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6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

Repairing Chicken Coop - Spring Chicken Checklist

Whether you are a new chicken owner, or a long-time lover, one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy happy flock is their housing.

Walk-in chicken coops fit the bill because they are easy to clean, accessible, and allow for chickens to have enough elbow room to stretch and grow.

When looking for a good walk-in chicken coop always look for the following items

Walk-in Chicken Coops

Walk-In Chicken Coops Must-Have Sturdy Construction

The sturdier the coop, the better it keeps predators at bay and protects your flock from the elements.

When selecting your walk-in coop, always make sure the wood used is hefty and not lightweight.
6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops Use Treated Wood

Using treated wood is a fairly controversial topic since most treatments are made up of chemicals.

With that being said, chickens are messy and wet, and in conditions like that, untreated wood simply does not last.

Not only that, it may also become moldy fast, and mold causes respiratory issues, among other things.

Chicken Coops Need Some Ventilation

All good coops should have openings, or vents, to allow for air to flow.

Having good air circulation keeps moisture from feces from building up and causing respiratory issues
6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

Walk-in Chicken Coops Needs Nesting Boxes with Easy Access Too

You don’t want to be tripping over your chickens when you are collecting your breakfast eggs! Even walk-in coops should have external access to nesting boxes–just to make life a little easier.

Walk-in Chicken Coop Easy-to-Clean Designs

Look for coops with treated floors, removable floors, or even milk board bottoms.

Doing handstands trying to clean the nooks and crannies of your coop will become quite the chore, so always consider the ease of cleaning when selecting your walk-in coop.

Predator Proof Elements in Your Walk-In Chicken Coop

Look for coops that have tightly-locking doors and runs that are strong rather than flimsy.

Windows should have screens on them to prevent predators from getting in and killing your beloved flock.

To take the hard work out of looking for your ideal, I’ve put together this handy list of the best walk-in chicken coops, while keeping all of the above in mind.

Walk-in Chicken Coops For Sale

1. Best Budget-Friendly Walk-In Chicken Coop for Sale

OverEZ Large Chicken Coop Déco

walk in chicken coop
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE! Built by Amish-trained craftsmen
  • Houses up to 15 chickens
  • Quality Materials

See Price on Amazon

If you are just getting started raising chickens, you’ve probably already begun investing a little cha-ching here and there for the basics, so maybe you want a large walk-in coop that is easy on your wallet.

The Coops and Feather large chicken coop is a great place to start. For one, the coop is larger than most of the chook houses you find for under $1,000 and it is just tall enough for you to walk into the run if you need to.

Now, you can’t walk into the actual coop, but being able to scoot into the run will come in handy when you need to do some cleaning, grab fountains and feeders, or catch a hen for medical treatment.

2. Best Walk-In Chicken Coop for Sale Predator Protection

Pets Imperial Walk In Chicken Coop

  • Large Chicken Coo
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Predator Proof

See Price on Amazon

The Pets Imperial Walk In Coop is another smaller walk-in coop, but it brings all the bells and whistles when predators (large and small) are a concern for you and your chickens

This coop is built to withstand all kinds of predators with window screens and intense dead-bolt locks.

Even the nesting box access is hefty, yet allows for easy-peasy egg collection

Not only is it a safety-focused coop, but it is also built to last with shingles that will hang in there for about 25 years.

And, while it’s a shorter coop, with a little bit of effort, you can walk-into this coop for cleaning
Clark Wooden Originals states that they “…want their customers to purchase the proper housing for their chickens the first time around.

3. Best Walk-in Coop for Sale for Lots of Chickens

OverEZ Large Chicken Coop

  • House up to 15 standard-size chicken
  • Extremely sturdy
  • 2 vents for excellent ventilation
  • Treated resin flooring and sides
  • 2 roosts and 5 nesting boxes
  • Radiant barrier ceiling to keep the coop cool in summer

See Price on Amazon

The OverEZ Large Chicken Coop can house up to 15 standard-sized chickens, so if you have quite a few chooks to home, this is a perfect walk-in coop for you

This coop is extremely sturdy and has excellent ventilation with windows and 2 vents–which is extremely important if you are housing a lot of chickens at once

