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10 Best Bird Cage Covers: Your Bird Cage Accessory Buying Guide

Bird cage covers

Are you in desperate need of bird cage covers that will minimize distractions and night frights so your pet can have 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

If your bird lacks sleep and is constantly screeching at night, do yourself a favor and purchase one for your feathery companion. But how can you choose the right cage cover for birds?

Well, worry no more because we got you! In this buying guide, we’ll introduce you to different types of bird cage covers and help you get the most value out of your money.

We compiled the ten best cage covers for birds and their pros and cons to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision.

Specifically, you’ll discover:

  • Flat-top, dome-top, and play-top bird cage covers that block 90% of sunlight and UV rays
  • Waterproof cage covers for birds’ outdoor use that mimics their natural habitat
  • Fancy birdcage skirt that will prevent your bird’s mess from drifting into the room

So, before you click that purchase button, join us as we take an in-depth look at different factors you should consider, including size, fabric, and ventilation.

Best Bird Cage Covers Reviewed In This Guide

Perfitel Bird Cage Cover(Black) Good Night Birdcage Cover Black-Out Birdcage Cover Durable Breathable Washable Material… (18.1Lx14.1Wx36H)
  • Dimensions: The size of the Perfitel small bird cage cover is 18inches / 47.5cm long x 15inches 37.5cm wide x 36 inches 90cm high, suitable for18.1Lx14.1Wx36H bird cages and it will have a tightness of about 1 inch please measure the size of the birdcage before purchasing .
  • High-quality fabric: The birdcage cover uses breathable, durable and non-toxic nylon twill shading fabric. It can block more than 90% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The edges of the bird cage cover are neatly seamed and have a beautiful appearance.
  • Unique design: The front part of the birdcage cover can be easily adjusted up and down, and the back part is fixed with Velcro to prevent slipping, and it can effectively adjust the sunlight entering the birdcage to provide a comfortable good night resting environment for the bird
  • Washing instructions: fade resistant, machine washable, tumble dryer
  • Commitment: We are committed to providing you with the most satisfactory products. If you have any questions when using, please contact us, we will help you solve your problem in time.
Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover, Large, Black
  • Fits cages up to 31"L x 21"W x 41"H to 37"L x 25"W x 48"H
  • Our cage cover reduces distractions and aids in better sleep for your bird
  • 100-Percent non-toxic, breathable materials
  • Color fast and machine washable
  • Black fabric with Prevue logo
Perfitel Bird Cage Cover(Black) Good Night Birdcage Cover Black-Out Birdcage Cover Durable Breathable Washable Material… (18Lx14Wx36H)
  • Dimensions: The size of the Perfitel bird cage cover is 18.5inches / 47.5cm long x 14.5inches/ 36.5cm wide x 36 inches /90cm high suitable for18.1Lx14.1Wx36H bird cages.
  • High-quality fabric: Perfitel good night birdcage cover uses breathable, durable and non-toxic nylon twill shading fabric. It can block more than 90% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The edges of the bird cage cover are neatly seamed and have a beautiful appearance.
  • Unique Design :The bird cage cover can be opened in three ways according to personal preference and specific usage scenarios. For the specific opening method, please refer to the product details picture.
  • Washing instructions: fade resistant, machine washable, tumble dryer
  • Commitment: We are committed to providing you with the most satisfactory products. If you have any questions when using, please contact us, we will help you solve your problem in time.
PONY DANCE Pets Universal Birdcage Cover Set, Blackout & Breathable Cover (Black, 21 L x 21 W x 28 in H) with Adjustable Parrot Mesh Net Cover Seed Catcher (Circumference 60 inch to 120 inch, Black)
  • Package Content: A package includes 2 birdcage covers. The blackout birdcage measures 21"L x 21"W x 28"H, the sheer birdcage is adjustable to 60"to 120"circumference with 15"top to bottom height, it can fit a wide range of square, round, and oval shaped cages perfectly.
  • Unique Design: The front cover can be put up and down easily for the pets' needs. Regulate the light into the birdcage. Two handles top are designed for easy installation and removal
  • Amazing Fabric: The blackout birdcage covers use breathable, heavy-duty and non-Toxicol innovative triple woven blackout fabric. It can block over 90% sunlight and UV ray out. The fine mesh coverings allow air and light to pass through comfortably to keep pets cool and relaxed. Pet owners can see their pets clearly.
  • Well Made: The edges of the birdcage cover are neatly seamed for a finished look. Wrinkle-free & lose thread protection
  • CARE Instructions: Machine washable, hang to dry, warm iron
Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage with Play Top (Patent Pending), Black 68"
  • It is specially designed for large cage that has "play top" on top of the cage. It is for 22"x24“‘x68” large cage.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble, magnetic buckle is used to mount on the cage, which makes installation easy and quick.
  • Breathable materials 100% non-toxic with high shading rate.
  • Effectively reduce distractions so to promote better sleep for birds.
