Straight Run Chickens, Everything You Need to Know

Straight Run Chickens, Everything You Need to Know

The excitement of ordering your first clutch of chicks may end up causing some confusion upon their arrival. Especially if, a few months down the line, some of your layers start crowing. If this happens, you may have inadvertently ordered straight run chickens instead of all females. If you’re in a position to continue raising the surprise roosters in your flock, you could keep the boys around to protect your ladies. You could also plan a nice… [Read More]

The Educational Value of Raising Chickens

Cornish Cross Chicken

Chickens can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. And if you’re homeschooling your children during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be looking for a fun project that has many layers of educational value.

Of course, chickens can provide just that.

If you choose to utilize chickens and animal husbandry to educate yourself and your children you can find ways to touch on (at minimum) the following topics:

History Biology Genetics… [Read More]

What Raising Chickens with Your Children Teaches Them

Whether you’re homeschooling your children or looking for an educational project for them to do at home, raising chickens is one of the most multi-faceted projects for your kids.

Aside from the ability to learn about animal husbandry and farming, there are a few key areas of education that are baked into a chicken-raising project.

Let’s take a look at what your children can learn from raising chickens.

Responsibility for the Life of… [Read More]

How to Feed Your Chickens

How To Feed Your Chickens

Feeding your chickens might not be something which you pay too much attention to, but did you know that seventy percent of the cost of raising chickens goes toward feed? Therefore it stands to reason that you need to pay attention to what you feed your birds.

No one chicken is the same as each breed all require slightly different mixes of nutrition, as do laying birds or meat birds.

Let’s start at the beginning and… [Read More]

Is It Safe To Feed My Chickens Table Scraps?

Is It Safe To Feed My Chickens Table Scraps Blog Cover

A common question many first time chicken keepers ask is: “can I feed my chickens table scraps/leftovers”? In fact we have recently had several people email and ask us this, so today we are going to delve down and take a look.

We have touched upon what to feed (or not feed) chickens in our previous blog post: why you are feeding your chickens to death, however we didn’t specifically mention table scraps within this.

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