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Quail Solution to Tick Problems: A Natural Way to Get Rid of Ticks!

Quail solution to tick problems

Ever wondered how to get rid of ticks?

If your place is infested with these bugs, then a quail solution to tick problems might be the answer.

Ticks are an underestimated carrier of serious diseases.

That’s why people immediately find pest control for ticks at their first sign.

When checking how to remove ticks, you would see a list of various pesticides on the internet.

It’s an effective way to treat ticks, but it eventually adds more environmental toxins.

In this article, you will learn how a quail solution to tick problems can be very beneficial and what you can do to get rid of ticks for good!

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How Are Quails a Solution to a Tick Problem?

Quails are omnivorous, and their diet consists of both plants and bugs. 

Ticks are part of the menu.

They are birds that eat bugs; they love to dig around the ground and consume as many ticks as possible. 

Ensure they have enough space to forage or place them in an area where tick infestation is rampant.

As quail owners, you shouldn’t be worried about them eating a lot. 

Ticks are high in protein and contain other nutrients that supplement the quail’s health needs.

Some towns and farms are encouraged to raise quails primarily as a natural solution to a tick problem. 

They are the best biological, chemical-free pest control for ticks.

quail trying to eat bugs

Why Choose Quails?

Quails are generally easy to raise, and they love to spend a lot of time on the ground. 

These birds that eat ticks have a versatile diet as they thrive in plants and animals.

They happen to have a big appetite with ticks on their menu. 

Quails are birds that eat ticks for both meals and snacks.

They are easy to breed. 

And once you have enough of them, you can cover more ground for pest control for ticks.

Quails are less expensive than chickens and other poultry birds that eat bugs. 

They require small living space and wouldn’t mind eating ticks all day since they are not picky eaters.

Ticks help quail to get sufficient protein in their diet.

With this said, your quails will still be healthy enough for egg-laying and meat.

Another reason why farm owners choose a quail solution to tick problems because these birds can be a sustainable food source and income. 

You can get the most buck out of its meat and eggs – plus, you can always sell to a few customers in your area.

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What are Ticks and their Dangers?

Ticks are commonly known for the disease it carries, which is Lyme disease

But it’s not only that.

Ticks are second to mosquitos when spreading infectious diseases to humans. 

Another severe illness they tend to carry is the Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

These bugs are related to spiders under the Arachnida family, which explains their eight legs. 

They have oval bodies, and they feed on the blood of the animals they latch onto.

Ticks are a pest to both animals and humans. 

They need to suck blood to survive, carrying numerous diseases every time they switch and look for another host.

Among all the types of tick species, only two kinds carry infectious diseases: soft and hard ticks. 

Knowing how to get rid of ticks is the first step in managing and possibly preventing these illnesses.

Still, it pays to know what these pests carry and how they affect humans.

Diseases Caused by Tick Bites

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Bourbon virus disease
  • Southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI)
  • Tick-borne relapsing fever
  • Q fever
  • Heartland virus disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Babesiosis
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Powassan encephalitis
  • Tularemia

When you get infected with one of these tick-related illnesses, you are bound to experience flu-like symptoms. 

This includes as follows:

Symptoms of Tick-Related Diseases

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness
  • Palpitation
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Rash
  • Confusion

These signs and symptoms are pretty general. 

Still, you don’t want to come across any of this, so you must take all measures to remove ticks in your area.

Symptoms of these diseases show days or weeks after the tick bite. 

To avoid that conclusion, people immediately call pest control for ticks.

However, you can opt for an environment-friendly alternative with quails for a less invasive, toxin-free strategy.

As a bonus, you benefit from their eggs and meat.

How to Remove Ticks in a Natural Way

If you are looking for ways to get rid of a tick, it’s about time to raise quails in your backyard. 

It’s not the fastest or simplest pest control for ticks, but it sure paves advantages in the long run.

For towns and farms infested with ticks, it’s not uncommon that you will see people raising birds that eat bugs. 

It may not be just quails but also chickens and guinea fowl.

There are also certain kinds of smells that repel ticks. 

You can use the essential oils from these plants as a natural solution to your tick problem: orange, lemon, cinnamon, peppermint, and lavender.

quails that eat ticks

How Can Quails Get Rid of Ticks?

Ever wondered how to get rid of a tick? 

Leave that to the quails.

These birds that eat ticks have the inborn capacity to forage on the ground and hunt for any bugs they can find. 

There’s no need to train or manipulate quails into getting rid of ticks.

Specifically, the bobwhite quails are great ground hunters with a massive appetite. 

Aside from having ticks on their diet, they also eat beetles, caterpillars, spiders, and grasshoppers.

Simply letting them go in your backyard is enough to remove ticks in your area. 

Make sure that all other needs of your quail are met so they have enough energy to forage and hunt for those ticks.

Do Quails Also Get Ticks?

Ironically, they do!

Quails, just like any other animal, get ticks. 

