How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen (Is it a Boy or a Girl?)

How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen Blog Cover

So, just how do you determine the sex of those just-hatched fluff balls in your incubator? And how do you tell the adults apart too? Sexing a chick can be easy (sex link chicks), or it can be a mysterious art form that takes years to perfect (vent sexing). In this article we are going […]

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The Simple Way to Tell How Old Your Chickens Are

How to Tell the Age of Your Chickens

Most people know the approximate age of their birds when they first get them. But how do you know their age if you are given some birds or rescue some? Knowing the age of your chickens is crucial, without it it’s difficult to know their egg laying ability, what to feed them and what their […]

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