How Much Room Do Chickens Need?


Before we ever entertained the idea of keeping chickens in our garden we were long under the impression that you need lots of land to keep chickens- ideally at least an acre of grass. Fortunately, this isn’t the case (unless you are planning on keeping thousands of them!) and you’d be surprised by the actual […]

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Poultry Netting: Best Kind To Buy and How Much Do You Need?

There is a large variety of poultry netting out there. Some have quite specific uses, whilst others are more multi-purpose. Poultry netting can be expensive so we are going to review some of the cheaper options too. Our caveat to everyone though is that it is generally cheaper for good reason. Using the right sort […]

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Why Raising Chickens Is Much Easier Than You Think!

Why Raising Chickens Is Much Easier Than You Think Blog Cover

Did you ever want to get chickens, but thought it was too much trouble? Did the thought of housing them, feeding them and cleaning the coop put you off!? There is no denying that there is some work attached to keeping chickens, but it’s nowhere near as bad as you think! Once you have your coop […]

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