They are not immune to tick bites either.

If you are raising quails and have a terrible case of tick infestation, you will see these bugs latching onto your quail’s skin.

It’s good that there is a quail solution to tick problems. 

As long as these birds eat ticks, you wouldn’t worry about the overpopulation or infestation of ticks.

How Many Quails Are Needed for Pest Control for Ticks

The number of quail birds that eat ticks will depend on how large the landmass is. 

The severity of the tick infestation is also an essential factor.

Quails are reliable birds that eat bugs wherever you put them.

Fortunately, since quail are ground dwellers, you won’t have to worry about losing them when you set them free in your backyard.

Since quail is a natural solution to tick problems, you can have as many as ten birds on every acre of land.

Which Quail Breed is Commonly Known for Eating Ticks?

Bobwhite quails are popularly known as birds that eat ticks the most. 

They are excellent foragers; you can rely on these birds for pest control or tick infestation.

In 2012, a local park in Long Island released 200 bobwhite quails to solve a tick problem. 

Some projects involve raising enough quails to be released in high-density tick-populated areas.

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sick quails due to ticks

Can Quails Get Diseases from Eating Ticks?

Lyme disease is a widespread illness that you can get from ticks. 

So, you’re probably wondering if such a disease can be passed on to quails when they ingest infected ticks.

Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. 

Quails won’t get Lyme disease or any infectious illnesses when they eat ticks.

Most animals and humans get infected when bacteria is introduced to the bloodstream. 

It’s pretty different in this case since the tick goes straight to the digestive system.

Infection happens to birds that eat ticks when the pest has attached itself to the skin and sucked on the blood. 

When this happens, there’s a big chance Lyme disease or other illnesses have been transmitted to your bird.

So, if you’re looking at getting rid of ticks while avoiding any harm, you should consider a quail solution to tick problems. 

But to ensure your bird is clear from infection, you can monitor and check your flock regularly.

What Are Other Birds That Eat Ticks?

Quails are only one of the many birds that eat ticks and help you manage an infestation. 

If you are searching for other birds that eat bugs and help you with pest control for ticks, then you ought to check out this list!


A lot of people would prefer to raise chickens for several reasons. 

What makes them so popular is that they are a good source of meat and eggs.

They are also easy to raise and don’t need too many requirements to keep them happy and healthy. 

Another reason for having chickens is that they are a natural pest control for ticks.

So, if you are boggled about how to get rid of ticks, raising chickens can be a solution to your tick problem! 

After all, chickens are known to be ground eaters and love to roam around the yard searching for bugs.

If you’re already raising chickens, you’re in for a treat! 

You don’t only have a good source of food and income, but you also have the ideal partners for tick control.

Guinea Fowls

While some people would love to raise guinea fowls as pets, they offer meat and eggs! 

It is good that they are easy to train and have a very versatile diet.

They originated from Africa and are strong birds that have been domesticated. 

They have high economic value, but some people are not interested in raising them because of their noise.

Just like any poultry, guinea fowls are omnivorous. 

They love to forage and eat any plants and bugs along the way.

If you have an infestation and are looking for a way to remove ticks in your area, you can start raising these birds! 

Guinea fowls would be more than happy to eat ticks for all meals and snacks!


These birds are found almost everywhere. You might even have fed these birds in your backyard or nearby park.

Unfortunately, they are often taken for granted. 

Little do most people know that pigeons eat ticks and are reliable when it comes to pest control for ticks.

They love to fly around, but they can’t resist a few bugs that catch their sight, including ticks. 

So, if you want a solution to your tick problem but don’t want to raise any poultry birds, having pigeons is an excellent way to go!


This might be a bit fancy for your taste, but peacocks are birds that eat bugs. 

They are pretty good at finding ticks while roaming around in the yard.

For peacocks, ticks are delicious! 

They are also high in protein, which adds to the needed nutrients for their diet.


Even though ducks love to swim in puddles, they can also do excellent pest control for ticks. 

They tend to pick bugs on the ground quickly when they’re foraging.

As one of the birds that eat bugs, you can raise ducks to get rid of ticks in your area. 

Plus, you can also benefit from their meat and egg.

While some owners prefer raising only quails to solve tick problems, you can continuously diversify your flock with these birds. 

Either way, you will enjoy a tick-free area once you have them on the job.

quails pest control for ticks

Quails as a Natural Solution To a Tick Problem Conclusion

When looking for birds that eat ticks, quails are a natural solution to a tick problem. 

Many farm owners and town leaders agree on the effectiveness of raising these birds to get rid of ticks.

Ticks are a nuisance to both animals and humans. 

That’s why residents wouldn’t waste time removing ticks in their area.

Quails are birds that eat bugs with a large appetite for ticks. 

They are the ideal option among poultry birds for pest control for ticks.

There is no need to acquire chemicals or pesticides to treat ticks with quails. 

They are natural predators when looking at how to get rid of ticks.

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