Top 5 Choices For Chicken Coop Bedding

There’s a reason people refer to getting settled in as “nesting.” Chickens are the masters of creating a comfy nook for themselves to either roost or lay their delicious eggs. Planning for chickens includes the vital decision of which type of bedding to use. 

Bedding serves many purposes besides comfort; it must also provide a means of odor control, a method of absorption, and a place for chickens to lay their eggs. A dirty, [Read More]

Top 5 Questions Of The Week – #24


Top 5 Chicken Questions Of The Week

In this weekly post we will answer the top 5 questions of the week received through our contact form. We don’t always have time to answer every single question submitted, but we try to get through them slowly but surely. We hope these questions and answers will help you in your backyard chicken endeavors. If you have a unique situation or question feel free to use our [Read More]

Are Herbicides and Pesticides Safe for Chickens?

You love your chickens and your lawn, but even more, you love watching your chickens enjoy your lawn. However, you absolutely hate weeds and pests! You want a beautiful lawn and you want to kill every tick that moves. There are many products available to rid your lovely lawn of unsightly weeds, and the insects that do damage to your garden, but do they go hand-in-hand with your precious flock?

To be frank, herbicides and pesticides… [Read More]

How Long Do Eggs Last Before Going Bad?

Often when I’m handing over a dozen eggs to a new egg customer, they ask me how long my eggs can be stored before they ‘go bad’.  This opens up a rabbit hole of other questions and bits of information people are likely not to know about with respect to storing, washing, keeping, and eating eggs.

How long do eggs last?  Well, it depends upon where you get them from, how long they’ve been… [Read More]

Should I Have A Rooster? – Learn The Pros and Cons

rooster crowing

For me, deciding whether or not to own a rooster to compliment my brood of hens is easy.  I am definitely am for owning a rooster, but in certain situations. To be fair, for the open minded chicken farmer or chicken owner, it would be best to consider the pros and cons of a rooster before jumping to a decision. So, without further (cock a doodle) adieu, here are some rooster-pros and then we will… [Read More]