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Top 5 Best Baby Chick Feeder Options: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best baby chick feeder

Are you searching for a baby chick feeder to help you save feeds and keep your young ones away from feed contamination?

There are myriads of feeder options online.

But if you need a guide that’ll help you pick the most ergonomic and economical feeder, you came to the right place!

Today, we’ll reveal the best baby chick feeder out there and spill the tea about:

  • The pros and cons of different types of baby chick feeders
  • Why feeders are essential for young chicks
  • The best feeders you can find in the market to help you make the right choice

So, if you need a chick feeder that’ll save you from cleaning up your young ones’ mess, this article is for you.

Top 5 Best Baby Chick Feeders Reviewed In This Guide

Top 5 Best Baby Chick Feeders
RentACoop Dual-Port Chick Feeder
  • Best Overall Chick Feeder
  • Completely enclosed feeder
  • Portable design
  • No-Spill, No Mess
  • Large capacity
Check Price
Harris Farms Free-Range Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder
  • Best Value Chick Feeder
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Reliable handle
  • Can feed up to 25 chicks
Check Price
Your Happy Chicks Feeder with Hanging Harness
  • Best Budget Chick Feeder
  • Comes with an adjustable harness
  • Keeps debris and poop away
  • Durable and translucent jar
Check Price
Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder
  • Lightest Chick Feeder
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • High feeding capacity
Check Price
Little Giant Baby Chick Feeder Base
  • Cheapest Chick Feeder
  • Durable steel design
  • Large feeding capacity
Check Price

Why you need a baby chick feeder

Why You Need A Baby Chick Feeder

Chicks are unsurprisingly messy when they eat, and they tend to kick their food out of its container.

On top of that, they love to climb on their feeders and poop on their feed.

And as you probably expect out of chicks, they don’t eat feeds contaminated with poop.

So, with this wasted food comes wasted money that you could’ve spent for their other needs.

On top of that, their feed can get contaminated when mixed with their droppings.

It can cause parasitic infections and chicken diseases like coccidiosis that can cost your chick’s life.

Not to mention the hard work you need to put into cleaning up their brood.

The good news is there are feeder options that can save you from the hard work.

By providing your chicks with a quality feeder, you can prevent them from creating a mess and kicking their food.

Thus, you can save some bucks and have an easier life in raising them.

When you ask “Which chick feeder should I get?”, our answer is it depends. There are different types of feeders for every age.

So, to help you make the right choice, we’ve examined each type and weighed its pros and cons.

Baby Chick Feeder Types by Age

Here are the different types of chick feeders you can choose from and their advantages and disadvantages.

You also need to consider the type of feeder depending on the age of your chicks. We will go through options for each age group:

  1. Birth to four weeks
  2. Four weeks to eight weeks
  3. Eight weeks and older


Types of Baby Chick Feeders

1. Days Old Chicks to Four Weeks

Long plastic baby chick feeder

With this feeder, feeding lots of baby chicks would be a breeze.

Long feeders can accommodate large flocks since they allow chicks to sit side by side while eating.

Their holes aren’t that big, so they can’t easily climb inside the container.

It would be even better if it comes with covers on top since that can reduce the amount of wasted feed.

Most plastic feeders are red, and it offers an advantage.

Do you know why?

Because the red color naturally attracts the chick’s attention, making them want to investigate and peck at the feeder.

That instinctual attraction to red is the reason why most baby chick feeders and waterers are red.

But it also has some drawbacks.

Due to its light, plastic construction can easily topple over when chicks shove and push the feeder.

That means additional wasted feed.

It’s slippery, but chicks can still sit on top of it and poop into their food.


  • It can accommodate many chicks
  • Not easy to climb on
  • Comes with a cover on top
  • Attractive red color


  • It can easily topple over
  • Chicks can poop into their food

Ideal as: The first feeder if you have dozen of chicks or more.

If you choose this type of feeder, note that you’ll need to move to a larger one after a couple of weeks.

Mason jar baby chick feeder

If you don’t want to keep topping up the feeder every couple of hours, this is the one for you.

Mason jars are round in shape, and it allows you to put an upturned mason jar for grains.

It’s trendy since it gets rid of the need for frequent feeder visits and top-up.

The holes are pretty large, so chicks can still kick their beddings in.

And they still have a chance to kick their feed out and sit on top.

So, it’d be best to put a mason jar in place to prevent chicks from climbing and pooping on top.

