7 Surprising Rules for Feeding Chickens


Feeding your chickens is one of, if not, the most important task when it comes to raising backyard chickens. Get it right and you will have a healthy flock who merrily cluck every time you bring them one of their favourite snacks or kitchen scraps!

Get it wrong, and it can lead to reduced egg production, deformed eggs, feather picking and other unwanted behaviour.

So, let’s gets straight into all you need to know… [Read More]

Coccidiosis in Chickens – How To Identify And Treat

coccidiosis in chickens

If your chickens start acting ill, your mind might start racing with all the things that could be going wrong. 

A very common killer in chickens is coccidiosis, and it’s fairly easy to identify and treat if you know how to catch it quickly. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about coccidiosis in chickens. 

What Is Coccidiosis In Chickens?

According to the Merck Manual of Veterinary Medicine, “Coccidiosis is… [Read More]

Bringing Chickens Home For The First Time

Bringing Chickens Home For The First Time Blog Cover

So you’ve worked out how much room your chickens need, designed your chicken coop and your chickens, chicks, or pullets are on the way.

We can still remember the excitement of waiting for the delivery of our new chickens- our first questions was: I wonder how long it will be until they lay their first eggs!

Are you wondering what you need to do when they first arrive and how you can get them… [Read More]

7 Reasons Why Your Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs

7 Reasons Why Your Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs Blog Cover

It’s always a cause for concern when your chickens stop laying. In fact, noticing this can help you identify if your chickens are ill. That’s why we always keep track of the amount of eggs our chickens lay- this way we know straight away if somethings wrong.

There are lots of reasons why your chickens might have stopped laying, but you don’t need to rush out and buy super market eggs just… [Read More]

How to Introduce New Chickens to Your Existing Flock

How to Introduce New Chickens to Your Existing Flock

I think we all get ‘that’ craving every time spring comes round- should we get a few more chicks!? In fact with our first flock, it didn’t even take us this long, after the first weekend we went and got another six pullets. Before we knew it we had twelve pullets in our coop staring back at us!

Fortunately as the first six pullets were still establishing their pecking order, introducing six additional pullets… [Read More]