New Hampshire Chicken All You Need To Know: Color Varieties and Temperament

New Hampshire Chicken All You Need To Know Color Varieties and Temperament Blog Cover

Although they look very similar to the Rhode Island Red, the New Hampshire never attained the runaway success that the Rhode Island Red did.

It was overshadowed by the success of the Rhode Island Red even though the two were created just several years apart. The fact that they look very similar may have had something to do with it.

This is a shame since this bird has much to offer the modern homesteader… [Read More]

The Plymouth Rock Chicken: All You Need To Know

The Plymouth Rock Chicken All You Need To Know Blog Cover

The Plymouth Rock is one of Americas’ oldest breeds. It was the hen that was seen from coast to coast before the end of World War 2 and it became the nation’s main source of chicken meat and eggs.

As a dual purpose hen it excelled in good quality meat production as well as good egg production, the only hen that could rival it was the Rhode Island Red.

Almost everyone used to keep… [Read More]

Dominique Chicken: What to Know Before Getting One

Dominique Chicken What to Know Before Getting One Blog Cover

The Dominique is said to be America’s oldest chicken breed. It was brought to the United States by settlers and helped them to survive the brutal first years of colonization.

They were used as a dual purpose hen and even their feathers were used to stuff pillows, truly a multi-purpose hen.

Unlike our present day hens, they were not spoiled at all, indeed, they had to provide for themselves and exist on what they could… [Read More]

Welsummer Chicken: All You Need To Know

Welsummer Chicken All You Need To Know

These beautiful birds are under-represented in backyard world of chickens.

This is a great shame as they have many outstanding attributes for the small homesteader as we shall see.

They are a fairly recent addition to chicken breeds, being ‘born’ less than one hundred years ago in the Netherlands.

They are popular in the UK and Australia but have yet to have a huge following here in the US, which is surprising since they… [Read More]

Golden Comet Chicken: What to Know Before Buying One

Golden Comet Chicken What to Know Before Buying One Blog Cover

The Golden Comet is one of the more recent hybrid chickens that has been bred for great egg production.

It was initially ‘made’ for the commercial industry, but it has successfully transitioned into small farms and backyards across the world and is possibly the most widely kept hybrid hen.

In this article we are going to delve into its’ history and personality and learn a bit more about this cheerful and productive little hen.

After… [Read More]