  • No need for frequent top-ups
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Won’t easily get knocked out
  • Allows you to insert a mason jar
  • Beddings can still get kicked into the holes
  • Finding a mason jar takes time
  • Not suitable for large flocks

Ideal for: Small flocks of chicks aged four weeks and below.

If you have over ten chicks, then you’ll need 2 of this mason jar feeder.

Jar tip: If you’re going to insert a mason jar, fill it with grains first.

Then, put the metal base in place while the jar is still upside down and invert it after securing it.

This way, you can avoid spilling the grains over your brooder.

2. Four Weeks to Eight Weeks:

Long metal baby chick feeder

As your chicks start to grow bigger and bigger, you’ll need a more expansive, accessible, and heavier feeder to accommodate more chicks.

At this stage, a metal trough would be ideal because it offers a more massive space.

And more chicks can eat on it since the gaps between each bar are wider.

On top of that, it’s heavy-duty, and the bars are very narrow, so the chicks can’t easily perch and poop on their food.

The drawback of the large openings, though, is beddings can quickly get into it.

And it would help if you were wary when using it since some metal feeders have sharp edges.

  • Wider gaps
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bars are too narrow
  • Beddings can quickly get into it
  • Sharp edges
  • Ideal for: Growing chicks aged less than 5 or 6 weeks old.

Ideal for: Large flocks

3. 8 Weeks and Older

Hanging baby chick feeder

If you need a feeder that prevents baby chicks from creating a mess and pooping into their food, this is the holy grail for you.

You can hang this one from the floor, so you won’t have to suffer from the issues that come with buying floor-based feeders.

It’s ergonomic and cost-effective since you can use it for baby chicks until they’re old enough to leave their brooders.


Reduces the chance of chicks kicking their bedding into it

Prevents chicks from pooping into their food

Not as messy as other floor-based feeders


Needs to be hanged on something

Usually made of plastic only

Ideal for: All baby chicks and adult chickens

With that said, it’s obvious who the real winner is.

There’s no doubt that a hanging feeder is the best choice as long as you have a branch or bar where you can hang it.

Best Baby Chick Feeders

Top 5 Best Baby Chick Feeders List

1. Best Overall Baby Chick Feeder: RentACoop Dual-Port Chick Feeder

This entry has a unique design since it’s completely enclosed.

Unlike other feeders, this product only has four feeding ports – two for the chicks aged four weeks old and below.

And the other two are for the young ones aged about 5 to 12 weeks old.

It comes with a removable chick feeder lid, two sets of ports, and a handle.

This feeder offers many advantages, including the following.


Completely enclosed feeder

Your starter feed will stay clean, dry, and free from poops and other contaminants with this feeder.

Portable design

It comes with a metal handle that allows you to carry it everywhere.

No-Spill, No Mess

The ports are just at the right height where the baby chicks can easily access it without creating a mess or kicking the food.

Large capacity

This baby chick feeder can hold up to 5 lbs or 2.2 kg of starter feed, which is quite a lot compared to other feeders on this list.


Not weather-proof or rain-proof

It’s worth noting that it’s not whether or rain-proof since it’s designed for young chicks who shouldn’t be out in the rain.

Once exposed to the rain, the water may leak around the fittings and enter the feeder, causing the feeds to get wet.

The feed then absorbs the water and becomes moldy and rotten.

Limited ports

Since it only has four ports, only four chicks can eat simultaneously, which can cause a fight among hungry chicks.

Our Verdict:

We love its enclosed design that keeps the feed safe and secure and the fact that it can store lots of feed. 

But if you have lots of baby chicks, it’s not the most practical option.

RentACoop Chick2Chicken 5lb 2-Port Feeder - Includes Anti-Roost Lid and Slider Port Covers - Suitable for Quail, Pigeons, Doves, Chicks, and Adult Chickens
  • One Lifetime Feeder for Your Flock: Our Chick2Chicken Medium Ports are safe and accessible for chicks as young as 3 days old, through adult chickens! Also perfect for Quail, Pigeons, Doves, and other small birds!
  • Compact and efficient: Perfect size for smaller spaces, large capacity! The Feeder holds 5 lb of pellets, crumble, or scratch grains with 2 feed ports
  • Clean and Cost Effective: Innovative design keeps dirt and debris OUT and feed IN. No more wasted feed on the ground!
  • We Thought of Everything: Medium ports include sliders to close off access and keep unwanted guests out; Anti-Roost lid keeps your chickens from roosting and making a mess. The weatherproof feeder can be placed anywhere and is suitable for all seasons
  • What’s in the Box: 5lb BPA-free plastic pre-drilled Feeder with attached handle, 2 easy-to-install Ports with slider port covers, and Anti-Roost Lid

2. Best Value: Harris Farms Free-Range Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

This hanging baby chick feeder also sits at the top due to its quality and design.

