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15 Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets 

Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets

There are over 300 distinct goat types in the world, but what are the best small goat breeds for pets? If you’re planning to raise a goat as a pet, you have come to the right place!

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Small goat breed for pets with the highest butterfat content among goat breeds
  • Multiple-purpose small goat breeds that provide dairy products and fiber

So, if you want to explore different small goat breed options for pets, join us as we unveil 15 adorable breeds with docile personalities.

smallest goat breed for pets- Pygmy

Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets

1. Pygmy Goats

Let’s start this list of the best small goat breeds for pets with the Pygmy goats. These adorable miniatures are originally bred for meat.

But in the 1880s, it was brought from Africa to Europe for exhibits as laboratory animals and exotic pets.

The height of a mature Pygmy goat is less than that of a Golden Retriever. They have short legs, barrel-shaped torsos, and heavy bones. 

They have a thick coat of straight, medium-to-long hair, and the males have luxuriant beards and manes that resemble capes. 

Pygmy goats can produce one to four offspring every nine to twelve months and breed all year. 

Most Pygmy lovers cite their gentle, amiable, curious natures and cuteness as strong arguments in favor of the species.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Male: 60 to 90 lbs
Female: 50 to 75 lbs
Height:  16 to 23 inches
Uses:  Companion animals
Colors:  Black, dark brown or mahogany, and medium brown
Temperament:  Docile

small goat breeds for pets - Nigerian Dwarf

2. Nigerian Dwarf

The Nigerian dwarf goat found its way to the United States at around the same time as Pygmy goats. People believed they were one breed for the first ten to twenty years. 

Breeders started formally cultivating the two varieties after realizing the distinction.

The Nigerian Dwarf is 17 to 21 inches tall, but unlike Pygmies, they don’t have the “keg on legs” shape; instead, they have finer bones, longer legs, and a more graceful neck. They’re the smallest goat breed, but the does produce between one and two quarts of milk each day and have larger simpler-to-milk teats. 

Nigerian dwarves’ milk has the highest butterfat content of 6.1 to 6.5% among all goat breeds.

So, they produce more cheese, butter, and soap despite being one of the smallest goat breeds for pets.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Male: 40 to 60 lbs
Height:  24 to 30  inches
Uses:  Show and companion animals
Colors:  Dalmatian-spotted, pinto-patterned, tri-colored, solid jet black, white, chocolate, gold
Temperament:  Friendly

small goats for pets- Mini Alpine

3. Mini Alpine

A mini alpine is a product of a female Alpine Doe and a male Nigerian Dwarf buck breed. 

This breed is good for milk production even though they eat less and are small. 

It becomes the first generation breed, for it came from a full-sized breed with the smaller breed.

They could grow between the size of their parent and 28 to 29 inches tall, similar to the Mini-Nubian. 

This breed is one of the best small goat breeds for pets because they love showing affection and socializing a lot.

In addition, this breed could have multiple kids with a combination of characteristics and markings from their parents.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: 75 to 135 pounds

Height: Does or females are 28 inches, while bucks or males are 29 inches tall

Uses: Dairy breed and meat production

Colors: Black and white, brown or bay with black and dorsal stripe markings, and brown or gray

Temperament: Calm

4. Mini Silky Fainting Goats

Mini Filkies have the best of both worlds: amazing beauty and the capacity to form meaningful connections with people. 

Because of their diminutive stature, exquisite looks, endearing personality, and peaceful temperament, Silkies have drawn more attention. 

They don’t need a lot of room, and they aren’t climbers who would try to scale a fence or a wall to get away. 

These cute animals are popular for their appealing visuals and gentle nature, rather than being raised for meat, dairy, or fiber.

Mini Silkies, which were bred to resemble Silky Terriers, have long, flowing body coverings, bangs, muffs on their faces, and beards. 

And they’re abundant with body-coating-blending hair on their collars and chests. 

Their coats sparkle in the sunlight and have a high sheen and velvety feel.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Average of 60 to 80 pounds

Height: Bucks are 23.5 to 25.5 in while Does are 22.5 to 23.5 in tall

Uses: Farm goats and exhibition

Colors: Snowy white and raven black

Temperament: Sociable and friendly

5. Mini Myotonics

This miniature breed is an ideal pet for meat, landscaping, or animals.

Robust breeders with a long breeding season frequently have twins and triplets. 

Thick muscling results in meat of excellent quality, tenderness, and flavor and a greater meat-to-bone ratio of 4:1 (versus 3:1 in most breeds).

Friendly and often silent, they only bleat when necessary.

They are effective foragers and take advantage of winter feed. Mini Myotonics are gentle on landscaping and fencing and are simple to contain because they are less nimble than other breeds. 

They are resistant to parasites well. People with long, scruffy coats can withstand bad weather much better. 

