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The 6 Best Tasting Goat Breeds

The 6 Best Tasting Goat Breeds

Taste is subjective, but it’s hard to argue that these goat breeds aren’t absolutely delicious meat producers.  Goats are an underrated source of meat that is low in cost and high in several nutritional values and protein.  It takes about seven pounds of food to produce one pound of meat.  For comparison, making one pound of […]

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Goat Meat and Raising Goats for Meat

meat goats

Many people think of goats as cute little animals that live in the barnyard and eat hay. In reality, goats are versatile creatures that you can use for various purposes on a small farm. This includes raising goats for meat. If you’re thinking about adding goat meat to your farmstead diet or just curious about […]

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Raising Goats vs. Chickens

chicken and goats

When considering goats vs. chickens for your farm, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the benefits of both.  Because they both have a lot to offer you and your family! Chickens are considered the gateway to farming animals, but goats aren’t too far behind.  Both critters are like chips. You can’t have just one. […]

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