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How Intelligent is Your Bird? (How to Know, Top 10 Smart Birds + Training Tips)

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Have you ever wondered how intelligent is your bird?

Do they possess the mental capacity to understand complex tasks or solve problems?

While bird brains may be much smaller than their mammalian cousins, they have proven to be incredibly intelligent creatures.

If you have a pet bird, you probably already know this to be true – but you may not be aware of just how savvy your pet actually is.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key traits that indicate bird intelligence and discover important factors that make them some of the smartest animals on the planet.

How Intelligent is Your Bird? Here’s How To Know

While there are some species and families of birds that are more intelligent than others – Corvids, for instance, are known for having exceptional memory – there are a few traits that can indicate whether your avian pal will be a bit more clever than another type of bird.

Here are a few traits scientists consider when determining bird intelligence.

Self Awareness Bird looking at itself in the mirror

One factor that scientists have found to indicate bird intelligence is self-awareness.

Some birds, like Magpies and Crows, have shown the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror – a rare ability that few animals, aside from humans and great apes, have demonstrated.

This self-awareness is believed to be linked to higher-order cognitive skills and has been the subject of multiple studies.


Like many mammals, birds possess impressive memory retention abilities.

Birds that cache food – like Jays and Crows – can remember the location of hidden food caches for months at a time.

Some birds have also shown the ability to recall specific individuals, recognize familiar locations, and even develop dialects unique to their local area.


Deception is another key trait that scientists have linked to bird intelligence.

Studies have shown that some birds will feign injury to distract predators away from their nests.

In addition, some birds have even been observed stealing food from other birds.

These actions indicate a higher level of cognitive thinking and the ability to perform deceptive tactics.

Tool Use

When it comes to animals using tools, we often think of monkeys and primates, but birds have also shown impressive ability in using tools to solve problems.

Some birds, like the New Caledonian crow, have been observed using tools to extract insects from trees, while others have been known to use sticks to dislodge prey from hard-to-reach places.

These behaviors show that birds can understand cause and effect and can adapt their behavior to solve problems using whichever resources are available to them.

Social Interaction how intelligent is your bird: social interaction

Social interactions are another key indicator of bird intelligence.

From forming monogamous pairings for life to performing coordinated nesting behaviors, many bird species exhibit impressive social abilities.

Some bird species have even been observed engaging in communal hunting and cooperative feeding behaviors, indicating a developed sense of social intelligence and problem-solving.

Language Skills

If your bird can mimic words and phrases, they are likely an intelligent animal.

Not all birds can mimic language, so a bird that can is definitely worthy of recognition for its impressive abilities.

Birds that can mimic words and phrases, like Parrots, are often better at problem-solving than those who can’t, as they demonstrate a higher level of cognitive processing.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Research has shown that many types of birds are great problem-solvers.

They can use tools to obtain food, remember where they stored their food, and even use sticks to get water.

If your bird can solve these types of problems, then they are likely a smart animal.

Some species are better at problem-solving than others, so it’s important to know which abilities are specific to your bird’s species.


Finally, birds that are curious and adventurous are most likely intelligent animals.

They love to explore their surroundings and interact with their environment.

They are also proactive about problem-solving and adapting to their surroundings.

Which Bird Has the Highest IQ? Top 10 Intelligent Birds

There’s more to birds than meets the eye.

Sure, they can fly and create lovely music. But some birds are exceptionally intelligent and can think, learn and even communicate like us.

From solving puzzles to mimicking human words, some birds’ brains might just put Albert Einstein to shame.

So, which bird has the highest IQ?

Your bird is probably intelligent if they’re one of these birds.

Just don’t let Mensa know what’s going on.

1. Grey Parrot African Grey: One of the smartest bird

If you’re looking for the most intelligent bird, the African Grey Parrot takes the crown.

They have the cognitive ability of a five-year-old human, with a vocabulary of up to 1,000 words.

Besides mimicking human speech, they’re problem solvers too.

Grey parrots have displayed abilities like understanding numbers, shapes, and even social cues.

2. Budgie 

Next on the list is the Budgie, aka the Parakeet, which is a type of small parrot.

They are famous for learning human words, songs, and even phrases.

Budgies can be tricky problem solvers, and they’re adaptable with a great memory.

They’re also capable of copying human actions and associating items with their function.

3. Crow

Don’t underestimate the power of crows.

While most people associate crows with abandoned parking lots and dark, creepy graveyard scenes, they’re actually more than that!

They’re not only social creatures, but they’re also adaptable, innovative, and creative.

As members of the Corvid family, crows are incredibly smart animals who deserve some love, too!

Crows are well known for their problem-solving skills, using tools to get access to food.

They have also exhibited complex communication methods, and they can recognize human faces.

4. Cockatoo 

The cockatoo is a type of parrot renowned for their social skills and intelligence.

They can use tools to solve problems, and they have the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror- an uncommon trait in the animal kingdom.

Cockatoos are also excellent problem solvers and are self-aware, which is a rare trait among animals.

5. Amazon Parrot 

This species of parrot is known for its exceptional intelligence their ability to mimic each other, and some of them can even imitate human voices and speech patterns and an extraordinary memory.