  • Large size,Cover size is 41”(H)* 104” (L) ,only for the 68" cage with the play top.
Explore Land Pet Cage Cover - Good Night Cover for Bird Critter Cat Cage to Small Animal Privacy & Comfort (Small, Black)
  • Universal - The size of S pet cage cover is 19L x 19W x 40H inches, fits for most brand 3-tier pet cage. 4 sizes options, please measure your cage dimension before purchasing.
  • Premium Material - Made of polyester and water-repellent on the outside, high quality double stitching enhance durability. Protect pet in the cage from sun, wind, insect, sudden rain and other effects.
  • Adjustable - With 4 hoop and loop attach the front panel securely, and adjust the position of the panel to change visibility and ventilation, ensures air circulation and blocking light reduces bird anxiety.
  • Privacy& Safety - Bird covers for cage provides a safer, more comfortable and more private space for your pets.
  • Guarantee - Explore Land offers a 1-year warranty, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we will help you to solve it.
POPETPOP Universal Bird Parrot Cage Cover Washable Good Night Birdcage Cover (Black)
  • √ Size: Measured 34.7''/88cm long, 24''/62cm wide and 47.2''/120cm high. Suitable for the same size of the bird cage. The reasonable size allows the cover to accommodate a universal bird cage.
  • √ Good Night Bird Cage: This bird cage cover blocks most of sunlight and UV rays and allow some light to show through so it won't be completely dark in the cage. Helping to reduce interference and allowing uninterrupted sleep for your birds.
  • √ Durable Materials: Our bird cage cover is made of high quality breathable fabric materials which makes sure long life to use. The edges of the bird cage cover are neatly seamed for a finished look. It features a flap that falls over the cage door and allows cage door access without removal of the cover. Allows washing by washing machine.
  • √ Unique Design: Two handles top are designed for easy installation and removal. The front birdcage cover can be easily up and down to meet the bird's needs and satisfy your daily use.
  • √ Our Service - Your satisfaction is our lifetime goal. We are committed to providing you with the most satisfactory products. If you have any question during using the birdcage cover, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve your problem in time.
HERSENT Large Bird Cage Cover,Pet Cockatiel Cage Cover, Good Night Bird Cage Protectors, Heavy Duty and Breathable Fabric, Satisfaction Guarantee Purchase, Universal Size 20X20x30Inches (Red Wine)
  • VALUE PACKAGE MEAL: 1pack 30” bird crate cover+24 hours friendly customer service+ 100% Risk Free Buy. You don't have to worry about the after-sales problem.
  • Dimension: 20x 20 x 30 Inches(LxWxH). Universal fits for most brand 41 inch standard bird cage.
  • Premium Material :Durable dog kennel cover made of tear resistant and water resistant 420D polyester with PVC coating, provided all type of protection.
  • Smart Design:Door panel rolls down on 2 sides for full closure, or snaps keep it open for easy access.
  • Practical: This cage cover can be placed on any critter nation cage that is in a suitable size to keep your pets secure and also it works great for keeping food and debris from hitting the walls.
JULMELON 2Pcs Adjustable Bird Cage Seed Catcher(Black) Birdcage Nylon Mesh Cover Twinkle Star Universal Birdcage Cover for Parakeet Round Square Cage with Spring Hook
  • [Package Includes] The package includes 2 black twinkling star bird cage covers and 2 birdcage accessory spring hooks. The combination of 2 bird cage net covers is convenient for you to replace and clean in time. There are 2 extra cage door spring hooks, which can be used to the original cage door hook when it is damaged or aging, making your pet bird safer.
  • [Size] The size of our bird cage seed catcher is about 59 - 87in in circumference, and 14.5in in height, which is suitable for small and medium birdcages. It is not recommended for large or super large bird cages, please confirm the size of bird cage before ordering.
  • [Quality Material] The birdcage nylon mesh is made of quality nylon mesh, which is soft, not easy to break, easy to wash and dry, foldable and easy to store. The airy mesh design allows for air circulation and does not block the light, keeping your bird cage bright. And you can clearly observe your pet through the nylon mesh.
  • [Unique Appearance] The bird cage cover is designed with starring sky pattern sequins, which can glitter under light and sunlight, just like the starry sky at night, making your bird cage more delicate and shining. The bird cage net is designed with elastic rope on the top and bottom, which can hold the bird cage net cover firmly in place and preventing it from slipping.
  • [Keep Your House Clean] This birdcage nylon mesh cover can fully cover your birdcage and has a protective effect. You can install it on the top, middle and bottom of the birdcage as needed to prevent bird feathers, seeds and food from floating into the room, and keep your house clean and tidy.
Sheer Guard Bird Cage Skirt - Made in USA - Super Large Size (Black)
  • Super Large fits cages 70" to 108" in circumference and is approximately 12" high ...fits cages 177.8 cm to 274.3 cm in circumference and is approximately 30.48 cm high
  • Super Size Large skirt has quality elastic at the top and bottom for a perfect fit.
  • Skirts are available in 7 beautiful colors: Aqua, Black, Purple, Red, Royal, Teal and White.
  • If Super Large is not large enough for your cage check out our Flight Cage Skirts.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Bird on a cage