Like the previous feeder, it helps keep the dirt and debris(like poop) away from their feed, and it’s easy to clean.

Therefore, it’s hygienic in every way.

This baby chick feeder was crafted from BPA-free plastic, making it safe for your young ones.

But this feeder also comes with a couple of disadvantages.



Getting rid of dirt and poop is a breeze because of its plastic design. Simply wash it with soap and water, and it’s good to go.

Reliable handle

Its handle is easy to hand and heavy-duty. However, its metal design can also be its downside.

Can feed up to 25 chicks

This feeder is large enough to accommodate 25 chicks. So, if you’re tending to large flocks of chicks, it’s a practical option.

Visible feed level

The visible feed level allows chicks to see and access the feed with no hassle.


No lid on top

The lid could be a deal-breaker, so it’s worth mentioning that it has an open top.

Therefore, you can’t put it outside when there’s rain since your feed will get wet; and that could mean a couple of bucks wasted.

Nonadjustable handle

Unlike the previous feeder, its handle is fixed and nonadjustable.

Shallow trough

The trough of this feeder is shallow, so if the chicks are hungry, the feed can quickly get knocked out.

But the good thing is you can raise with the help of a duct tape’s lip that’s about an inch higher.

This way, chicks can avoid spilling their feed.

Our Verdict: 

This feeder comes as a set. Therefore, it’s less expensive than the previous one. 

It has several flaws in its design, but this feeder is worth the price if you don’t mind making modifications.

Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder | Twist Lock Base | 10 Pound,White
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: This easy-to-use feeder is simple to clean with soap and water.
  • BPA FREE PLASTIC: Carefully crafted from BPA free plastic.
  • MEDIUM FLOCKS: Up to 25 birds can use this feeder.
  • HANGING HANDLE: Our feeder is made with a heavy duty handle to easily hang.
  • FEED VISIBILITY: Visible feed level for easy refill.

3. Best Budget: Your Happy Chicks Feeder with Hanging Harness 

This baby chick feeder stands out the most due to its ergonomic design.

Its feeder base provides enough space for eight chicks.

We’re into this feeder because it eliminates all of the issues in a floor-based feeder.

Do you want to know why?

Here’s a look into its features and downside.


Comes with an adjustable harness

This harness contains a chain that measures about 8″ to 12″ long, and it comes with a black clip that allows you to adjust it to fit into the jar’s mouth.

Aside from that, it allows you to adjust its height based on your chick’s height.

Therefore, this feeder is for chickens of all ages.

Keeps debris and poop away

This product looks similar to the mason jar feeder we mentioned earlier.

But what set’s it apart from others in this list is it allows you to hang your waterer and feeder and elevate it from the ground.

Thus, keeping the dirt and chick’s poop away from their feed.

Durable and translucent jar

This versatile feeder is highly reliable because it can withstand heat, cold, and cracks.

On top of that, the translucent design makes the capacity level visible. So, you’ll quickly know when to refill the feeder.

The feeder provides eight opening ribs, and its design helps in minimizing spillage.


Sold separately

The harness, jar, feeder, and jar base are sold separately.

But still, you can buy it together with a poultry jar and a feeder or waterer in one go.

Must be hung somewhere

If your chicken’s coop has something you hang this feeder on, this product is a must-have.

But if you don’t have that option, you’ll have to DIY a pole or branch where you can hang this.

Our Final Verdict: 

This feeder can be pretty pricey, but it does the job and will save you from the hassle of cleaning up your chick’s mess.

So, we highly recommend this feeder since it’s one of the most cost-effective and safest options.

4. Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this baby chick feeder comes with a couple of drawbacks.

But it definitely deserves to be on this list because of the positive features it can offer.

This glimmering red feeder is visually attractive, especially for baby chicks, but it delivers more than that.


Easy to clean

This chick feeder’s top slides off quickly, making it easier for you to remove it when cleaning or filling.

A simple wash with soap and a soft cloth can already get the cleaning done.

Highly durable

High-density polypropylene plastic is highly durable and can withstand the test of time. 

So, we can guarantee that these feeders can serve your tiny birds for a long time.

High feeding capacity

If you want a large feeder that can accommodate large flocks, up to 28 baby chicks, this is one of the best choices for you.


