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Lohmann Brown Chicken: Breed Profile

Lohmann brown chicken

Did you know that Lohmann Brown chickens are considered one of the greatest hybrid layers in the world of hatchery? Due to the breed’s prolific egg-laying performance, striking brown appearance, and versatility, it’s no wonder Lohmann chickens have built a good reputation in the layer industry.

But is it the right breed for you?

In this insightful guide, we’ll give you a glimpse of Lohmann chickens’ world and show you:

  • Why it makes a great addition to your flock
  • How it socializes with other birds
  • How they look and how you can take proper care of them
  • What are the downsides of this well-loved chicken breed

Lohmann Brown Chicken infographics

If you’re planning to add Lohmann Brown chickens to your existing flock, get to know more about the breed to ensure it fits your needs before hitting that purchase button.

lohmann brown classic

Lohmann Brown Chicken’s Background and History

To be exact, Lohmann Brown Chicken originally came from Germany. 

It was developed and named after German genetics firm  Lohmann Tierzucht which was founded in 1932. 

The company has created a unique choice of layer strains for breeding to meet the needs of various production systems and market demands.

Lohmann Browns are a cross between New Hampshire chickens and carefully selected brown egg-laying hens. 

The crossbreed was established with the goal of increasing egg production at the expense of meat quality.

It’s no surprise that thanks to the company’s efforts, the Lohmann Brown chickens had become the best hybrid layers because of their large brown-shell eggs ever since. 

This Lohmann Brown has been widely employed in the egg industry from Germany to other parts of the world.

It is also one of the earliest hybrids developed and is still in demand today due to its excellent egg productivity, quality, and adaptability.

And, this Lohmann variation is frequently utilized by industrial chicken and is still the world’s most widely distributed laying chicken breed. With more populations almost in every country. 

Lohmann Breeders, a German company with over 50 years of experience in producing egg-laying hens, has helped it become a leader in the market in the Australian Layer Industry.

lohmann chicken breed

Lohmann Brown Chicken’s Breed Standard and Appearance

Because it is a crossbreed, the Lohmann Brown Chicken has no breed standard. You won’t be able to make the exact identical chickens, but they’ll look and act the same. Instead, you can end up with a few oddly colored birds that look a lot like your starting stock.


lohmann brown day old chicks



Because they are sex-link chickens, the sex of the chick is clear from the first day: the cockerels are yellow and the hens are red.

Adult’s Standard Appearance

Lohmann Brown’s horizontally oriented bodies have a straight and wide back and loin, as well as an undeveloped chest. And their stomachs are round and huge. 

The tail almost forms a 90-degree angle with the horizon. The legs are short and the muscles are undeveloped.


The Lohmann Browns are built medium, with light bones and a slim frame. Adult laying chickens weigh between 1.9 and 2.1 kg. Lohmann Brown Roosters, on the other hand, weigh between 3 and 4 kilograms.


The fact that hens of this breed generate an exceptionally large quantity of eggs dictates the structural characteristics and size of these chickens.

As a result, they will never gain weight and their bodies will wear out quickly. The fractured bones were nothing but skeletons wrapped in hard skin by the end of the laying season.


Lohmann Brown chicken has a distinctive comb, a long neck, and light brown tail feathers with a reddish tinge. 

This breed’s hens have a small head and medium-sized circular ears with a bright red crest.

The Lohmann Browns are becoming less and less graceful as they age. They’re just plain brown birds that look like the Hyline Brown hen.

Their plumage is dense and orange-brown in color with cream highlights. 

This breed is available in four variations:

  • Lohmann Brown – Classic
  • Lite
  • Plus
  • Extra

It gives you more options to choose from and allows you to explore and combine different brown variations.

lohmann brown chickens

Lohmann Brown Chicken’s Personality and Temperament

This Lohmann Brown chicken is a tough breed with a friendly personality. 

It’s no surprise that these chickens are the most extensively spread egg-laying hens because they are amiable and docile.

They are not only prolific egg producers but also curious and calm making them perfect for living with youngsters and other chickens. And they make wonderful pets and household birds.

