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9 Of The Top Quiet Pet Bird Species

quiet pet bird

Want to learn more about nine of the top quiet pet bird species? You’ve come to the right place.

Pets are a large part of our lives today. They keep us company, provide comfort and often give us the companionship we crave when living alone. 

But what about those people who have noisy pets? What if you want to enjoy your time at home without having to listen to constant chirping or barking all day long? 

If you want the companionship of a pet bird but are dying for some peace, then consider getting one of these quiet pet bird species.

Quiet pet bird

Why Choose a Quiet Pet Bird?

By the nature of their existence alone, birds can be quite noisy creatures! That’s nothing to fault them on – it’s simply biology.

Wild birds are vocal to communicate with the rest of the flock. This can be done for breeding purposes or to let others know that predators may be amiss. 

However, that’s not to say that all birds are equally loud. Some species are known to be quieter than others, as are individual birds within the same species.

No pet bird will be 100% silent all the time (and likely, you don’t want total silence anyway – just a bit of peace of quiet here and there). 

That said, some pet bird species are much quieter than others. They might not be quite as inclined to scream and screech at the top of their lungs all the time!

Instead, you’ll come to enjoy their occasional mutterings as just pleasant background noise. 

It’s important to note that if your bird species is not meant to be quiet – or if your pet bird used to be chatty but has suddenly become quiet – it might be a sign of a medical issue. Your once-noisy, now mum’s the word bird might be sick.

Therefore, you may want to connect with a veterinarian.

Otherwise, know that there are plenty of reasons to consider choosing a quieter species of bird. Besides peace of mind, the most common reason that pet owners select quiet birds is because of where you live.

Bird owners who live in apartments or congregate settings might find that having a quieter bird is necessary to avoid irritating their neighbors.

If you have small children or other pets, having a quiet bird may also be beneficial to keep your daily routine flowing smoothly.

9 Top Quiet Pet Bird Species

Senegal Parrot

1. Senegal Parrot

Parrots aren’t necessarily known for their abilities to stay quiet, but if you really want a parrot and don’t want to deal with the noisiness, there are a few on this list that may fit the bill.

One of these is the Senegal parrot. A medium-sized bird, it has a reputation for being among the quietest of all parrot species. It’s not as likely to scream and screech as other, larger parrots.

That said, this species also has a pleasant, cheerful disposition that makes it a wonderful pet. Once it gets to know you, Chances are it will want nothing more than to hang out on your shoulder all day long!

It is a beautiful bird that enjoys human companionship and can live well over 30 years, making it a great lifetime companion.

When it comes to keeping Senegal parrots – and keeping them quiet! – you may want to offer toys and entertainment.

They enjoy chewing on softwood bits along with playing with rope toys (watch out for long errant threads that can get tangled around their necks).

They aren’t picky eaters and will enjoy just about any treat. However, these birds are prone to obesity, so be sure to provide your Senegal parrot with plenty of exercises. 

Bourke’s Parrot

2. Bourke’s Parrot

Bourke’s parrots, or Bourke’s parakeets, are known for having a quiet, easy-going demeanor. Active and talkative first thing in the morning and at dusk, their noise level is still much lower than other parrots.

They are active birds who need a bit of space to fly around, but otherwise, these two-ounce, pint-sized birds are easy to handle – and pretty quiet, too!


3. Cockatiel

The cockatiel is another bird to consider if you want to keep things nice and quiet. Cockatiels are enthusiastic and beautiful to look at, much like the parrots we’ve already told you about.

However, cockatiels are even quieter than parrots, and they are both cuddly and bold, making them wonderful pets.

They are curious and fun-loving, so if you’re looking for quiet birds that you can also train with ease, the cockatiel is the way to go.

It would help if you did not keep these sociable, playful species with other birds. This can cause issues with stress and aggression.

You will need to feed your cockatiel mostly pellets – and be sure to use pellets that are specifically formulated for cockatiels since they need more vitamin A (but can’t have salt, which is toxic). 


4. Canary 

At just five to eight inches long, the canary is a quiet bird species that may come as a surprise to you  – after all, isn’t that old saying about someone who likes to talk that they “sing like a canary?” 

However, canaries, as members of the finch family, are actually quite reserved. These birds are solitary and like to be kept on their own.

Though male canaries are known for their ability to sing – and they sing quite beautifully! – keeping female canaries can help cut down on the noise.

Plus, canaries are absolutely stunning to look at, with bright yellow, white, orange, or red feathers. Some even have elegant head crests and tufts of feathers!

Dove Quiet Pet Bird

5. Dove

If you’re okay with a little bit of noise, the gentle cooing of a pet dove might be the way to go for you. Doves are sweet, gentle pet birds that don’t demand a lot of attention.

