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Sumatra Chicken: Everything You Need To Know

Sumatra Chicken

The Sumatra chicken is a rare breed with an exotic and somewhat mysterious past. The mystery behind its genetics and origin only adds to the allure of this elegant little chicken.  With a history that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this small breed has plenty to uncover for those interested in […]

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Miniature Chickens

miniature chicken

Miniature horses, miniature pigs, miniature chickens? Yes, there really are miniature chickens, though they aren’t just a novelty, flash-in-the-pan, type of tiny animal. They’ve actually been around for quite a while, and they have a name: Bantams. And yes, you’ll be thrilled to hear they come in all different kinds of chicken breeds, many of […]

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Crested Ducks

Crested duck

Crested ducks are a domestic breed with fairly unknown origins, even though their existence dates back more than 2,000 years. These regal looking poultry birds were traditionally kept for meat and eggs but are now largely kept as pets. History of the Crested Ducks Members of this breed are often believed to have found their […]

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Biggest Duck Breed

Biggest duck breeds

The biggest duck breed is raised at meat ducks both residentially on homesteads and farms as well as commercially. These heavy duck breeds may be heritage ducks that are organically prone to grow large over a long period of time, or intentionally bred to maximize growth and bulk over a short period of time. While […]

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Heritage Duck Breeds

Heritage Duck Breeds

Heritage duck breeds date back to the early years of America when pioneering families and farmers required poultry birds that were exceptionally cold, hardy, quality meat producers, and reliable egg layers. Our pioneering ancestors and early American settlers could not go to grocery stores. They had to rely on what they could grow and raise […]

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Grey Chicken Breeds

Grey Chicken Breeds

There are quite a few breeds out there that look grey, so if you’re looking for one of these beautiful birds you have quite a few options to pick from! Most have feathers that are composed of various shades ranging from almost black to pale silver and others are more uniform or even extravagantly patterned. […]

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15 Most Popular Ornamental Chicken Breeds

Popular Ornamental Chicken Breeds

Ornamental chicken breeds are a variety that is not known for their egg or meat production but has value in their unique appearance or other characteristics. Many actually lay well, but the size and number of eggs are less than what your standard commercially viable chickens accomplish.  There are quite a few ornamental breeds available […]

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Guinea Hen: What is a Guinea Fowl, Eggs, and All You Need To Know (Complete Care Guide)

guinea hen

Guinea hen’s popularity seems to be on the rise. They go by several names, but the most common are Guinea Fowl and Pet Speckled Hen. These peculiar-looking birds are quite the talk of the town wherever they are seen. Guinea chickens are a strange-looking bird to be sure, once seen, never forgotten. They are dramatically […]

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17 Best Blue Chicken Breeds for Your Flock

17 Best Blue Chicken Breeds for Your Flock

Blue is a very common and very old color variation in chickens and is being bred into more and more breeds each year. There’s no question why – blue is absolutely gorgeous in chickens! Luckily this popularity is making it easier and easier to find and anyone can add a fun splash of color to […]

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The Cornish Cross Chicken

Cornish Cross Chicken

When you go to the grocery store or market, the chicken you find is most likely a Cornish Cross! This was the “breed” that revolutionized how people eat chicken in the United States and many other countries. Chicken dinners used to be more of a special occasion meal, but once you developed this fast-growing, efficient […]

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