Washing Eggs – The Why And How

There is an age-old debate surrounding the idea of washing fresh eggs, and there are really two ways of looking at it. 

To understand why there are so many questions surrounding the great-egg-washing debacle, we need to go over the concerns that arise around egg-washing. 

Why Wash Eggs

Rightfully so, egg-washing is a must. Period. And at this point, I think everyone pretty much agrees on that. Where the fog rolls in, is [Read More]

What Are Chicken Tufts?

Chicken Tufts

Chicken tufts are a beautiful genetic abnormality. Only Araucanas breed chickens or mixed breeds that derived from them, are known to produce tufts. They are not to be confused with chicken combs which are a critical part of the chicken anatomy which all chickens have.

The tufts are basically a group of feathers that grow just around a protruding flap of the chicken’s skin near the ear. This skin protrusion is called… [Read More]

How to Train Chickens to Return to Their Coop

Any chicken owner has at one time, or another, found themselves chasing their chickens around the yard at the end of the day because, well, we just want to go to bed already. 

It’s incredible how pokey chickens are at the end of the day, and if you don’t have the luxury of an automatic coop door, you have to close it every night manually.

If this was you or is you, it won’t… [Read More]

6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

Whether you are a new chicken owner, or a long-time lover, one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy happy flock is their housing. 

Walk-in chicken coops fit the bill because they are easy to clean, accessible, and allow for chickens to have enough elbow room to stretch and grow. 

When looking for a good walk-in chicken coop always look for the following items:

Sturdy Construction

The sturdier the coop, the… [Read More]

Understanding Your Chickens’ Poop

Understanding Your Chickens’ Poop

It can be alarming if your chickens poop out a blob that looks a tad bit unfamiliar, or different than what you are used to seeing. But, the truth is, chicken’s poop will differ depending on what they eat, where the feces is coming from, and yes often it depends on their health. 

Let’s break down the ins and outs (yes, that out) of a chicken’s feces by starting with the digestive system of… [Read More]