Raising Goats – The Complete How To Guide

how to raise goats

Goats are a superb multiple purpose homesteading livestock. They provide meat, milk, and property maintenance. Even if you live on a small homestead, there is enough space to keep Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf goat breeds to help achieve your sustainability goals. In this guide we will go over many broad topics on goats, how to purchase goats, start up costs, bringing your goat home, feed, care, and much more. 

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Keeping Goats As Pets

Keeping Goats As Pets

Goats can be excellent pets. Their adorable nature and charming personalities, along with their intelligence, are why goats are frequent stars in petting zoos. Now ,not only being groomed as companion animals, but also are in high demand for incredibly lucrative “Goat Yoga” classes. 

Keeping goats as pets not only brings the joy commonly associated with having any typical type of pet but also provides a superb training ground for young… [Read More]