Can Chickens Eat Celery?

can chickens eat celery

Chicken lovers can’t help but treat their chooks to something fun every once and awhile. We love to watch our flock happily gobble up any goodies we offer them. Whether it’s table scraps, worms, or commercial treats, we can’t help but adore our hens as they fight over the morsels we give them.

But have you ever given your chickens a special treat, and instead of scurrying about and chomping it down, they… [Read More]

Can Chickens Eat Avocados – The Answer Is Maybe

can chickens eat avocado

Chickens are hardy critters. They can handle a lot of different foods, and it’s safe to say that they often know exactly what they can and can’t eat

With that being said, Avacado is one fruit a chicken should not eat. 

Why Chickens Can’t Eat Avocado

In truth, there are parts of the avocado that a chicken can eat, and there are parts that are toxic and deadly to chickens.

I like to… [Read More]

Chickens And Cold or Freezing Temperatures

chickens and freezing temperatures

Caring for chickens in the wintertime is perhaps one of the most important times to care for your hens. If you are new to raising chickens then you likely have a few questions and just how you go about this, and even if you have been raising chickens for a while there is still an opportunity to always learn something new. Below I will answer a few common questions about cold temperatures and… [Read More]

Is It Safe To Eat Fertilized Eggs?

Let’s not beat around the bush here, yes, fertilized eggs are safe to eat. 

For both you and the egg, well, the egg is kind of out of luck, but there’s nothing wrong with eating a fertilized egg. 

The truth is, if you buy eggs from the grocery store, you aren’t going to be eating many (if any) fertilized eggs. 

There’s no need for commercial poultry farms to keep roosters on hand (and in case… [Read More]

Chicken Fencing – Which One Should You Choose

chicken fencing

Choosing your chickens’ fencing is not to be taken lightly. It should last for a long time, and protect your chickens from wandering and the many predators in the outside world that is your yard. 

When you select your chicken fencing, there are a few things you should take into consideration to make sure your new fence is serving its purpose. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

Will the fencing keep my chickens in?

Will… [Read More]