Lots of chickens mean lots of odors and waste, and this coop can combat both with treated resin floors and siding.  Again, something essential for a coop with many birds

Walking into the OverEZ coop is, well, easy! The construction is sturdy and you won’t feel like you are going to fall through a flimsy floor when you are cleaning this coop

4. Most Customizable Walk-in Coop for Sale

GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Coop

  • High quality galvanized steel tubed frame
  • Ample Space
  • Rust Resistant construction for outdoor us
  • Build protects from predator
  • Waterproof UV Resistant Cove

See Price on Amazon

If you want to have complete creative freedom over your chickens’ coop and give them an ample amount of space to run safely, the Idealchoiceproduct coop is your go-to.

This is a coop that you can add your own flair to if you want! It is a large, galvanized, rust-resistant run with a waterproof, UV-resistant cover to protect your chickens from direct sunlight on hot days.

If you wanted, you could add anything from a smaller coop on the inside of this run, to an additional nesting area attached to it. The options are endless.

The best part of this coop is that you can easily get in and out without having to duck and crawl around in your chickens’ mess

It’s also sturdy enough to protect from common predators as long as you take the necessary precautions to stabilize the run

5. Most Decorative Walk-In Coops for Sale

Coops & Feathers Wood and Wire Chicken Coop

  • Designed/built well
  • Exterior nesting bays allow easy access to egg
  • Free Range doo
  • High peaked Roof
  • Well ventilate

See Price on Amazon

This lovely coop falls under the most decorative coop category, but in all honesty, this coop is a killer in a lot of important areas of coop construction.

The Coops and Feathers Wood and Wire Coop is a top-notch design without sacrificing ornamental value. The windows and doors all have adorable trim that makes this coop look like a cute little dollhouse.

You can easily walk into the run and the coop itself, so your chickens are accessible no matter where they are in their home.

This Coops and Feathers chicken coop is one of the largest coops on this list, so if you want your hens to have enough room to stretch their wings in style, without sacrificing functionality or safety, this is your coop.

6. Sturdiest Walk-In Coop for Sale

Extra Large 6′ x 4′ Chicken Coop – Multi-Chicken Hardwood Coop

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Well Ventilated
  • Houses up to 10 chickens
  • Wood is pre-treated
  • Easy to clean because of glass-board floor

See Price on Amazon

The Furniture Barn’s Extra Large Hardwood coop is built to last and arrives fully assembled. It is well-ventilated with the option to house up to about 10 chickens.

All wood is pre-treated to ensure you get the longest life from this coop, especially after the wear and tear of housing many generations of chickens over the years.

A glass-board floor makes this coop one of the easiest coops to clean on this list. Simply shovel, sweep, and spray this coop out to ensure your chickens have a cleanly laying environment and place to call home.

When it comes to choosing the best walk-in coop online, your options are endless! The coop you decide to go with should always put chicken safety, and health, at the forefront.

If the coop can easily be cleaned on the inside and offers ample room and ventilation, you can’t go wrong.

Plus, it never hurts to have a cute coop to house your beloved chooks…so visual appeal shouldn’t have to be sacrificed either (even though we know your chickens aren’t that picky!).

But, buying a coop isn’t your only option, some people build their own coop. These are just a few quality walk-in coops, there are even more types of coops you can shop

Walk-in Chicken Coops



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9 thoughts on “6 Beautiful Walk-in Chicken Coops

  1. We built our own walk-in cop using recycled materials and leftovers from our own and neighbor’s construction projects. We spent a total of 50 dollars at the Home Depot and 10 hours leisurely work, and it is beautiful. I will describe what we did if anyone is interested.
    The coops on the article above are nice but so costly!

  2. I build coops and sheds on a custom basis. I love the one that I built for my wife. Not cheap, but the best I have seen yet. I can send photos if you like, but not sure how to do that here. I live in Fort Collins, Colo.

  3. Love these! My coop is a wooden shed with a hole removed from one side that leads into a run. The run is shed height and very roomy, they have space for a ladder, shelf, perching bar, swing and feeders. Despite that, they would rather be free-ranging and eating all the weeds and bugs on my allotment 🙂
    Love the site! <3

  4. I would like my chickens to free range too but predators would eat them up because I live next to the GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS!

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