Cream Legbar Chicken: Is This Blue Egg Wonder The Chicken For You?

Cream Legbar Chicken Is This Blue Egg Wonder The Chicken For You Blog Cover

The Cream Legbar has become a firm favorite here in the US at least, in part for its’ blue eggs.

It is a fascinating study in genetics as few breeds have had their origins so well mapped.

As you may imagine, the breed was not created overnight, in fact it took several decades of study, research and testing to get the bird we know today.

In this article we explore the Cream Legbars’ temperament, if… [Read More]

Delaware Chicken: Care, Egg Laying and Pictures

Delaware Chicken Care, Egg Laying and Pictures Blog Cover

Delaware chickens are a relatively new breed of chicken to the chicken world.

In the 1940s it was all set to become the broiler industry ‘superstar’, but things went awry and the Delaware languished and fell into obscurity.

They are only around today thanks to a few dedicated individuals who kept and raised this breed.

In this article we explore the history of this lovely bird. We will also persuade you to give this dual… [Read More]

New Hampshire Chicken All You Need To Know: Color Varieties and Temperament

New Hampshire Chicken All You Need To Know Color Varieties and Temperament Blog Cover

Although they look very similar to the Rhode Island Red, the New Hampshire never attained the runaway success that the Rhode Island Red did.

It was overshadowed by the success of the Rhode Island Red even though the two were created just several years apart. The fact that they look very similar may have had something to do with it.

This is a shame since this bird has much to offer the modern homesteader… [Read More]

The Plymouth Rock Chicken: All You Need To Know

The Plymouth Rock Chicken All You Need To Know Blog Cover

The Plymouth Rock is one of Americas’ oldest breeds. It was the hen that was seen from coast to coast before the end of World War 2 and it became the nation’s main source of chicken meat and eggs.

As a dual purpose hen it excelled in good quality meat production as well as good egg production, the only hen that could rival it was the Rhode Island Red.

Almost everyone used to keep… [Read More]

Dominique Chicken: What to Know Before Getting One

Dominique Chicken What to Know Before Getting One Blog Cover

The Dominique is said to be America’s oldest chicken breed. It was brought to the United States by settlers and helped them to survive the brutal first years of colonization.

They were used as a dual purpose hen and even their feathers were used to stuff pillows, truly a multi-purpose hen.

Unlike our present day hens, they were not spoiled at all, indeed, they had to provide for themselves and exist on what they could… [Read More]