Raising Chicks in the Winter

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Whether you want to get a jump start on raising chickens for the year, or maybe one of your hens decided to go broody right when the weather turned cold, you might have a lot of questions on how in the world you can raise little chicks in the winter! They can be quite fragile, but the good news is it can be done!

There are many good reasons to try to raise chicks in… [Read More]

Icelandic Chickens: Everything You Need To Know

Icelandic Chicken Everything You Need to Know

Icelandic chickens are a landrace breed of that originated in Iceland. The ancestors of this breed were brought by Norse settlers in the 10th century and they remained isolated for over 1,000 years. This resulted in a hardy bird adapted to the unique environment. They are often called Íslenska landnámshænan, which means “Icelandic settler hen” or íslenska hænan, which means “Icelandic hen.”

Landrace is a term that is used to describe a domestic livestock breed… [Read More]

Are Chickens Mammals?

Are Chickens Mammals?

Have you ever stopped to think about where chickens fit into the world of animals? Sure, we generally think of reptiles as cold-blooded and mammals as warm-blooded, but birds are warm-blooded, too! Does that make them mammals? The answer is a resounding “NO” but don’t worry! We’ll get a lot deeper into exactly why that’s the case!

Mammals vs. Birds

Animals are generally divided up into one of five classes of vertebrates – which… [Read More]

10 Best Books for Raising Ducks

10 Best Books for Raising Ducks

The internet is a treasure trove of information on every topic imaginable, but sometimes it can be exhausting to sort through everything to find the most accurate resources. There are quite a few forums and social media groups that allow people to exchange tips and tricks, but how can you tell the facts from hearsay or old wives’ tales?

If you’re getting started in the wonderful, messy world of raising ducks you probably have a… [Read More]

5 Quietest Duck Breeds

5 Quietest Duck Breeds

Quiet duck breeds do exist – and neighbors to your small homestead or backyard will definitely thank you for considering them. While male ducks (drakes) do not crow at dawn like roosters, both male and female members of a duck flock can make a lot of racket when they feel so inspired. 

It is actually the female of the species that tends to make the moist noise when it comes to ducks. A rooster may… [Read More]