Why Are Bird Cage Covers Important?

Birds need a consistent, uninterrupted sleep cycle to stay happy and healthy and prevent the development of behavioral problems like self-mutilation.

Most birds in the wild sleep in nest cavities or holes in trees. If they can’t find one, the clever birds will make a way to make a cavity out of a dead tree.

These nest cavities provide them a home to sleep on, protect them from predators at night, rain, and wind, and act as a storage space for their eggs. And they’re usually dark but comfortable enough to live at.

However, it’s hard to provide a nest cavity for your bird, but you can replicate it using a bird cage cover. It can help protect your birds from the elements and provide a safe space for your pet.

Benefits of Using Bird Cage Covers

Bird cage covers provide a sense of privacy, but they bring lots of benefits other than that.

1. Minimizes light

Intense light can interrupt a bird’s good night’s sleep. So, a birdcage cover is necessary to block the lights out and prevent the house lights from infiltrating the cage’s location.

2. Prevents night frights

Like people, birds, especially species like Cockatiels, can get scared or startled by anything.

These birds fear predators in the wild, so anything resembling or sounds like a predator will frighten them.

But the cage cover is a security blanket that muffles noises and hides any “strange” movement that can spook your bird or make it difficult for them to fall asleep.

3.  Maintains their sleep cycle

Birds need at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep to recharge. This time is crucial to keep them in their best shape.

But they may get distracted by night lights. In this case, a birdcage cover can help.

4. Blocks airflow

Bird cage covers can block the breeze or air currents, dirt, and dust into their cage. Thus, saving your pet from dust particles and keeping it clean and healthy.

5. It’s cozy

If you use an air conditioner at home, your bird may feel cold since it can’t produce enough heat. But the good news is bird cage covers provide warmth at night!

Types of Bird Cage Covers

There are three types of cage covers for birds, each with a unique purpose.

1. Night Cover

This dark bird cage cover was designed to provide privacy for your bird and block house lights that may distract them or cast shadows that might frighten them. It can also block sunlight and UV rays.

Therefore, if your bird is used to sleeping before sunset, you may need bird cage covers for nighttime to ensure it can follow its usual sleeping schedule.

2. Day Cover

Unlike the bird cage cover for the night, this type doesn’t block out all the sunlight but can provide enough privacy and UV protection for daytime. Additionally, they’re a little thinner and more breathable.

3. Catch

The catch is a type of bird cage cover that wraps around the bottom of the cage to ensure that droppings and other materials are kept inside the enclosure. These covers, which are usually very thin, do not obstruct airflow inside the enclosure.

Now that you know the types of bird cage covers, let’s discuss what you need to consider before buying one.

Round bird cage

What to Consider When Choosing Bird Cage Covers

1. Size

The first factor to consider is the bird cage cover’s size. Its design, style, and size can vary depending on the cage.

You can use a small, medium, large, or extra large, but it must snuggly fit the cage.

