Wyandotte Chickens: Are They Right For Your Flock?


The Wyandotte is one of Americas’ favorite hens. Created in the North-Eastern US it is a firm favorite of many homesteaders for its reliability in producing eggs and meat. It has the distinction of being the first American breed specifically bred to be dual purpose. It is a beautifully marked heritage bird. Sadly, it fell […]

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The Simple Way to Tell How Old Your Chickens Are

how old are your chickens

Most people know the approximate age of their birds when they first get them. But how do you know their age if you are given some birds or rescue some? Knowing the age of your chickens is crucial. Without it, it isn’t easy to know their egg-laying ability, what to feed them and what their […]

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Chicken Roosts: What Are Perches and Why Your Hens Need Them

chicken roost

Chicken Roosts, you would think that there isn’t much to write about regarding roosting perches, right? As ‘seasoned’ poultry keepers, we sometimes are surprised by seemingly simple questions that new folks ask – but keep on asking! We take for granted things that we have found or worked out, maybe second nature to us, but […]

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Why Chickens are Foundational To Homesteading

If you are passionate about homesteading and looking for the best way to get your feet wet,  the chicken is the place to begin your journey. Chickens are absolutely foundational to homesteading, and this can be seen in nearly every aspect of what they can provide for your farm.  Homesteading is considered a mindset in […]

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Are Herbicides and Pesticides Safe for Chickens?

You love your chickens and your lawn, but even more, you love watching your chickens enjoy your lawn. However, you absolutely hate weeds and pests! You want a beautiful lawn and you want to kill every tick that moves. There are many products available to rid your lovely lawn of unsightly weeds, and the insects that […]

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Just How Loud Are Roosters? 5 Myths Debunked

Just How Loud Are Roosters? 5 Myths Debunked Blog Cover

This question is perennial and comes up pretty frequently, so we thought we would take some time to answer the question and hopefully give the roosters a break from all the bad press they get! Folks tend to say roosters are very noisy – and yes they can be, but not as noisy as you […]

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Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble? How to Create a Backup Plan

Are You Prepared For Chicken Trouble Blog Cover

Today we are going to look at a few of the problems and issues that can come with caring for chickens. Of course, these issues don’t arise solely for chickens, but for any livestock you are caring for- even pets. Your animals and birds rely on you to feed, water and house them so it’s impossible […]

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