15 Interesting Facts About Finches That You Should Know About

Facts about finches

Do you plan to add a finch into your aviary? These tiny birds are pretty popular as human companions. But there are some facts about finches that you should know about before buying one. In this list, we compiled the most: mind-blowing talents striking features and beautiful qualities of finches that sets it apart from […]

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5 Smartest Pet Birds – Meet the Most Clever Birds in the World!

Smartest Pet Birds

Did you know that some of the smartest pet birds have higher IQ levels than apes? In fact, the word “bird brain,” which was often used as an insult, could actually be a compliment since some birds possess remarkable intelligence. They can speak, create, and utilize tools to run their errands efficiently. And today, we’re […]

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11 Most Common Backyard Birds You Should Know About

Most common backyard birds

According to the Audubon Society, there are 2,059 bird species in North America. But did you know what most common backyard birds are living in your area? If you want to attract the birds in your backyard, it’s crucial to identify them and learn about their diet and feeder preferences. So, in this article, we’ve […]

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Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs?

turkey eggs

We prize the turkey for its delicious meat and…well, that’s about it. They aren’t the prettiest birds out there, and they taste great on Thanksgiving. But then it occurs to you…we don’t eat turkey eggs. One day you’re driving along and have to stop for some turkeys crossing the road. They aren’t in a big […]

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How to Tell a Raven From a Crow: A Definitive Guide

Raven vs crow- how to tell them apart

When you hear a croak from a black bird perching on a nearby tree, can you tell whether it’s from a raven or a crow? Can you recognize a crow and a raven when they’re cruising and dancing in the wind? These birds are closely related since they both belong to the Genus Corvus species. […]

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5 Best Bird Feed for Your Pet Bird – Buying Guide 2021

Recent avian research revealed that 80 to 90% of bird diseases are associated with an inadequate diet. This alarming figure shows the importance of giving your pet the best bird feed for their health. Since there are many misconceptions about bird feed, many avian owners have failed to keep their bird’s health at an optimal […]

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Top Canary Bird Breeds A-Z

Canary Breeds

If you’re considering getting a canary for your home, it’s important to know the different canary bird breeds before deciding. There are many types of canaries, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some people may be interested in rare birds that are specially bred to have unique colors or patterns. Others might want […]

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Quick Guide for Beginner Bird Owners – 8 Bird Facts You Should Know

Quick Guide for Beginner Bird Owners

Most beginner bird owners may have been drawn to the world of bird ownership mainly because of their visually appealing feather colors and patterns.  However, these feathery friends are more than just their colorful plumage.  They can bring you joy and entertain you with their vocal talents. But they also come with a responsibility and […]

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Best Bird Cages – Buying Guide and Review [2021]

Best Bird Cages

There’s a wide variety of bird cages online, but how can you find the best one for your feathery companion? Birdcages are more than just a basic need for birds. It should feel more of a home where they’ll find security and freedom at the same time. But choosing between different types and sizes may […]

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The Miracle of Chickens’ Feathers

miracle of feathers

All birds are covered to a greater or lesser extent with feathers. We really don’t think about the amazing ability of chicken feathers and their use. The very first birds, Archaeopteryx, were huge, terrifying beasts. They are one of the first known appearances of the feather, enabling this dinosaur to fly! Several others dinosaurs also […]

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