Salmon Faverolle All You Need To Know: Personality and Egg Color

Salmon Faverolle All You Need To Know Personality and Egg Color Blog Cover

Salmon Faverolles are the barnyard comedians. They are enthusiastic about everything they do, curious to the point of nosiness and quite talkative!

They will always run to you when they see you coming hoping for treats, but even without treats they seem genuinely happy to see you.

This chicken breed is just about perfect for the homesteader or urban backyard and they are really becoming quite popular now.

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Buckeye Chicken: Is This All American Chicken Right For Your Flock?

Buckeye Chicken Is This All American Chicken Right For Your Flock Blog Cover

The Buckeye chicken comes from the Buckeye State (Ohio).

Why is it called a Buckeye?

The color of the bird is said to be exactly the color of buckeye tree nuts (horse chestnuts).

This American treasure almost disappeared from the poultry world soon after its creation. The hugely successful Rhode Island Red outshone all competition and they fell into a decline.

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Red Ranger Chicken: The Complete Care Guide

Red Ranger Chicken The Complete Care Guide Blog Cover

The Red Ranger has become quite popular as a dual purpose backyard breed. It is primarily a meat bird but does lay eggs if it is allowed to.

We have received a couple of inquiries regarding this particular bird, so here is what we have discovered about this personable little chicken.

Technically they are not actually a breed, but instead a hybrid chicken created by the poultry industry for improved egg laying and meat.

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Andalusian Chicken: All You Need To Know About This Blue Hen

Andalusian Chicken All You Need To Know About This Blue Hen Blog Cover

This blue feathered chicken comes from the Mediterranean area where it is still found today (although in very small numbers).

A rare beauty is a very apt description of this ancient breed.

It is a bird that enjoys its’ freedom and is very capable of surviving in adverse conditions.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about the Andalusian Chicken.

History of Andalusian Chickens

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Cream Legbar Chicken: Is This Blue Egg Wonder The Chicken For You?

Cream Legbar Chicken Is This Blue Egg Wonder The Chicken For You Blog Cover

The Cream Legbar has become a firm favorite here in the US at least, in part for its’ blue eggs.

It is a fascinating study in genetics as few breeds have had their origins so well mapped.

As you may imagine, the breed was not created overnight, in fact it took several decades of study, research and testing to get the bird we know today.

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