in a small 5-acre plot of land or for folks who want to keep egg birds in a small town or suburban backyard.

Members of the bantam duck breeds are small but the eggs… [Read More]

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Ducks

Ducks have a lot to offer homesteads both large and small. They produce copious amounts of extra large rich and creamy eggs, deliciously flavorful meat, and make entertaining “farm pets,” as well. But, making mistakes when purchasing ducks will cause not only frustration and wasted money for you, but potential deadly tragedy for the poultry birds.

While chickens have long been the staple and traditional meat and egg poultry birds in the United States, a… [Read More]

Caring For Ducklings In The Winter

Caring For Ducklings In The Winter

Duckling winter care involves diligent, but not complicated or overly time consuming husbandry techniques. The cute little fuzzy ducklings that you hatched or bought will be totally dependent upon your care in order to survive their first few days to weeks of life. 

While ducks are incredibly more winter cold hardy than chickens, who can only comfortably tolerate 45 degree temperatures before illness or frostbite could occur. Ducks can waddle about down to temperatures of… [Read More]