They are easy-going and not difficult to raise.

Only growing to about a foot or so in length, doves are generally found with brown and pale gray plumages, though some have pied, orange, and white feathering mutations. 


6. Budgerigar

Also known as parakeets, budgies learn how to talk with ease. Budgerigars may chatter at you throughout the day yet still make our list of quiet birds because they are physically unable to raise their voices.

While they might say hello to you now and then, they can’t scream at the top of their lungs.

That said, these tiny birds (who rarely grow to more than seven or eight inches long) are sociable and intelligent.

They love to play with their owners, and while you will likely need to provide them with several different types of toys (and a few hours a day out of the cage for exercise), they are some of the friendliest pet birds you can raise.

Pionus Parrot

7. Pionus Parrot

One last parrot species to consider on your hunt for quiet birds to raise is the Pionus parrot. An easygoing, somewhat standoffish species, the Pionus is a midsized parrot that is quite simple to raise.

While some pet owners won’t raise Pionus parrots because they believe they aren’t friendly enough, the reality is that your Pionus parrot will be just as friendly as you make it.

The more you interact with your pet, the better a companion it will be. 

However, if you raise your Pionus parrot with other, louder birds, you may find that this one becomes more shy and withdrawn.

It can easily become overwhelmed by the presence of other birds and doesn’t like being mixed with others.

Therefore, you’ll want to raise your Pionus parrot by itself if you want to really benefit from its presence.

Quiet Pet Bird Finch

8. Finch

The finch, much like a canary, might be a surprise to you to see on this list. However, finches are great companions who, though talkative, have diminutive voices that aren’t quite as likely to disrupt your day. 

These birds tend to get nervous, especially if you move their cage often or tend to have a noisy home. Both of these things can stress your finches and cause them to be noisier than usual.

Therefore, it’s important to keep a calm, serene environment if you plan on reign finches. You can train your finch to your presence by handling it often and offering treats regularly.

Beyond the finch’s quieter demeanor, there are plenty of other reasons to consider raising this pet bird species, too. Finches are small so you won’t need a lot of cage space

They eat mostly seeds so feeding them is easy and inexpensive, too. 

quiet pet bird Parrotlet

9. Parrotlet

As you might have deduced from the name alone, parrotlets are just like parrots – but smaller! A benefit of raising parrotlets, especially if you are looking for quiet birds, is that they don’t have the innate ability or drive to scream and squeal as large parrots do.

Instead, these birds chirp softly, which is unlikely to be disruptive to anyone in your household.

These wild, active birds like to have a lot of toys and space in their environment. They are feisty and willful, which can make them somewhat difficult to train.

However, they also bond easily with humans, making them a great choice if you’re looking for quiet birds that are also wonderful companions.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Birds Quieter

Of course, no bird will be completely silent – it’s just not in their nature. Birds are sociable creatures who want to vocalize to communicate with others.

However, if you find that your quiet little parakeet is chirping way more than you’d like it to, there are several ways you can encourage your bird to be a bit quieter. 

For one, consider placing a dark-colored cloth over your birdcage.

This will block out the light and may encourage your bird to sleep (something that can be beneficial if your pet bird is waking up and crying out in the night more than your newborn baby!). 

You might try speaking calmly and slowly to your bird. Some birds that like to imitate humans will respond in turn, even if only to stop their whistling and chirping so that they can hear the noises you are making.

Sometimes, birds vocalize more when they are nervous.

If your home is a stressful environment, you may want to reduce the amount of noise and movement in your living space since stressed birds will respond to the environment in turn.

If you’ve ruled out the indoor environment as a cause for your pet’s noisiness, turn to the external environment.

Your pet might respond to noises outside, generally, those made by birds or animals but sometimes even bypassing traffic and machines.

You can try addressing the squawking and noisiness in other ways, too. Consider cuddling your bird under your shirt, which will provide warmth and darkness and may calm your bird.

You can reward your pet when it quiets, too, offering treats like fruit or popcorn to encourage your bird to be nice and quiet in the future, too. 

Which Pet Bird is the Quietest?

Are you looking for a pet bird that doesn’t make much noise? If so, then the best choice is a Senegal parrot. They are great at imitating sounds and have a reputation for being one of the most intelligent birds in the world.

They are friendly and easy to raise, particularly if you can provide them with a bit of entertainment.

That said, any of the birds on this list will suit your needs quite well if you are looking for a hush-hush companion.

Whether you live in an apartment with noise restrictions or you want a bit of silence when you come home from work each night, these top quiet pet bird species should help you get the calm you need!

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