It’s easy to fold or roll up if the cover for the bird cage is too large, but if it’s too small, light can enter and keep your pet awake, drowning the purpose of the cover.

But how can you choose the right birdcage cover?

First, measure the width and depth of the bird enclosure, then look through the prize ranges of each product.

2. Fabric Material

The bird cage covers will serve as walls of the enclosure, so you must ensure it’s breathable to avoid asphyxiating your bird. It must provide warmth and protection without harming your pet.

So when choosing between different bird cage options online, you must pick one which is:

  • breathable
  • blocks the sun effectively
  • made of non-toxic fabric
  • washable

Your bird cage cover may collect dirt and dust over time, so your cover of choice must be washable by a machine.

Polyester and nylon bird cage covers are among the best options, but they may vary depending on your location’s temperature.

3. Shape

Bird cages come in different shapes, including rectangles, squares, and circles. Their top design also varies since others have flat tops while others are dome-shaped or triangular.

So you need to find a bird cage cover that matches the shape of the cage and its top to ensure it’ll be efficient in blocking the light and won’t go to waste.

4. Cost

Birdcage cover costs vary depending on the size, design, and quality, from $20 to $100. You can find cheap covers if you buy them in the right season. Some even managed to get 2-for-1 cage cover deals!

But if you want higher quality and durable bird cage cover materials, expect to pay $80 or more.

5. Weight

Weight isn’t usually a big deal, but if you use the cover frequently, it must be simple to put on and remove.

Taller cages can be challenging to cover when the material is stiff or heavy properly.

6. Ventilation

Ventilation should be considered when selecting your birdcage cover. Inadequate ventilation might make breathing difficult for your pet and raise the cage’s temperature.

Frequently, your bird will tug on the cover and poke holes in it to let you know that they don’t like it. But typically, a cover your bird dislikes won’t endure long.

7. Access

You should be able to open the cover and access the cage when needed. Some birds, like cockatiels, want to see a little bit, even when resting. So, their cage cover must have a front flap that can be partially opened.

Many brands produce bird cage cover with large flaps or doors that allow access to the inside without any hassle.

Other openings may expose a whole side of the cage instead of a small area.

So, you need to weigh which kind of opening suits your birds’ needs and choose a cover with flaps that match your cage’s doors.

8. Thickness

Another factor worth considering is the thickness of the cage. Do you live in a cold or hot area or use air conditioning or central heating?

Your place’s humidity and temperature may affect how thick the bird cage cover should be since it may get too cold or overheat.

9. Practicality

Birdcage coverings are frequently made with convenience in mind. They’re straightforward and quick to store and retrieve.

To ensure the comfort of both you and your pet bird, use a cloth that can be machine washed.

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your birdcage and cover. This item will last longer with proper care, and your bird will live in a healthy environment.

Bird Cage Covers Reviews & Buying Guide

Since there’s a wide variety of design options, we categorized the covers and picked those with outstanding quality to help you find the one that fits your cage.

1. Best Dometop Bird Cage Cover: Perfitel Good Night Cover

1. Best Birdcage Cover: Perfitel Bird Cage CoverWe’re kicking off this list with the Perfitel bird cage cover, a top-quality cover with durable, breathable, and non-toxic nylon fabric.

The feature we like the most about this cover is it effectively blocks 90% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays without causing feathery pets breathing problems.

This birdcage cover is designed for dome tops. It comes in three sizes with a heavy-duty zipper for easier installation and access to the cage.

So, you can provide a little sunlight to your bird if necessary and deliver all their essentials when they’re sleeping.

On top of that, the back part of the cover has a Velcro that prevents slipping and keeps it in place, and it’s affordable.


High-quality fabric

This birdcage cover is made of nylon twill shading fabric. It’s very durable and can endure much wear and tear compared to other materials like polyester, with a more remarkable ability to stretch.


Thanks to their nylon fabric, they’re lightweight and generally easier to install. But it still does the job despite not being heavy.

Machine washable

Upkeeping is always easy with the Perfitel bird cage cover because it’s machine washable and fade-resistant.


Large logo

Although birds don’t mind the logo, some may find it too bold and large, which some minimalists find too much.

Not waterproof

Since it’s not waterproof, this bird cage cover is unsuitable for outdoor use.

