Guideline for Goat Illnesses: Causes, Cures & Prevention

goat illnesses

Are you wondering how to cure goat illnesses? Unfortunately, there are several types of illnesses to which goats are vulnerable. Many people believe that goats are resilient animals, but this isn’t always the case. Even though they have a natural ability to fight off illness and disease, sometimes there is nothing we can do but […]

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Our Top 5 Picks of Electric Poultry Netting

Electric Poultry Netting

Find the best electric poultry netting for your farm with this list of tested and approved products. This post will help you find the perfect product to protect your chickens from predators, keep them safe while they’re eating, and give you peace of mind that they’re not escaping their pen. Here are some tips on […]

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Top Canary Bird Breeds A-Z

Canary Breeds

If you’re considering getting a canary for your home, it’s important to know the different canary bird breeds before deciding. There are many types of canaries, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some people may be interested in rare birds that are specially bred to have unique colors or patterns. Others might want […]

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7 Chicken Breeds That Do Well in Cold Climates

7 Chicken Breeds That Do Well in Cold Climates Blog Cover

The winter weather here in upstate New York during the winter can be brutal, and certain breeds of chicken don’t survive here. It’s crucial that when you’re considering which breed of chicken to get, you take into account your local climate in addition to the bird’s natural climate. A mismatch of the two can prove […]

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Backyard Chickens and Bird Flu: How to Spot It and Why It Matters

Backyard Chickens and Bird Flu How to Spot It and Why It Matters Blog Cover

In December 2014, they confirmed that bird flu (also known as Avian Influenza or HPAI H5) has spread to the US for the first time since 2004. Since December, more than 40 million turkeys and chickens have been killed due to the virus. This is a worrying time for many backyard chicken keepers, with many […]

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The Simple Way to Tell How Old Your Chickens Are

how old are your chickens

Most people know the approximate age of their birds when they first get them. But how do you know their age if you are given some birds or rescue some? Knowing the age of your chickens is crucial. Without it, it isn’t easy to know their egg-laying ability, what to feed them and what their […]

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Serama: Is This Tiny Chicken Right For Your Flock?

serama chicken

Small but mighty, the Serama lays claim to the smallest chicken globally and one of the most expensive! It is a relative newcomer to the Western world but has been known in Singapore for many years. Serama breed has the distinction of being a true bantam – there is no large counterpart chicken. It has […]

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Our Choice of the Top 7 Chicken Nesting Boxes [2021]

Have you ever walked excitedly into your chicken nesting boxes because you’re finally harvesting the eggs to discover that they broke most of them?  It can be an extremely frustrating experience when you did all the hard work of raising the chickens. That’s why investing in a durable nesting box that keeps the egg safe […]

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Quick Guide for Beginner Bird Owners – 8 Bird Facts You Should Know

Quick Guide for Beginner Bird Owners

Most beginner bird owners may have been drawn to the world of bird ownership mainly because of their visually appealing feather colors and patterns.  However, these feathery friends are more than just their colorful plumage.  They can bring you joy and entertain you with their vocal talents. But they also come with a responsibility and […]

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