What Exactly Is a Broody Hen and How to Stop It?

What Exactly Is a Broody Hen and How to Stop It Blog Cover

Your hen is squawking whenever you approach her and she won’t leave her nesting box, what’s wrong, is she ill? Far from it and chances are she is just broody and wants chicks. If you aren’t planning on having chicks this can be problematic because the hen in question will stop laying eggs. Whatever the case, […]

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Hen Vs Chicken: Do You Know The Difference?

Hen Vs Chicken Do You Know The Difference Blog Cover

For those of us who love our chickens and their endearing little ways, the difference between a chicken and hen might seem like a ‘no-brainer’. But, if you have never raised chickens, then it’s a fair question. It’s one of those questions that us chicken folk don’t even think about – but what actually are […]

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Andalusian Chicken: All You Need To Know About This Blue Hen

Andalusian Chicken All You Need To Know About This Blue Hen Blog Cover

This blue feathered chicken comes from the Mediterranean area where it is still found today (although in very small numbers). A rare beauty is a very apt description of this ancient breed. It is a bird that enjoys its’ freedom and is very capable of surviving in adverse conditions. In this article we discuss everything […]

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Swedish Flower Hen: Complete Breed Profile

Swedish Flower Hen Complete Breed Profile Blog Cover

A hen with such a pretty sounding name has to be special – and the Swedish Flower Hens (Skånsk Blommehöna) is certainly that. The name translates as ‘Skane Bloom-hen’; very appropriate since the feathers remind you of flowers. It was relatively unknown outside of its’ native land of Sweden until 2010 when a few were […]

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How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen (Is it a Boy or a Girl?)

How To Tell A Rooster From A Hen Blog Cover

So, just how do you determine the sex of those just-hatched fluff balls in your incubator? And how do you tell the adults apart too? Sexing a chick can be easy (sex link chicks), or it can be a mysterious art form that takes years to perfect (vent sexing). In this article we are going […]

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6 Easy Ways to Break a Broody Hen

6 Easy Ways to Break a Broody Hen Blog Cover

I have to smile at this article since I currently have two hens that are determined to be broody! Fortunately for us Northern chicken keepers, broodiness is pretty much confined to the summer months. Broody hens can mean trouble for your flock and egg supply! To make matters worse, broodiness can often spread throughout your […]

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