But other than that, this dome-type cover is top-of-the-line and worth the cost. It serves its purpose, and the brand truly stands true to its claim, providing privacy and coziness for birds at night and improving their quality of life.

Check Price

2. Best Best Flat-Top Bird Cage Cover: Prevue Hendryx

2. Best Cage Cover for Birds: Prevue HendryxNow for flat-top cages, our top pick is the Prevue cage cover for birds.

This cover helps block light and reduces distractions so your bird can sleep better at night.

Its black drape is made of breathable materials and mimics a nest cavity. It’s stylish and functional with reliable stitch quality.

Since it’s made of nylon, it’s easy to spot clean, and the poop doesn’t stick to it. The seams are sturdy, and the fabric is durable and will endure wear and tear for a long time.

It has two fabric strap handles on top, making lifting easy.



Fixing this large bird cage cover into the enclosure is a breeze because it’s lightweight and serves its purpose while providing air for the birds.

Machine Washable

Don’t worry about your bird’s poop if it gets into the cage cover because it’s easy to remove, and this product is machine washable.

Fit a Range of Cage Sizes

What we like about this bird cage cover is it fits different sizes of enclosures, from 31″L x 21″ W x 41″H to 37″L x 25″W x 48″H.

So you don’t need to worry about messing up a little with the measurements.


This product is 100% non-toxic and breathable, so you can rest assured your feathery friend will not suffocate while resting inside his cozy room.



If you have a picky bird who wants a blackout cover at night, this might not work for him since it’s lighter than the previous cage cover.

Doesn’t Fully Close in Front

It would’ve been better if this had velcro strips in front to ensure it fully closes, but you may add one if you wish.

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3. Best Play Top Bird Cage Cover: Perfitel Play Top Cage Cover

3. Best Cage Covers for Birds: Perfitel Playtop CoverIf your bird’s cage has a play top, you might have found the perfect cover for them.

This product is flexible since its cover on top is removable, so you can install or fix the play top whenever you want.

Similar to the previous Perfitel cage cover, this one is made of non-toxic nylon twill shading fabric with a seamless finish and beautiful appearance.

Moreover, it’s available in three different sizes, including 18Lx14Wx36H and 24Lx16.5Wx32H.


It Can be Opened in 3 Ways

You can quickly access your bird and its needs by opening it in front, on the sides, or on top.

Since it has a velcro design, you can easily fold and roll the front drape. You may also access the upper part to install the play top.

Machine Washable

It’s fade-resistant and machine washable, so cleaning or upkeeping is a breeze. Just follow the washing instructions, and you’re good to go!

Blocks 90% Sunlight

It also blocks the sunlight and ultraviolet rays to help avoid interrupting your bird’s good night’s sleep.


Weak Zipper

The only complaint about this bird cage cover is the zipper, which can be flimsy and get damaged easily when not handled properly. So watch out for it when using this cover.

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4. Best Value Bird Cage Cover: PONY DANCE Pets Universal Cover

4. Best Cover for Bird Cage: PONY DANCEIf you want to get a bird cage cover that comes with a see-through mesh, then you found the one!

It offers the most value for your money since it serves two different purposes.

Moreover, this bird cage cover is available in three different sizes listed below:

  • 21x21x28 inches
  • 35x25x47 inches

What we love about this cover for bird cage is it’s not limited to black. You can also purchase it in Blue, Gray, and Khaki, but these options don’t include a mesh covering.

The minimalistic look of this cover is one of its selling points. There’s no oversized logo, just a simple black drape with reliable stitching and a seamless finish.

And even if your cage is not plain on top, it can still fit if you get the measurement right.


Adjustable Sheer Cover

The mesh covering allows air to pass through and relaxes your feathery pet. It also helps keep the birds’ mess inside the cage because it blocks them from getting out of the cage.

Blocks 90% Light

The black drape can block over 90% of sunlight and UV rays. So you can keep the lamp on at night, even when your bird sleeps. However, the fabric is quite heavy.

Machine Washable

Similar to the previous entries on this list, you can wash this via machine and hang it to dry.


Can Be Too Hot on Summers

Since the fabric is thick, this cage cover can be too hot in summer. So check on your bird and see if the temperature is tolerable and uncover it.

Short Overlap Panel

The overlap panel is just around 2 inches on each side, so your cage must be flat and square. Otherwise, there will be a gap, and you may need a Velcro strip or binder clips to close and keep them together.

