Chicken Noises: How to Understand What They Mean

Chicken Noises- How to Understand What They Mean

Did you know that chickens can produce over 24 distinct sounds/calls? If you answered yes – you are right, but do you know what each of them means? Research has shown us that they talk about a lot of things – from food to danger. They can combine these noises to make even more ‘dialog’ […]

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Wyandotte Chickens: Are They Right For Your Flock?

Wyandotte Chickens Are They Right For Your Flock Blog Cover

The Wyandotte is one of Americas’ favorite hens. Created in the North-Eastern US it is a firm favorite of many homesteaders for it reliability in producing eggs and meat. It has the distinction of being the first American breed specifically bred to be dual purpose. It is a beautifully marked heritage bird. Sadly, it fell […]

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