Beddings and dirt can get in

Chicks can easily climb on top, causing the food to be covered by poop, dirt, and debris.

Topples over easily

Your baby chicks may be tiny, but they can easily topple it over when removing the upper lid.

Our Verdict: 

We find this feeder pretty efficient in feeding large flocks of chicks, and it’s budget-friendly.

However, you might have to compromise your chick’s health and expect to see wasted feeds with this feeder.

And you have to get yourself ready for a serious cleaning ritual if you decide to choose this feeder.

Little Giant® Plastic Poultry Feeder Base | 20 Inches | Heavy Duty Plastic Feeding Tray with Holes | Chicken Feeder Trough | Poultry Tray | Red
  • HOLES FOR FEEDING - This feeder tray features 28 feeding holes (14 on each side) that allow feeding at a controlled rate.
  • PROTECT YOUR FEED - The covered top helps preserve your chicken food and keeps debris out of the feed.
  • MINIMIZE WASTE - The plastic poultry feeder has individual feeding holes that minimize waste from spillage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The durable feeder's top slides off for easy filling and cleaning, allowing for stress-free use.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - The feed tray is made of high-density polypropylene plastic allowing for years of service.

5. Little Giant Baby Chick Feeder Base

This highly efficient feeder is among the customer’s top choices in Amazon, thanks to its durability and high feeding capacity.

It sports an old-world, classic design but it’s highly reliable and offers many advantages.


Durable steel design

This feeder is made with heavy-gauge galvanized steel; therefore, it’s rust-resistant and free from corrosion.

Large feeding capacity

This feeder can feed about eight chicks all at once and allows you to insert a mason jar where you put the starter feed.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s advantageous since you won’t have to do a refill every day with this design.


Sharp, Jagged edges

Since this feeder is made of metal, it has sharp and jagged edges that might hurt your baby chicks.

Large holes

As we’ve said earlier, large holes allow chicks to kick their beddings into the feed and waste some of their food.

Our Verdict: 

This low-maintenance metal feeder can do a good job feeding young chicks, although it comes with several BUTS.

However, if your coop’s design doesn’t allow for a hanging feeder, or you can’t DIY a pole where you can hang it, this can be an alternative.

Baby Chick Feeder Base - Little Giant - Metal Feeder Base Jar, Standard 1 Quart (Item No. 9810)
  • DESIGNED FOR BABY CHICKS - This standalone baby chick feeder is designed to be an efficient low maintenance solution for feeding chicks.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - Screws onto a Little Giant Standard 1-Quart Plastic Screw-On Feeder/Waterer Jar (Item No. 690, sold separately) or a standard Mason jar to make a gravity feeder.
  • DURABLE STEEL BODY - This feeder is built with a heavy-gauge galvanized steel for corrosion and rust resistance.
  • SAFE DESIGN - The feeder has a rounded, embossed edge to reduce chafing and chance of injury.
  • HIGH FEEDING CAPACITY - The feeder has eight feeding holes that allow multiple chicks to feed at once.

Baby Chicks

Best Chick Feeder: Common Questions

What can I use as a chick feeder?

You can use a cardboard box and tape! You can fold it and tape it to look like a long tray feeder. If you are interested in this option.

Check out this DIY Chick Feeder or watch it below. He shows how he makes it, if you’re interested, go ahead and skip to about 34 seconds and watch till 4:11.

How many chick feeders do I need?

Simple answer, it depends. But if you have 25 chicks or less you should only need one.

What do 8 week old chickens eat?

Up until this point, chicks have been eating starter feed. After eight weeks, no matter the sex, chicks should be transitioning to grower feed.

You can keep feeding both male and female chicks grower feed until the hens are able to lay eggs.

Farmers and chicken owners call this age “point of lay”.

Starter feed for chickens, just like puppy food has more calories and protein, than grower feed.

Top 5 Best Chick Feeders: Conclusion

So there you go! Those are the best baby chick feeder options you can choose from in the market today.

We know you value your chicks, and you want the best for them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in here.

So before making the final decision, take a little time to what your priorities are in choosing a feeder and what will work best for your coop.

The decision is now in your hands.

But in case you’re looking for feeders for adult chickens, check out this article that’ll show you how to choose a feeder.

The questions you also need to ask yourself are, “Can my chicks reach their feeder?, Is my feeder easy for them to find?, Does my feeder keep the chick’s feed clean?”.

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Best Baby Chick Feeder

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