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5. Unique and Flexible Bird Cage Cover: Colorday with Play Top

5. Best Covers for Bird Cage: ColordayThis entry is quite innovative compared to the previous bird cage night cover because it’s flexible and easy to install.

It’s designed for bird cages with play tops and is the perfect choice for those looking for adjustable and flexible bird cages.

This birdcage cover is available in black and green and has three size options.


Magnetic Buckle

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to its magnetic buckle that allows you to mount and wrap it around the enclosure.

Breathable, Non-Toxic Fabric

It’s made of non-toxic and breathable material with a high shading rate, so your bird can sleep better without breathing problems.

Can Be Opened At Any Angle

With this feature, you can adjust the light in the cage by opening the door at any angle, depending on your bird’s needs.


Weak Magnet

Many bird owners love this innovative bird cage cover, but you must watch out if you want large species with strong beaks like macaw birds.

Your bird might be able to pull the fabric down through the bars and chew the small silver magnets along the magnetic pocket.

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6. Best Water Resistant Bird Cage Cover: Explore Land Pet Cage Cover

6. Best Bird Cage Cover: Explore LandOut of all bird cage covers on this list, this is the only one designed for outdoor use because it’s water-resistant, wind-proof, dust-proof, and insect-proof.

However, it’s breathable and creates a safe space for your feathery pet.

So, if you’re searching for an outdoor pet cage cover, this may be the one for you!

It does the job of blocking the light while protecting your bird from wind, dust, and water.

It’s available in four size options: small, medium, large, and extra large. But larger covers also have a correspondingly higher value.

  • Small: 19L × 19W × 40H (inch)
  • Medium: 26L × 19W × 40H (inch)
  • Large: 33L × 23W × 41H (inch)
  • Xtra Large: 38L × 24W × 48H (inch)



Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to worry about sudden rain if you place your feathery pet’s cage outdoors.

Reliable Material Quality

This cage cover for birds is made from polyester and effectively blocks the light to reduce your pet’s anxiety at night.

It comes with a 1-year warranty. Therefore, you can rely on this brand.

Adjustable Panel

The flap has four hoops and loop closures, so it’s easy to access the bird and its accessories. You can adjust the panel’s position to change the visibility and ventilation.


Smaller Size

This cage cover is smaller than other enclosure covers, so you must measure your cage correctly to ensure it will fit when it arrives.

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Honorable Mentions

7. POPETPOP Universal Bird Parrot Cage Cover

POPETPOP Universal Parrot Cage CoverThis bird cage cover is also popular and serves its purpose, but it is expensive.

It is equipped with two handles on top that allow easy installation and removal. Every edge is neatly sewn, and the flap covers the cage entirely down the bottom.

It does the job of blocking most of the sunlight and UV rays but still allows some light to pass through. So it won’t be completely dark inside the cage.

This is suitable for universal cages with a reasonable size of 24.41x 47.24 x 34.65 inches.


Durable and Safe Cover

This cage cover is made of high-quality breathable fabric with a seamless finish.

It’s safe for your birds because of the thickness; it lets air pass through so your bird won’t suffocate.

Machine Washable

If you don’t have time to hand wash this bird cage cover for the night, you can easily throw it into your washer.



This product is more expensive than other birdcage covers on this list.

Not Waterproof

This is dustproof but not water-resistant, so it’s unsuitable for outdoor use.

Check Price

8. HERSENT Bird Cage Cover

HERSENT Large Bird Cage CoverWe know we’ve flooded this list with black bird cage covers, so if you want some attractive option that still delivers, this is for you.

This red wine cover measures about 20x 20 x 30 inches and is tear and water-resistant.

This is visibly smaller than the previous bird cage covers, but its quality won’t disappoint you. ‘



You can use this cage cover not just for birds but also for dogs’ kennels. Just make sure the size fits both before purchasing.


Like the previous covers, this is made of polyester but has an edge—the PVC coating makes it more durable and water-resistant.


No need to worry about asphyxiation because this cover is durable, so your bird will breathe just fine.


The red wine drape won’t close completely, giving your bird a chance to peek at the outside if it’s too snug.

So you must ensure your cage is a little smaller than this cover or add velcro straps or clips as a remedy.

Check Price

9. JULMELON Adjustable Bird Cage Seed Catcher

JULMELON Bird Cage Seed CatcherWe’re wrapping up this list with the Julmelon seed catcher, a sheer bird cage cover that helps keep the mess inside the cage.

