What Do Baby Chicks Eat?

What do baby chicks eat? Well, when one of my free-range hens disappeared from the flock one spring day, I thought the worst. I figured a predator had taken her and she was lost forever. This was a hen that I had saved from predator attacks before, and she was not a spring chicken anymore. Imagine my surprise when I heard the familiar clucking of my favorite hen during chores one afternoon. Not only… [Read More]

How Are Chicken Eggs Fertilized

how are chicken eggs fertilized

We all know that you don’t need a rooster to get an egg right? Our hens will lay an egg daily with or without any assistance from the male sex. However, if you want fertilized eggs, you will need a rooster need a rooster to perform his duties with your hens, which he will be happy to do on a continuous basis.

A rooster is genetically programmed to take the task of populating the… [Read More]

Chicken Predators: Signs of Attack and Prevention

chicken predators

Just last week, mid day, I noticed my hens clucking far out from the coop, not just one hen, multiple. They would also idle by the chicken coop but not enter the run. A chicken predator during the day is not common in this area but I immediately went to check. Sure enough, a younger opossum was feasting on their eggs.

Spring is coming and peak hunger is settling on predators so they… [Read More]

First Time Buyers Guide To Chicken Coop Kits

chicken coop buying guide

There are a whole lot of chicken coop kits out there for the chicken enthusiast to choose from, but how do you know where to start, especially if you are also new to chickens?

We have set out a buying guide here for you – things to look for, consider and avoid. While circumstances and needs vary from coop to coop, and person to person, there are some basic things you need to look for…. [Read More]

How To Raise Baby Chicks

ow to raise baby chicks essentials

Cute, fuzzy, lovable and delicate – baby chicks, who doesn’t love them? Today we are going to run through the needs of these little creatures and give you some tips and tricks on how to raise baby chickens, making them happy and healthy without breaking the bank!

There are two things that are essential to the best outcome for your peeps and they are the investment of time with them and maintaining a good, healthy… [Read More]