Dried Mealworms: Should Your Chickens Eat Them?

Dried Mealworms Should Your Chickens Eat Them Blog Cover

Mealworms! Shake that packet and chickens come running from every corner of the yard.

Chickens love dried mealworms, no doubt about it. But should you be feeding them to your flock? It really depends on the supplier.

As always, higher quality ones are more expensive but in terms of your flock’s health it’s definitely worth it.

This article discusses the benefits of feeding your chickens dried mealworms. It also explains how many you should feed… [Read More]

Chicken Scratch: What You Need To Know Before Feeding

Chicken Scratch What You Need To Know Before Feeding Blog Cover

Have you fed your chickens some chicken scratch before?

They love it.

They will come running when you shake that bag – but should they have it? Is it good for them? Do they need it?

We love to give our hens treats, but we need to keep in mind that they need a properly balanced diet.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about chicken scratch; the differences in chicken feed… [Read More]

Fisher Cat: How to Protect Your Chickens from Them

Fisher Cats How to Protect Your Chickens from Them Blog Cover

Fearless, vicious, sneaky and deadly; this is the common perception of a fisher cat.

While some of this is true, we are going to take a look at this solitary creature and then assess how you can best protect your chickens from predation.

The native Indian people admired the bravery and ability of this solitary hunter in their native tales and imagery.

Known by the Indian names of uskool, pekane, or wejack, depending on the… [Read More]

Dominique Chicken: What to Know Before Getting One

Dominique Chicken What to Know Before Getting One Blog Cover

The Dominique is said to be America’s oldest chicken breed. It was brought to the United States by settlers and helped them to survive the brutal first years of colonization.

They were used as a dual purpose hen and even their feathers were used to stuff pillows, truly a multi-purpose hen.

Unlike our present day hens, they were not spoiled at all, indeed, they had to provide for themselves and exist on what they could… [Read More]

Chicken Diapers 101: Should Your Chicken Use One?

Chicken Diapers 101 Should Your Chicken Use One Blog Cover

Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you would be putting a diaper (nappy) on a chicken?


Well, read on my friends. Chicken diapers may have seemed like a harebrained idea a few years back, but now it is commonly done.

Around 1% of urban households in the larger US cities (New York, Los Angeles) keep chickens. Whether they were backyard or strictly house pets wasn’t differentiated, but judging by the sales… [Read More]