Mealworms vs Black Soldier Fly Larva

Mealworms have always been the go to protein treat for chickens, but the black soldier fly larva is becoming more and more popular for many good reasons. Lets see how they both stack up in comparison and which is best for your flock.

The term ‘mealworm’ is really a misnomer. These little bits of wiggly beings are not really worms. They are actually the larvae of a beetle called darkling beetle. They are the second of four stages… [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Chicken Feed

making chicken feed

Whether you are looking to cut down on feed expenses, give your chickens more of what they need, or looking into sustainable practices for prepping, making your own chicken feed can be a smart practice to posses.

In this ultimate guide to making your own chicken feed, you will learn everything you need to know about your chickens’ nutritional requirements and how you can meet them without purchasing commercial feed or supplements.

So, let’s get… [Read More]

All About Chicken Dust Baths

all about chicken dust baths

Chickens do some crazy things– that’s why we love them, right? But what-in-the-world are they doing when they are flopping around in the dirt, acting like a wounded animal?

What is My Chicken Doing?

If you’ve witnessed your chickens taking a dust bath, you may have thought they were injured or dying. After a few moments of freaking out, you could tell they were intentionally taking a bath…in the dust.

What is a Dust Bath?… [Read More]

Washing Eggs – The Why And How

There is an age-old debate surrounding the idea of washing fresh eggs, and there are really two ways of looking at it. 

To understand why there are so many questions surrounding the great-egg-washing debacle, we need to go over the concerns that arise around egg-washing. 

Why Wash Eggs

Rightfully so, egg-washing is a must. Period. And at this point, I think everyone pretty much agrees on that. Where the fog rolls in, is [Read More]

What Are Chicken Tufts?

Chicken Tufts

Chicken tufts are a beautiful genetic abnormality. Only Araucanas breed chickens or mixed breeds that derived from them, are known to produce tufts. They are not to be confused with chicken combs which are a critical part of the chicken anatomy which all chickens have.

The tufts are basically a group of feathers that grow just around a protruding flap of the chicken’s skin near the ear. This skin protrusion is called… [Read More]