The Lohman Brown is a nice and charming small bird. They have a calm disposition and can be readily handled with the hand. 

They aren’t bothered by being handled. Because they tend to fit in with established flocks, they make excellent backyard pets.

They’re sturdy backyard-laying hens who are more confident than flighty. 

Because the Lohmann Hybrid Chicken flourishes in mixed flocks and likes to move around, a fairly large garden or field would be ideal.

Since they are not readily stressed, the Lohmann Brown is as convenient as a first-time keeper’s hen. They are also humble when it comes to their care and can adjust to any situation.

Lohmann Browns are prolific breeders who aren’t aggressive. They almost seldom get broody. Roosters rarely fight and they’re not territorial. 

These hens are also a versatile breed that can be raised for industrial egg production in both free-range and confined environments.

Moreover, Lohmann Brown chickens do consume a lot of food. They are kept apart from other fowls due to their small size.

lohmann brown layers

Lohmann Brown Chicken’s Egg Laying Capabilities

Lohmann Browns are flexible birds that can be raised in both free-range and caged conditions for commercial egg production. 

They are recommended because of their high output, good egg quality, and flexibility, as well as their production efficiency.

But how long do Lohmann Brown chickens live?

Lohmann Brown chicken lifespan ranges up to ten years. After 19 months, the chicken’s productivity begins to diminish. 

The number of eggs laid by aged chickens decreases, but the size of the eggs grow.

So, how many eggs do Lohmann Browns lay?

This excellent laying hen produces eggs every day, generally in the morning, so you’ll have plenty of fresh eggs every day, roughly 5 to 7 every week. 

If chickens are given at least 14 hours of daylight every day, they will lay every day except during molting times, even in the dead of winter.

Lohmann Brown chickens can lay a total of 290 to 320 eggs per year when they are 72 weeks old. But they can produce up to 380 eggs annually after a month or more. 

Lohmann Brown hens are similar to Hyline Brown hens. They are less hardy and lay fewer eggs.

Egg color: Light to brown color

Lohmann egg size: Large

Starts laying: 14 to 19 weeks earlier than other breeds of chickens

Eggs produced/week: 24 to 26 eggs per week 

Total Eggs produced/year: 290 to 320 eggs per year for a 72-week-old Lohmann, and reaches 380 eggs annually after a month and more

lohmann brown breed standard

Lohmann Brown Chicken Chicken Meat Production

Although Lohmann Brown chickens are mostly utilized for egg production, they have also been used for meat production by a few persons.

They are mostly called Lohmann Dual. Lohmann Brown cocks are typically raised for meat, taking longer to grow and fatten.

Lohmann Dual cocks can eat lower-protein diets without ill effects, so keep that in mind and offer the right dietary feed.

Having a lower protein diet could not only give benefits to the economy but also to ecology.

Lohmann Brown Chicken’s Common Health Issues

If you maintain your flock confined, meaning no additional birds are added or a fair quarantine time is followed, you might not even have to vaccinate your hens.

Predators are a big “health risk” for hens, especially in cities. Foxes, chicken hawks, snakes, owls, raccoons, coyotes, dogs, and cats are examples. 

As a result, make sure your birds sleep in a secure chicken coop at night and have access to a sheltered space during the day.

So, here are some common chicken diseases your Lohmann Brown might experience.

1. Coccidiosis 

This gastrointestinal infection causes birds to become lethargic. They also stay in the same area for long periods of time, eat poorly, vilify, and droop their wings. 

If you observe any symptoms of the disease, you should call your veterinarian.

2. Ascariasis (roundworm)

This worm illness makes chickens feel drowsy, eat poorly, and are lethargic. It is caused by large, whitish worms measuring around 3 inches in length. 

Diarrhea and weight loss are among the early signs of ascariasis. And the common treatment for them is piperazine. The usual dose of piperazine is 0.2 to 0.5 grams diluted in 1 liter of water.  

3. Tuberculosis

Poultry tuberculosis’ main culprit is Mycobacterium avium and it causes chickens to lose their footing and lethargic. 

