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Pygora Goats: All You Need to Know

Pygora Goats_ Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for an animal offering beautiful fibers and the perfect level-headed personality to be safe around small children, look no further than the Pygora goat. With beautiful curls, fun personalities, and some versatility in farming applications, these animals make excellent additions to almost any farm. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you […]

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16 Different Breed of Goats and Everything You Need to Know

goat breeding

More than 300 different goat breeds are roaming in pastures around the globe. They are dairy goats, meat goats, fiber goats, and miniature goat breeds that are all heralded for their various benefits around and offerings. There is no right or wrong goat breed to keep. But, discovering the best goat breed to suit your […]

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Fiber Goats

fiber goats

Is raising fiber goats right for you? When we think of cozy socks or scarfs and warm (sometimes itchy) sweaters, we assume these garments were made from sheep fibers. And a lot of the time, we would be correct. However, not all garments crafted from animal fibers come from sheep. Two of the most luxurious […]

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Smallest Goat Breed

pygora goats

The smallest goat breed honors actually belong to two different varieties of goat – the Kinder and the Pygora. Both of these miniature goat breeds were developed from cross-breeding specific established breeds to create a small stature goat that also excelled in producing meat, dairy, or fiber. The Pygora goat is a cross between a […]

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