Breed Overview: 

Average Weight: Up to 50 to 174 pounds 

Height: 17 inches or 43 cm tall

Uses: Landscape management, meat production, and pet breed

Colors: Black and white

Temperament: Quiet and friendly

Small goat Kinder

6. Kinder

The Kinder Goat is a product of crossing Pygmy and Nubian goats.

Since this breed wasn’t developed until the 1980s, they are a somewhat uncommon breed. Due to the Kinder Goat’s high butterfat content, it is primarily grown for dairy purposes. 

Butter and cheese are typically made from milk, which the Kinder Goat can produce in greater quantities than most other dairy breeds.

The Kinder goat is also cultivated for its meat because it can reach a standard size of up to 26 inches and 140 pounds. 

A female Kinder goat can reproduce throughout the year and give birth to up to eight kids every 12 months.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Females are 115 to 175 pounds, while males are 135 to 150 pounds

Height: Up to 26 to 28 inches tall

Uses: Dairy and meat production

Colors: Dark and reddish brown 

Temperament: Gentle, quiet, and friendly

small goat breeds- Nigora

7. Nigora

The Nigora goat serves two key functions: producing fiber and milk. 

Their fiber has a particularly soft texture, and their milk is exceptionally tasty. 

The  White Angora and Nigerian goat were crossed to create this goat breed.

They are also well renowned for their various physical attributes, which include their bushy coat, rectangular form, and well-defined jaw.

This breed is also one of the best small goat breeds for pets, albeit occasionally, the boys can be stubborn.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Bucks grow to 85 kilograms while Does are 40 kg.

Height: Up to 19 to 29 inches

Uses: For milk and fiber

Colors: Black and white

Temperament: Friendly in nature

8. Mini Nubians

This breed was developed after combining a Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf.

Mini Nubians are one of the goats that bear milk with the highest butterfat content of 5%. 

And it would make an excellent choice for those lactose-intolerant individuals because their milk is homogenized. 

This breed will be an ideal pet for dairy lovers, including milk, butter, sour cream, and cheese.

Mini Nubians also have a friendly attitude like other small breed goats and puppies. And they respond when their name is called.

In addition to that, they come in various colors, have floppy brown ears, and have adorable button eyes.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: 100 pounds

Height: 23 to 29 inches tall

Uses: For milk production and dairy products

Colors: Black, tan, white or pale patches, and Chesnut 

Temperament: Sweet and docile

9. Mini Lamanchas

Among all dairy goats, Lamancha is the most popular of all because it produces more amount of milk compared to others.

This milk has higher butterfat, so they can make more cheese and butter.

Another thing that makes Lamancha a very good choice for those looking for mall goats for pets is that they’re calmer and quieter and have gentler attitudes.

Even during feed time, rather than fighting for food, they act gently, sit back, and watch.

These medium-sized goats are unique due to their unusually short gopher ears. This feature makes them easy to identify.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Weigh up to 90 to 120 pounds

Height: Bucks are 29 inches, while does 27 inches

Uses: For commercial milk production

Colors: White, cream, shades of brown, gray, and black

Temperament: Docile, friendly, and resilience

10. Miniature Boer

Mini Boer goats are docile. They have high and fast fertility and growth rates, so the American meat goat industry prefers them.

Their fast growth and produced carcasses make them in high demand in the industry.

Boers were brought to the United States for the first time from New Zealand and Australia around 1994.

Their ears are big and pendulous. Although there is little empirical proof that solid-colored Boers are any more productive than others, some breeders have opted to breed and market them.

There are several Boer breed groups in the US, and each has a set of requirements for both form and function.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Does are between 190 to 230 pounds, while bucks are between 200 to 340 pounds

Height: Does are 65 inches tall, while bucks are 70 inches tall

Uses: Meat production and pet

Colors: Cream, rich brown, deep red, light tan, and black

Temperament: Docile, calm, and gentle

small goat breeds for pets- Mini Saanen

11. Mini Saanen

Mini Saanen is popular among reared goat breeds because they are friendly and capable of bigger milk production.

This breed is not prone to coarseness and is proportionate.

Although the Mini-Saanens have strong, hardy bones, the does are delicate and not gritty. 

Mini-Saanens come in various colors, although white is the most common. 

Breed Overview

Average Weight: Males are between 70 to 90 kg; females are 60 to 70 kg

Height: Between 60 to 75 cm

Uses: Milk production

Colors: White and cream

Temperament: Calm, sweet, and hardy

Pygora small goat pets

12. Pygora

Pygora is the tiniest breed of fiber goat breeds. Their flesh is reputed to be flavorful and soft. 

The Pygora Breed could also produce up to a quart of milk each day in addition to this. 

The milk from the Pygora breed is delicious and high in protein, similar to that of the Nigerian Goat.

It still tastes incredibly tasty despite not being as sweet as Nigerian goat’s milk.

Their ability to produce fiber suitable for hand spinning is another trait that makes this kind of a well-deserved investment. 

