Top 7 Chicken Feed Brands

When it comes to feeding your flock, just as feeding yourself, it’s important to know good quality food from poor quality food. Additionally, it is just as or even more important to know HOW to feed them. Although the ingredients used in different types of feed are similar, the proportions vary depending on the particular age and use category of chickens being fed. Each bag of feed is labeled with its specific use. So before… [Read More]

What Do Baby Chicks Eat?

What do baby chicks eat? Well, when one of my free-range hens disappeared from the flock one spring day, I thought the worst. I figured a predator had taken her and she was lost forever. This was a hen that I had saved from predator attacks before, and she was not a spring chicken anymore. Imagine my surprise when I heard the familiar clucking of my favorite hen during chores one afternoon. Not only… [Read More]

Organic Chicken Feed: What to Know Before Buying

Once upon a time, we didn’t have to worry about feeding our animals and livestock ‘pure’ food.

Sadly, that is no longer true. Manufacturers have been adding things to animal feeds for decades; antibiotics, hormones and now Genetically Modified Organisms (all in the name of animal health and economy).

Happily, some of those practices have stopped such as growth hormones in chicken feed, but the GMO issue is huge, controversial and not likely to go… [Read More]

Chicken Scratch: What You Need To Know Before Feeding

Chicken Scratch What You Need To Know Before Feeding Blog Cover

Have you fed your chickens some chicken scratch before?

They love it.

They will come running when you shake that bag – but should they have it? Is it good for them? Do they need it?

We love to give our hens treats, but we need to keep in mind that they need a properly balanced diet.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about chicken scratch; the differences in chicken feed… [Read More]

How to Feed Your Chickens

How To Feed Your Chickens

Feeding your chickens might not be something which you pay too much attention to, but did you know that seventy percent of the cost of raising chickens goes toward feed? Therefore it stands to reason that you need to pay attention to what you feed your birds.

No one chicken is the same as each breed all require slightly different mixes of nutrition, as do laying birds or meat birds.

Let’s start at the beginning and… [Read More]