How To Sex A Duck

How To Sex A Duck

You have finally done your research on why you should have ducks, but now need help sexing them. Sexing ducks or even young ducklings is possible using a variety of simple to difficult techniques. Depending upon the method you choose and your skill set, sexing of chickens can occur when they are merely days old. 

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Raising Ducks For Eggs

raising ducks for eggs

Raising ducks for eggs is no more difficult than raising chickens for the same reason – in fact, it might just be far easier. Although ducks do make noise, they are sometimes far less noisy than chickens … especially if a rooster is included in your backyard flock. Male drakes, unlike mature male roosters, rarely ever become prone to attacking their keepers.

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Caring For Ducks During Winter

ducks in water

Caring for ducks in the winter involves a small but vital amount of preparation to keep the flock members healthy. Fortunately for avid duck keepers, these birds are typically a lot more cold weather hardy than chickens and far less susceptible to both respiratory problems and frostbite.

The thick layer of body fat combined with the soft down beneath weatherproof duck feathers significantly help the poultry birds warm even during the… [Read More]

Raising Ducks For Beginners

ducklings in a brooder

Ducks are one of the least expensive and easiest to keep poultry birds as either a backyard egg layer or farm pet. Unlike roosters, drakes (mature male ducks) neither become aggressive or loud – a definite plus if you are keeping ducks in a non-rural setting. 

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy Ducks

holding a duck

Purchasing ducks is a big commitment, even if you are only buying a handful of these adorable little creatures. Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life should never be entered into lightly. Before opening your wallet, you must KNOW that you have the time, space, and the money to properly care for the ducks year round.

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