Brown Leghorn: Egg Laying, Broodiness, and Temperament

The Brown Leghorn is a favorite of the poultry industry because she is such a hard working girl!

If you have the space, some of these girls would certainly keep you in eggs very nicely – read on to find out more about these ‘Italians’.

Although we are talking about the brown Leghorns here, there are a few other colors to choose from.


The Leghorn chicken is originally from the Tuscany area… [Read More]

Easter Egger: Everything You Need To Know About This Chicken

Easter Egger Everything You Need To Know About This Chicken Blog Cover

Whilst not strictly a purebred, the Easter Egger has become a backyard favorite across America. With its cute looks and vibrant personality what’s not to like?

They are known as Easter Eggers because they can lay a wide variety of egg colors and their plumage can also be various colors.

Generally, in the US an Easter Egger is a bird that is understood to carry the blue egg laying gene from its parent stock (the… [Read More]

Golden Laced Wyandotte: Egg Laying, Broodiness and Temperament

Golden Laced Wyandotte Egg Laying, Broodiness and Temperament Blog Cover

The Golden Laced Wyandotte is possibly one of Americas most beautiful and beloved chickens and one that is hard to mistake with its stunning plumage.

It is a breed that was created in the fairly recent past by poultry farmers looking for a homegrown dual purpose chicken.

At the time there were few truly dual purpose breeds available and so they began their quest in search of perfection.

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Serama: Is This Tiny Chicken Right For Your Flock?

Serama Is This Tiny Chicken Right For Your Flock Blog Cover

Small but mighty, the Serama lays claim to the smallest chicken in the world, and also one of the most expensive!

It is a relative newcomer to the Western world, but has been known in Singapore for many years. It has the distinction of being a true bantam – there is no large counterpart chicken.

It has won the hearts of many and although still considered a scarcity in this country, the numbers of Seramas… [Read More]

Black Star Chicken: Learn All About This Super Star Layer

Black Star Chicken Learn All About This Super Star Layer Blog Cover

The Black Star chicken is a relatively recent addition to the backyard chicken world.

This breed was created to lay a huge amount of eggs to satisfy the grocery needs of the expanding population in the 1950s. However these days you are most likely to find them on homesteads.

Keep reading to learn more about this little beautiful hen, and find out if it is suitable for your backyard.

History and Background of Black Star… [Read More]