The Largest Chicken Breed

 Maybe you are just curious, or maybe you have in mind a nice, big chicken dinner or large eggs, either way knowing you have likely wondered at least once what the largest breed of chickens is. The answer is easy: The Jersey Giant is the largest chicken breed. There are many other large chicken breeds, for example, the Brahma, Cochin, and Orpington. You can find more information on all these… [Read More]

Egyptian Fayoumi: Egg Laying, Broodiness, and Temperament

Egyptian Fayoumi: Egg Laying, Broodiness, and Temperament

Fayoumi is an Egyptian breed of chicken that derived from ancient jungle fowl and is believed to have been around during the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Though Fayoumi chickens have been raised along the Nile River for centuries, and have been in North America since 1940, these small, independent, amazing chickens are still relatively uncommon in the U.S. They are, however, arguably gaining popularity in the United States because of their uniqueness… [Read More]

The Top 10 Friendliest Chicken Breeds

The Top 10 Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Who doesn’t want a flock of happy chickens that come running when you approach them? Though some people prioritize traits such as egg production, cold hardiness, outward appearances if raising for show, chicken size, or growth speed, for those of us backyard flock keepers, having friendly chickens as our pets is a big reason we own chickens in the first place. How do we guarantee the ones we put in our backyard will be… [Read More]

The Minorca Chicken: Egg Laying, Broodiness, and Temperament

minorca chicken

Initially, from Spain, the Minorca chicken made her way to the US, and into the hearts of backyard poultry enthusiasts, and with good reason:

Who needs to wait for double-yolkers when you have a Minorca? 

This beautiful chicken lays some of the largest eggs out of all the standard breeds. So if you are looking for an elegant chicken to give you some great baking eggs, read on!

Appearance… [Read More]

The White Rock Chicken: Egg Laying, Temperament, and Broodiness

The White Rock chicken is an all-star chicken that will get the job done on the farm, and serve up dinner too. This American breed originated in Massachusetts and was named after Plymouth Rock. While the White Rock is often referred to as a breed on its own, it is actually a variety of the Plymouth Rock, which can come in different color varieties, including white. You may even hear other chicken… [Read More]