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Where to Buy Quail and What To Look For: A Guide for Beginners

where to get quails and what to look for

Are you planning to raise quails? Well, the first question that will probably pop in your mind is, “where to get quails in the first place?”

There are many things to consider when raising quails. It’s not just about knowing where you can buy quails, but also about what to look for.

Would you rather have less than a dozen as a beginner? Or would you like to start with a large flock of quail birds?

Do you have enough space to raise quails? Have you figured out which types of quails you will be buying?

Where to Buy Quail and What To Look For

In this article, you will learn where to buy quail and what to look for when you’re buying one.

We will also provide you with the basic information needed to raise quail chicks, especially if you’re a beginner.

where to get quail

Where To Buy Quail?

You’ve probably asked yourself, “where can you buy quails in your area?” Like most beginners, it’s pretty normal to be concerned about getting quails and other quail supplies. 

Poultry and Livestock Store

Check your area or an online directory if a poultry and livestock shop is nearby. Since these birds are versatile and popular poultry, you wouldn’t go through town without seeing a single quail supplies shop.

Local Supplier/Breeder

It is best to go directly to local quail breeders to know more about the chicks and eggs and how they raised them. The benefit of getting quails now from breeders is asking for a discount, especially for bulk orders.

Online Shop

You can order eggs online and have fertile ones shipped to you. However, chicks are not always available for shipping.

If you’re very specific and want to purchase the birds yourself, you can type in “quail chicks for sale near me,” and a nearby store will surely pop up on your search online. You can also ask people in town which stores sell live quail birds and other poultry needs. 

what to look for in quails

Why Choose Quails?

Quails are relatively easy to raise. They have minimal requirements when you’re looking into how to care for quails.

They are small, beautiful birds that make them adorable enough to be raised as pets. These birds are also packed with meat and are a good source of eggs, depending on the types of quails you submit.

Quail birds mature fast and are easy to breed. They are also cold, hardy birds which shouldn’t give you any trouble when raising them in winter or the cold season.

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How Much Are Quails?

A quail will cost between $1-$5, depending on their age. It will also depend on your location, how common quails are in your area, and the seller.

You get to save more if you purchase eggs since you can have them in bulk and ensure a higher hatch rate. But if you don’t have an incubator, you can always have quail chicks.

What to Look for When Raising Quails

If you are finally sure about raising quails in your yard, then here are a few things on what to look for before buying one: 


Regardless of the quail breed, these birds are tiny when you compare them to other poultry. They are smaller than a bantam chicken.

The average weight of a quail is 5 ounces. You can easily carry these birds with less to no effort at all. 

Their size is a good thing because it means you only need less space. You can put them in a pen or a small yard, whichever suits you as well. 

People living in the city can have quails as pets since they only need something similar to a birdcage. With this said, you can keep them indoors too!

Purpose of Raising Quails

Before concerning yourself about where to get quails, you should be asking what they are for in the first place.

Are you going to be raising for their meat, eggs, or company? These adorable birds can be great pets, but they are also an excellent source of eggs and meat.

Quails birds mature around seven weeks, sooner than chickens and other poultry birds. You can get at least one egg per day and have their meat as soon as they mature. 

Visual Appeal

If you focus on what to look for in quails, you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed with their looks. After all, they are attractive birds that certainly have that flare.

Are you wondering what does a quail look like? They are tiny birds with feathers that come in a variety of colors.

The common quail for sale usually has brown, black, white, and grey. But other types of quails are fancier with luminous scale-like patterns.

Cost of Buying Quails and Supplies

How much are you willing to spend on your birds and the quail supplies? How much do quails cost?

If you are looking for a profit, it’s best to get quail chicks in bulk. That way, you’d have more sources of eggs and meat.

However, this means you need a bigger budget to start with your quail farm. Whatever your plan is in raising quails, set a budget first, then move forward from there.

quail chicks how to care for quails

Tips for Buying Quail Chicks

Have you finally decided to buy quail chicks? Before you purchase your first flock, here are a few tips you should consider:

Farming Laws in Your Area

It’s exciting to start your quail farm, but before jumping into where to get quails and other factors, you should look into the land laws in your area.

Is quail farming or even raising a quail permitted in your area?

In most urban areas, it’s usually a no-no to raise quails or other poultry. So, it’s best to check with your town and ask about the regulations on raising quails in your backyard.

Choose the Ideal Type of Quail

There are over 100 different types of quail. One factor affecting your selected breed is the availability in your area.

Bobwhite and Japanese quails are popular and widely available. However, other farmers would prefer quails that offer more meat or eggs.

In the bottom line, your ideal type of quail would depend on the purpose of raising them. If you’re still hesitant, you can ask experts or tenured owners which quail breed is suitable for starters.

Quail Chicks or Eggs?

When figuring out what to look for in quails, you have to start with whether you should be getting quail chicks or eggs.

There are pros and cons to either choice. However, the main difference between the two is the price range.