It’s infectious and leads to decreased Lohmann Brown chicken egg production, weakness and inflammation of multiple tissues, and death. 

It sometimes happens in small poultry flocks, and gamebirds such as pheasants, quail, and partridges. But it rarely occurs in commercial flocks. Chickens infected with tuberculosis need to be separated from the healthy ones to prevent further infections and often end up in a slaughterhouse. 

Caretakers handling them need precautionary measures to avoid contracting the disease. 

lohmann brown

Where to Find Lohmann Brown Chickens for Sale

Since Lohmann Brown chickens are popular, you won’t have a hard time looking for them at your local breeders. You can also place an order online via the Lohmann breeder’s website or check out different Facebook groups that sell the breed. 

However, you may have a hard time verifying the legitimacy and quality of the bird if you’d purchase it online. 

It’d be better to purchase from the quality and trusted breeders locally so that you can check their background, history, and the chickens’ temperament.

Caring Tips for Lohmann Brown Chicken

1. Provide quality and enough feed

Chicken feed and nutrition play an important role in Lohmann Brown’s egg production. The more eggs they produce, the more they demand essential nutrients.

An adult Lohmann chicken’s diet usually includes corn, grains, and vegetables like mashed potatoes, carrots, and fruits. But you also have to provide supplements with vitamins and minerals to optimize their growth.

But how much feed will they consume?

Pre-layer feed

Pre-layer feed requires twice as much calcium as it does during the raising phase. They must eat between 2.0 and 2.5 percent calcium. The pre-layer feed should still be adjusted based on the animals’ age and body weight, and the diet should start at the appropriate time.

If you start using the pre-layer feed too soon or for too long, it will be useless. For instance, if a hen is expected to begin laying at ninety weeks old, you should start feeding it pre-layer feed at seventeen weeks old.

Laying period

To ensure their health and strong eggshells, Lohmann Brown chickens during their laying phase require a higher nutrition diet. Their daily feed intake is around 90 to 100g.

2. Install feeders and drinkers

Like any other chicken, this breed also needs an accessible source of feed and water. But you have to ensure they won’t leave their droppings in the chicken feeder and water troughs.

3. Prepare a comfortable housing

Lohmann chicken breed is generally easy to raise. However, there are things you need to prepare before purchasing a Lohmann Brown to ensure they can survive.


Lohmann Brown chicks need more TLC because they’re sensitive to heating. They may suffer from hypothermia and frostbite on their crest and earrings when the temperature drops to 3 to 5 degrees Celsius or below.

So, it’d be best to preheat their house or the chicken coop before they arrive to make them comfortable and light their homes in winter. This precautionary measure will also help keep them from sudden temperature changes.

The ideal temperature for the Lohmann chicks is 35 to 35 degrees Celsius.

You may also adjust it for optimal health.

Using a human ear thermometer, you can measure how warm their body is and adjust their home’s temperature to meet their normal temperature which is 40 – 41 degrees Celsius.

The ideal humidity for these birds’ coop is 50 to 70%.


Lohmann Brown chickens need appropriate lighting to thrive and produce many eggs and it may vary depending on the length of natural daylight of each season.

Chickens that are at least seventeen weeks old need around ten hours of lighting and increase it gradually by one hour per week until they’re twenty-one weeks old.

You also have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t decrease the light hours during their production period nor increase it during the rearing period.

Nest and beddings

This stuff is necessary especially when your chickens are laying. So, be sure to provide them a comfortable bedding and a secure nest.

4. Give them a walking yard

Lohmann chickens are versatile and will be more than happy to have access to fresh air and forage for food. Giving them a space where they can take the sun and air baths and free-range can help them thrive more.

Breeding Tips for Lohmann Brown 

There are two ways to get Lohmann Brown chickens from producers. You can either buy day-old chicks or hatching eggs.

If you choose to purchase hatching eggs, you need to prepare an incubator that will play the role of a brooding hen.

We recommend cleaning the eggs first. Then put them inside the incubator with its blunt end facing up.

