Sour Crop in Chickens: What is it And How to Treat it

Sour Crop In Chickens What Is It And How To Treat It Blog Cover

What is sour crop? It is something we all hear about from time to time, but hopefully will never experience with our hens.

We are going to delve into what it is, how to treat it and how to avoid it in the future.

Also we’re going to take a look at impacted crop which is something a bit different from sour crop and sometimes the two are confused.

They are very similar and one… [Read More]

Guinea Hen: All You Need To Know (Complete Care Guide)

Guinea hen’s popularity seems to be on the rise.

These peculiar looking birds are quite the talk of the town wherever they are seen. They are a strange looking bird to be sure, once seen, never forgotten.

They are dramatically different to chickens in personality and habits, however if the owner is prepared they can make a wonderful bird.

They are not for everyone, but if you think you might be interested keep reading to… [Read More]

11 Black Chicken Breeds You Can Easily Raise

11 Black Chicken Breeds You Can Easily Raise Blog Cover

Our color theme this week is black!

There are some gorgeous ‘Goth’ chickens out there, so we decided to showcase some for your pleasure.

The majority of these chickens can be found quite easily on hatchery sites or even private sellers. There are of course, several more black breeds but they are much rarer and not easy to locate…and expensive!

We hope you enjoy our selection and perhaps you have room in your flock for… [Read More]

Keeping Guinea Fowl with Chickens: 9 Things You Must Know

Keeping Guinea Fowl with Chickens 9 Things You Must Know Blog Cover

It’s becoming more and more common to raise Guinea fowl with chickens. So we have put together some useful information for you regarding these birds and what sort of room-mates they make for your chickens.

It’s important to know that Guinea fowl and chickens are vastly different in their lifestyle and habits. This may sound like stating the obvious but it does need to be understood that they are very different birds indeed.

This article… [Read More]

Sussex Chicken: Breed Information, Care Guide, Egg Color and More

An endearing and beloved hen, the Sussex breed has been with us for at least a couple of centuries now. It has been bred as a dual purpose hen, excelling at both.

It has an interesting history and has endured through the ups and downs of the poultry world fads.

The Sussex has enjoyed a steady, if not spectacular, success for many years now and is poised to increase its’ presence here in the US… [Read More]