You can buy more fertile eggs in bulk to get more chicks and ensure a better hatch rate. Purchasing eggs is ideal when you have an incubator.

Having a new incubator will cost you a lot. If you don’t have one yet, it’s best to buy day-old chicks instead.

Setting Up the Brooder

A brooder is necessary when you buy quail chicks. It will be their home until they grow and mature in 4 to 6 weeks.

When setting up the brooder, make sure it has everything that a growing quail needs. It should have a heat lamp, waterer, bedding, feeder, and other necessary items.

In the first week, you might need to set the temperature at 95 °F then decrease it by five °F each week until it reaches room temperature. Keep this in mind as it is one of the ways how to take care of quails, especially at a young age. 

Flock Size

Before asking about what to look for in quails, you should decide on the flock size you want. Are you going to raise two or three birds or have hundreds of them?

Raising these birds might be an easy task. Still, experiences could differ, especially if you’re still a beginner. 

Raising quails in large numbers is ideal if you want to make a profit. You can ask for a discount from breeders when you purchase more quail chicks. 

However, if you want to raise a small flock, make sure to buy more than one chick. Quail birds are social animals and would need to interact in a community. 

How to Transport Quail Chicks

Whether eggs or quail chicks, you need to handle them with care. That applies to transporting the chicks from the shop to your farm.

You can put them in boxes with holes in them. You can also add more fillers to keep these birds warm and comfortable in the journey.

Just avoid lengthy travels since they can get restless and anxious. That’s probably why shipping from online shops is not that popular.

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feeding as part of how to care for quails

What to Consider Before Buying Quails

Take a look at these considerations before you start buying these birds for your flock:


Raising quails is not just about buying a specific type of bird. It’s a long journey of questioning how to raise quails the right way.

You can give them chicken or quail feeds and add finely ground shells for the layers when it comes to feeding.

The added protein helps them produce more robust and thicker eggshells.

Quails tend to feed in their troughs all the time.

To keep them fed and get higher egg production, you can set up a light near their feeder so they can quickly eat at night. 

How to Care for Quails

After dealing with where to get quails, the next step is figuring out how to care for them.

The best thing about raising quails is that they are easier to handle than other poultry.

If you are still researching what to look for in quails, here’s a little fact to save you the trouble.

They are generally versatile birds, especially to their environment and climate.

All you have to do is make sure that all their needs are met and have regular check-ups and vaccination. Other than that, these birds are already receiving the TLC they need. 


There are five common quails for sale that are known for their meat and eggs and their beautiful feathers. 

Bobwhite Quail. This type of quail is used to train dogs and is commonly raised for tasty meat. They are also excellent birds to control tick infestation in your area.

Coturnix (Coturnix japonica). This quail breed is good layers with a calm temperament, making them relatively easy to raise among other types of quails.

California Quail (Callipepla californica). This bird is a great forager with the most beautiful feathers, making them an ideal pet.

Gambel’s Quail (Callipepla gambelii). They thrive well in aviaries yet may be known as aggressive types of quails since mated pairs tend to attack others.

Blue Scale Quail (Callipepla Squamata). Known as good layers, they are very social compared to other quail breeds and are happy in large flocks.

Common Questions Asked About Raising Quail

Do you have questions about these birds? Well, you’re not alone.

These are a few of the many queries asked by beginners when they’re starting to raise quail birds:

What Is The Best Breed to Keep?

Coturnix is the best quail breed to raise, especially for beginners. They have a calm and easy temperament, and they are the hardiest among other species.

They are also an excellent source of meat and eggs, and this breed type quickly matures at 6 to 8 weeks. 

If you are wondering where to get quails like Coturnix, you can go to the nearest poultry store or find a local breeder. Also, it pays to check ahead if these types of quails are available in your area.

Are There Quails in my Area?

Quails are solid and versatile birds that can live in different environments. They can be found living in cropland, meadow, and grassy habitats.

Most, if not all, are cold-hardy, which means they can withstand the cold if you live in a place with a cooler climate. Hence, quails are most likely found in any urban or rural area.

You may ask the local expert or search online to get quails in your area. You can even see wild ones in the park or meadows in other places.

How Many Should I Start With?

That depends on the purpose of your quail. If you are raising quails to “try the experience,” you can start with two or three birds. 

If you plan to breed them, you need at least three females for every male. You can also purchase a hundred if you want to get the most out of their meat and eggs. 

coturnix types of quails

Where to Buy Quail and What to Look For – Final Thoughts

Raising quails and quail chicks has many factors to consider.

You would first look at where to buy quail and how much are quails.

When you think you had the quail supplies figured out, you will start to ask about what to look for in quails, especially if you’re still a beginner.

The list goes on! Questions pile up about raising quails and how to care for quails in the long run. 

Compared to other poultry, quail birds are generally easy to raise and manage. You can also get the most eggs and meat sources while spending only minimal requirements.

Hence, don’t worry too much about them and enjoy the experience as you get started. With much research, little advice from the experts, and some tender loving care, your quails are sure to thrive!

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