5 Different Types of Chicken Coop Heaters & Our Favorite

5 Different Types of Chicken Coop Heaters (+ Our Favorite) Blog Cover

This is one of those chicken topics where everyone has an opinion, and their opinion is always right!

Heating the coop has always been a source of endless discussion among chicken folk. Old timers will tell you that you don’t have to heat the coop.

However, there are occasions when heat is appropriate.

Today we will get into the nitty gritty of chicken coop heaters and explain your options, when heating is necessary, FAQs and… [Read More]

Chicken Wire: All You Need To Know

Chicken Wire All You Need To Know Blog Cover

Chicken wire was actually invented back in 1844 by an English ironmonger called Charles Barnard.

He lived in Norwich which was a cloth weaving town. He took the basic principles from the cloth loom and applied it to wire and created a simple, cheap and easy way to keep small animals and poultry penned in one area.

Nowadays most people use it to pen their chickens in and keep them safe.

In… [Read More]

Chicken Swing: Which One to Buy and How to Train Your Chickens

Chicken Swing Which One to Buy and How to Train Your Chickens Blog Cover

We are all guilty of buying toys for our hens – we just love to spoil them rotten! That’s ok, they deserve it after working hard laying those eggs and raising chicks.

One ‘toy’ that has been popular for a while now is the chicken swing – wait, what? A chicken swing?

Yes, you heard me right, a swing for the ladies to sit on and um…swing.

Hopefully your ladies won’t go as wild… [Read More]

Grit and Oyster Shell: Do Your Chickens Need Them?

Grit and Oyster Shell Do Your Chickens Need Them Blog Cover

Unfortunately a lot of people think that grit and oyster shell are the same thing.

They are not.

Your hens require both oyster shell and grit. Without it, serious health issues can arise, such as Sour Crop and Brittle Bones.

So now we know that our ladies need oyster shell and grit as additives to their diet, but why do they need them?

Keep reading to learn why your hens need them, how much they… [Read More]

Chicken Anatomy 101: Everything You Need To Know

Chicken Anatomy 101 Everything You Need To Know Blog Cover

Chicken anatomy is a huge subject to cover in one article, so we have really pared it down to the basics for ease of understanding.

References provided will give you greater in depth knowledge if you want to delve further into chicken anatomy.

The areas we will cover here today are:

Feathers and skin Digestive system Bones, legs and wings Reproductive system

That should keep us busy for a while!

Understanding the basic anatomy of… [Read More]