But before placing the eggs, you need to set the incubator’s temperature to 36 to 38 degrees Celsius. Then, turn the eggs from time to time and place a water container inside them to maintain the humidity.

It takes twenty-one days before the eggs hatch but the good news is chicks have high survival rates. Lohmann eggs have 80 to 83% hatchability rates and most chicks are healthy and active.

But never leave your chicks in the cold, dirty, or wet areas because that can weaken their bodies. If your chicks are sick, you need to separate sick Lohmann Brown chicks from the healthy ones and medicate them.

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Is Lohmann Brown Chicken the Right Breed For You?

If you’re looking for a prolific egg layer with an eye-pleasing brown appearance and eggs with a docile temperament, then this breed is the right one for you. 

They make great pets due to their charming, friendly, and sweet personalities. You can cuddle them with no fear. 

You have to be aware though that their offspring’s appearance may vary and they don’t produce as much meat as others. This breed isn’t broody so they’re not the best option if you want them to hatch the eggs. But if you’re focused on the egg performance and temperament, this breed will surely deliver and do a great job in bringing you profits. 


  • Lays lots of eggs
  • Docile temperament
  • Friendly and can be cuddly pets
  • Rarely go broody
  • Attractive appearance
  • Suitable for free-range 


  • Offsprings don’t breed true to type
  • Poor meat productions
  • You may find it hard to get them to hatch eggs

Alternative if You Can’t Find A Lohmann Brown Chicken

If you can’t find a Lohmann Brown chicken near you, check out Hyline Brown hen. They share similar physical traits and mild temperament but Hyline chickens lay more eggs. 

In addition to that Hyline chickens are more hardy and robust with an excellent feed conversion rate. However, you need to keep in mind that higher egg production means higher protein and calcium needs. 

It’s the rule of thumb in the world of hatchery. If you want more eggs produced, you need to provide complete and sufficient nutrition. 

lohmann chicken

Frequently Asked Questions About Sicilian Buttercup Chicken

Are Lohmann Brown chickens good layers?

Lohmann Brown chickens are excellent egg-layers who can produce 290 to 320 brown eggs per year. What makes them even more interesting is they start laying as early as 14 to 19 weeks of age, unlike other chickens who only start when they are 20 to 24 weeks old.

How long do Lohmann Brown chickens lay eggs?

This chicken breed can live up to ten years but you can’t expect them to have many eggs when they’re older. Production will begin to decline after 19 months and the older your bird gets, the fewer but larger eggs they produce. 

How many eggs do Lohmann Brown chickens lay a day?

Lohmann Brown chickens normally lay an average of 1 egg per day during the morning time. 

They can lay an egg every day as long as they receive at least 14 hours of daylight per day (except during molten times and winter). 

Is Lohmann a breed?

Yes, Lohmann Brown is a hybrid chicken breed with prolific performance in the egg-laying department. 

Its roots trace back to Germany where the first Lohmann Brown chickens were developed from New Hampshire chickens and selected brown egg-laying hens. 

Lohmann Brown Chicken Breed Profile Summary

Color: Brown

Average weight

Rooster: 1.9 to 2.1 kg

Hen: 3 to 4 kg

Lifespan: Approximately 10 years

Temperament: Docile and Friendly 

Toleration for Confinement: Good 

Level of Aggression Towards Flock Members: Low


Rearing: 96 – 98 %

Laying period: 90 – 96 %

Feed Consumption

1st – 20th week: 8.0 kg

21st – 72nd week: 43.0 kg

lohmann classic brown

Final Thoughts About Lohmann Brown Chicken

We hate to break it to you but not all Lohmann Brown chickens carry the same maternal characteristics. Therefore, there’s no guarantee that their offspring can be as prolific egg layer as the previous generations.

But, the good news is there’s a high chance that your Lohmann Brown can perform excellently in the egg department especially if you’d give her complete nutrition.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly, sweet, and visually-appealing chicken breed, Lohmann Brown may be the one for you.

But before you make up your mind, check out this next breed that can outperform Lohmann Brown and steal your heart.

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