The Amazon Parrot can learn the songs of other birds, use tools and even perform tricks.

6. Eclectus Parrot 

Sometimes dubbed “the living dinosaur,” the Eclectus parrot is a highly intelligent bird with an impressive ability to solve problems.

They have been known to associate objects with rewards, learn sequences of actions, and recognize their own reflection in the mirror.

7. Hyacinth Macaw Hyacinth Macaws

Rare and beautiful, the Hyacinth Macaw is one of the most intelligent of all birds, with the cognitive abilities of a three to four-year-old child.

They are vocal learners, able to mimic a wide range of sounds, and have gained a reputation for being particularly good at mimicking human speech.

8. Monk Parakeet 

Monk Parakeets are social birds with highly developed problem-solving skills.

They have been observed creating intricate nests, which they continually modify while living in large communities.

Monk Parakeets also have a remarkable memory, recalling their homes for up to three years even after relocation.

9. Scarlet Macaw 

Clearly one of the most striking birds, the Scarlet Macaw is one of the most intelligent of all parrot species.

They are social creatures with a broad range of vocalizations and an exceptional ability for problem-solving, known to manipulate objects with their tongue or beak with ease.

10. Magpie

The Magpie, often found in folklore, has impressive cognitive features, from their exceptional memory to the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror.

Their intelligence is often demonstrated by their ability to mimic human speech and solve puzzles, so much so that they can even be trained to steal shiny objects and even follow commands.

What is the Least Intelligent Bird?

Now you know who the real geniuses are of the bird world.

But what about the ones that aren’t quite so blessed in the brains department?

When it comes to determining the least intelligent bird, there’s no simple answer.

However, there are some top contenders.

To start, many people believe that the Emu is the most clueless of all birds.

This flightless bird is native to Australia and has a reputation for being easily confused by simple tasks.

For example, researchers found that Emus were incapable of figuring out how to get out of a small pen, even when the gate was left open.

Despite this, some experts argue that the emu simply has different priorities and may be more intelligent than we give it credit for.

Other birds that are commonly considered to be less intelligent include Ostriches, Quails, Turkeys, and Bustards.

Ostriches are the largest birds in the world, but they are notorious for being absent-minded and forgetful.

They have even been known to accidentally suffocate their own offspring by sitting on them.

Quails, on the other hand, have incredibly tiny brains and are renowned for their lack of basic problem-solving skills.

And while turkeys may be tasty during the holidays, they’re not the brightest birds around.

In fact, they have been known to drown in the rain by looking up with their mouths open.

As for the bustard, it’s a large, ground-dwelling bird that is often found in open grasslands and savannas.

While their brains may be small, they make up for it with their impressive size and strength.

That being said, they’re not exactly the most adaptive birds and often struggle with novel situations.

tricks to teach your bird to make them smarter

How to Make Your Bird Smarter: Tips for Teaching Your Feathered Friend

Having a bird as a pet is both fun and fulfilling.

But did you know that you can do more than just keep them well-fed and entertained?

Teaching your bird can actually make them smarter and help to develop a stronger bond with you.

Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Teach Them Tricks

Birds are highly intelligent creatures that are capable of learning tricks, just like dogs.

Start with simple tricks like “step up” and “wave” before moving on to more advanced ones like “fly to me” or “play dead.”

Use positive reinforcement by rewarding your bird with treats every time they get it right.

2. Introduce Toys and Puzzles

Offering your bird toys and puzzles that encourage problem-solving can help exercise their brain.

Consider getting them bird-safe puzzle feeders or toys that require them to press buttons or move levers to get a treat.

This will help to keep them engaged and mentally stimulated.

3. Teach Them to Identify Objects and Colors

Teaching your bird to identify objects and colors is not only fun, but it also helps to develop their cognitive abilities.

Introduce a range of objects, toys, and colors to your bird, and name them out loud as you show them.

This can help to improve their vocabulary and visual perception.

4. Teach Them to Mimic Sounds and Words

Birds are natural mimics, so teaching them to repeat sounds and words can lead to hours of entertainment for both of you.

Start by saying simple words and phrases like “hello” or “good bird” and repeat them consistently.

You can also play recordings of birds singing or talking to help them learn new sounds.

5. Spend Some Quality Time Together

One of the best ways to make your bird smarter is to spend quality time with them.

Talk to them, sing to them, and play with them regularly.

The more time you spend with your bird, the more they’ll learn about you and their surroundings.

This will help to increase their confidence and sociability.

How Intelligent is Your Bird? Final Thoughts

Birds are incredibly intelligent creatures with an impressive range of cognitive abilities.

From self-awareness to tool use and deception to social interaction, birds have exhibited a wide range of traits that demonstrate their intelligence.

They may have small brains, but they have proven that it’s not the size that matters- it’s how they use it.

From their language skills and social behaviors to their problem-solving and memory capabilities, birds display an astounding range of cognitive abilities.

These valuable traits are not only ones that reflect their intelligence but also reflect the complex nature of these beautiful creatures.

So if yours is a curious, adventurous, inquisitive bird that loves to communicate and solve problems, you may certainly have a bright ‘feathered’ friend in your life.

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