14 Ways Keeping Backyard Chickens Saves Your Garden and the Environment

14 Ways Keeping Backyard Chickens Saves Your Garden and the Environment

Chickens were domesticated around 9000 years ago in Indian and Eastern Asia. Since then they have been the source of much amusement, enjoyment and food.

Today, we want to honour the backyard chicken and show everyone just what an incredible animal they are. For instance, did you know that the average US household would need 5 chickens to ensure a fresh supply of eggs all year round?

We have decided to prove exactly how great chickens are for your garden and also how environmentally friendly backyard chickens can be.

Here are 14 ways keeping backyard chickens saves your garden and the environment (Please click on the image to view it full size):

14 Ways Keeping Backyard Chickens Saves Your Garden and the Environment


Chickens Keep The Pest Population Down

Not only do chickens keep your garden grub-free, but they also can cut down on other pests…like mosquitos, and even mice!

Chickens will eat mosquitos, horseflies, and other stinging pests. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to cut down this population on my property.

As far as mice…chickens love them! Did you know that chickens are omnivores? This means they eat vegetation and meat. So a small mouse sneaking by is a delectable protein-packed snack.

As you can see, chickens are extremely beneficial to your environment, and your gardening efforts.


Wow, who knew how much backyard chickens could help!

Did you know just how helpful backyard chickens could be for your garden and the environment? Let us know any other interesting points in the comments below!

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