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Owning Goats: The Definitive Guide

Owning Goats The Definitive Guide

Are you planning to embark on the journey of owning goats on your farm or homesteading? These goats are one of the staple animals in homesteading, and they’re among the most profitable livestock. But owning goats also requires time, money, and commitment. They’re not gardeners, so buying goats because you have an overgrown garden is […]

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Best Goat Feed – A Helpful Buying Guide 2023

Goat Feed

Are you looking for the best goat feed that can support its growth? If your goat has a low protein diet or has been feeding on low-quality hay, taking feeds is an excellent option to boost their nutrition. However, choosing an economical feed that provides the quality nutrients your goat needs isn’t always easy. So, […]

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Angora Goats

angora goat

Looking for a new friendly pet that isn’t a dog or a cat? Or, perhaps you are looking to tap into the mohair market to turn a profit. Either way, Angora goats are spectacular additions to any homestead. With the proper care and maintenance, housing this breed of goat will positively contribute to your homestead. […]

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Caring for Goats Year-Round

caring for goats year round

Caring for goats year-round takes a lot of planning. And if you’re new to the goat world, there are a lot of unexpected challenges ahead. But when you know what’s coming down the road, you can plan and pivot when your beloved goats decide to through you a curveball (and they will)! This article gives […]

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Raising Goats – A Beginner’s Guide

raising goats

Goats are superb multiple-purpose homesteading livestock. They provide meat, milk, and property maintenance. Even if you live on a small homestead, there is enough space to keep Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf goat breeds to help achieve your sustainability goals. In this guide, we will go over many broad topics on goats, how to purchase goats, […]

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