This fiber can be marketed for a substantial profit and is soft and sturdy. 

Additionally, it works well for sewing blankets, caps, clothing, and other handmade items.

Breed Overview:

Average Weight: 65 to 95 pounds

Height: 18 to 23 inches tall

Uses:  Milk, fiber, and meat production

Colors:  White, red, brown, gray, and black

Temperament:  Alert, curious in nature, and friendly

13. Mini Toggenburgs

The Toggenburg is a sturdy breed with long, muscular legs shorter than most dairy and small goats for pets. 

The face has a big nose, a wide forehead, and a straight or somewhat dished facial profile. The horns typically curve upward and backward in the absence of polled individuals. 

Both sexes share beards, wattles, and erect ears. The udder is well-attached, compact, and has proper teats. It also has outstanding conformation. 

Breed Overview

Average Weight: At least 55 kg

Height: Between 79 to 90 cm

Uses: Dairy production

Colors: Light fawn, dark chocolate, with white markings

Temperament: Affectionate, friendly, lively, bold, and curious

14. Mini Guernseys

The small Guernsey milking goat is a medium-sized animal, with MDGA-registered individuals standing no more than 27 inches for does and 29 inches for bucks. 

Their ear tips are slightly raised, and the ears are upright. Mini guernseys have hair that is varying colors of gold. 

They feature golden tones of skin color ranging from peachy-flesh to orange-gold. They are noted to have a highly gentle and amiable demeanor.

Breed Overview

Average Weight: 119 to 152 pounds
Height:  26 to 28 inches tall
Uses:  Dairy products like yogurt and cheese
Colors:  Gold shades, pale flaxen cream, deep russet, or bronze
Temperament:  Affectionate 


15. Mini Oberhasli

The delicate Mini Oberhasli goats have a kind disposition just like other small pet goat breeds. They typically have a quiet demeanor and are sociable. 

The does can generate roughly 3 kg of milk per day and are effective milk producers.

New mothers typically only have one child. However, older ones can produce between one to four offspring per kidding.

The Mini Oberhasli goat is mostly used to produce milk. It is one of the small pet goat breeds that is excellent for producing milk.

Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for keeping as pets as well. 

Breed Overview

Average Weight: 100 to 120 pounds
Height:  17 to 21 inches tall
Uses:  Milk production
Colors:  Red bay, light bay, dark bay, and solid black
Temperament:  Gentle, quiet, and friendly


Care Tips for Small Goat Breeds for Pets

Before planning to have small goats breeds as pets, make sure to consider these things:

  • Check the legality of goats in your area

It will help you know if local laws inhibit people from keeping goats in backyards or farms.

  • Don’t keep them alone

It was frustrating to live alone as a human, so same as goats. They need a companion to play with to not feel lonely and stressed.

  • Give them space

Spacious and clean surroundings help your goats feel safe and cared for and not confined in small areas. 

  • Give them easy access to food and fresh water

Because goats are herbivores, keeping them in a backyard or farm with many grass or leaves for their food would be best.

And to keep them always hydrated, fresh water is a must.

  • Have a good fence

Good fencing is very important, especially when you have a small place for your goat pets. It will help to keep them in your area and roam around without being lost.

Common Questions About Small Goat Breeds for Pets

Which is smaller, pygmy or dwarf goat?

Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf are both cute, great pets with great personalities.

But they are mostly compared in terms of their sizes. In most cases, Pygmy goats are more petite than Nigerian dwarf goats. 

However, when choosing the right small breed that fits your backyard, you must consider its strengths and weaknesses.

What is the best goat for beginners?

It might be challenging to keep goats for the first time. But, this article would help you to decide what small breeds are great for you. 

As stated above, it would be best to consider these fifteen small breeds for beginners.

What type of goat stays the smallest?

among all varieties of meat goats, the pygmy is the tiniest. The Pygmy Goat’s playful nature is what makes them very special.

This breed is ideal for your farm and produces wonderful companions.

The males prefer to get along with almost all other farm animals, including dogs, sheep, cats, and cattle, even though they can occasionally be a touch standoffish.

Can you have just one pygmy goat?

Despite not needing constant human company, they are frequently highly amiable.

However, a pygmy goat cannot live alone; to be content, these herd animals require the company of other goats.

The extremely hardy Pygmy breed may practically adapt to any temperature. However, they require a sizable, gated outdoor space where they may run and play.

Quick Recap of the Best Small Goat Breeds for Pets 

There’s a wide range of choices if you’re planning to raise small goat breeds for pets.

The smallest among them are Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf, yet they’re a force to reckon with due to their creamy, butter-fat-rich milk.

If you prefer crossed small pet goat breeds, Mini Alpine and Kinders are excellent options for you.

But if you want an adorable goat breed that produces fiber, Nigora and Pygora may be the ones you’re looking for.

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