Quail Diseases Symptoms and Treatments

Quail Diseases Symptoms and Treatments

Small but mighty, quail are hardy little birds most of the time, but if you are new to raising quail, there are a few things you should watch for when it comes to their health.

The following diseases, illness, and ailments are all fairly common in quail breeds, keep a watchful eye on your birds and act quickly when symptoms show their ugly faces.

Quail Disease

Of course, the first on the list… [Read More]

What to Consider When Building Your First Quail Coop

What to Consider When Building Your First Quail Coop

So, you’ve finally given in and decided it was time to add some quail to your home, you’ve placed your order, and now it’s time to prepare a home for your new tenants. Once they arrive, they will be itching to get comfortable in the duds you have created for them. 

What Does a Quail Need?

Quail are game birds, and can be relatively similar to chickens. Some even raise them together, but there… [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Quail Eggs

everything you need to know about quail eggs

Aside from the fact that quail eggs are gloriously adorable, there are quite a few other reasons to consider getting your hands on these little gems.

Quail are easy birds to keep and care for, and since they are considered game birds, they can also be kept in some cities where chickens are not allowed. Someone who is dying to raise their own meat and eggs, but lacks the space for chickens can easily… [Read More]

The 5 Best Quail Cages That Make Raising Quail Easy

The 5 Best Cages That Make Raising Quail Easy

If you’ve decided to raise your quail in cages, or pens, there are an overwhelming number of options available to you. Quail are relatively easy to care for, and not very picky; however, there are a few things that every quail cage needs, so as you are shopping and planning, check to make sure you have covered all your bases. There are many different kinds of quail breed used for homesteading but all… [Read More]

Quail Waterers: Which One Is Best For You?

Depending upon the kind of set up you have for your quail, you need to figure out a watering system that your birds will understand and will also keep the environment clean. 

It is no fun to have smelly, dirty, water dishes—no fun for you, and definitely no fun for your quail. Bacteria can grow in water that has been soiled by feed and droppings. 

Bacteria equals infections, sick birds, and possible death. So, what… [Read More]