It features a star sequin design set on a nylon mesh with an elastic band and two extra cage door spring hooks.

This cage isn’t designed to block lights but to prevent birds’ feathers, seeds, and food from drifting into the room.

It’s around 59 to 87 inches in circumference, and 14.5 inches in height, so this is best for small to medium cages.


Adjustable Cover

You can mount this cage cover on the top, middle, or bottom of the cage, and it’s soft and flexible but not easy to break.

Allows Air Circulation

You can leave this bird cage cover on even during hot summers because, unlike the previous ones, this allows air circulation and keeps the cage bright.

Easy Upkeeping

Since it’s made of nylon mesh, it’s easy to get rid of dirt and mess. Just hand wash and dry it. You can fold and store it wherever you want.


Can’t Block Lights

As mentioned earlier, this cage can’t block sunlight and UV rays and is not waterproof, so it’s ideal for outdoor and night use.

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10. Sheer Guard Bird Cage Skirt

Sheer Bird Cage SkirtIf you need a see-through bird cage cover, but dangling star sequin isn’t your cup of tea, try this minimalistic and elastic cage skirt!

It comes in three color options: black, red, royal blue, teal blue, and white.

With a circumference of 70 to 108 inches and an approximate height of 12 inches, this cage cover for birds can fit any Flight Cage skirt.


Reliable Quality

This small bird cage cover is US-made and durable, but that doesn’t mean you should allow your birds to chew it because it will eventually wear off.


This cage skirt is elastic at the top and bottom, perfectly fitting your bird’s enclosure. It stretches to any size except small.


Not Waterproof

Air can flow freely with this skirt, and so does water, so it’s also not suitable for outdoor and winter use.

Shorter than Other Skirts

It doesn’t go as high as other cage skirts, so you must pull it up. Otherwise won’t be able to keep the mess inside.

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When to Cover a Bird Cage?

Bird cage covers aren’t always necessary for your feathery pets. But if he’s being loud at night and seems anxious or depressed, that’s a sign your bird lacks sleep or isn’t resting well.

In that case, you may need to cover its cage to ensure he can have 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If your bird looks happier and less anxious the following days, you got it right because all he needs is a cover.

But never use your bird’s cage cover as a punishment for being too noisy because it will only confuse your pet and can affect its mental health.

Covering the cage out of their time of sleep can make your feathery pet anxious, stressed, or depressed, thus provoking self-destructive behaviors.

The cage cover for birds should be his security blanket at night and not be used for disciplinary purposes. On the other end of the spectrum, if your pet is scared and starts picking at the cover, it probably has been covered for too long.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cage Cover for Birds

Is it good to cover the birdcage?

Yes, it’s good to cover the bird cage at night to maintain your bird’s sleep cycle and privacy, block intense lights and prevent night fright.

However, it’s not advisable to use it if it’s too hot in your home because it may lead to asphyxiation.

But if your pet’s cage is in a dark, quiet, and secluded area, there’ll be no need for a bird cage cover.

How do you cover a birdcage?

Simply open the flaps and fix the top of the cover on top of the cage. Then make sure the front flap is at the side with the cage’s door, and that’s it! It’s easy-peasy and won’t take much time.

Can birds breathe if their cage is covered?

Yes, they can if the fabric material is breathable. But you must ensure it’s free from toxic materials and follow safety precautions.

Why do you cover bird cages at night?

Covering bird cages at night helps provide privacy to your avian pets and blocks night lights that may interrupt their sleep or cause night frights. It can also protect your feathery companion from drafts.

Birds on a cage

Bird Cage Covers Review: Closing Thoughts

Not all birds require birdcage covers. But if your pet constantly sleeps before the sun sets, experiences night fright, or is getting sick, anxious, or depressed due to lack of sleep, you may need one.

Doing so means you’re also doing yourself a favor because your rest won’t be interrupted.

To sum it up, our top pick for dome-top and play-top cages are Perfitel covers, but we highly recommend Prevue Hendryx for flat-tops.

But the cage cover that offers the most value for your money is the PONY DANCE cover.

If you want a unique and flexible design, Colorday is the way to go, but if you prefer waterproof cage covers, go for the Explore Land option above.

So, that wraps our guide in choosing the right bird cage covers. Which of them is your favorite? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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