Chicken Fencing – Which One Should You Choose

chicken fencing

Choosing your chickens’ fencing is not to be taken lightly. It should last for a long time, and protect your chickens from wandering and the many predators in the outside world that is your yard.  When you select your chicken fencing, there are a few things you should take into consideration to make sure your […]

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10 Mistakes Made In Winter With Your Chickens

10 mistakes made in winter with your chickens

It is very important for chicken owners to know how to care for their flock when the weather outside gets colder. Some places might not get snow, but others get several feet of snow, and either way preparing for winter is a wise thing for everyone to do. I will share ten different mistakes chicken […]

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Washing Eggs – The Why And How

There is an age-old debate surrounding the idea of washing fresh eggs, and there are really two ways of looking at it.  To understand why there are so many questions surrounding the great-egg-washing debacle, we need to go over the concerns that arise around egg-washing.  Why Wash Eggs Rightfully so, egg-washing is a must. Period. […]

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